akihiko o


✦ happy birthday to the aki we love the most !!! ✦

to the warm, roasted sweet potato autumn prince of my heart, i LOVE U SO MUCH (♡˙︶˙♡) 


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Here you go you two!

Sorry for the bad quality, didn’t noticed my stronger pen had no leads in it left…
Had this real perfect random shine though, so I tried to make it more appealing with filters.

Hope you like it~~

Thanks for sending in!

hi!! i havent got on here for a while cause i got sick; wrist injuries + flu and i went to a trip.. but i’m back now!! hopefully to catch up w/ work backlog and art trades nice and easy ToT it’s taking a while to get back to drawing but i’m getting here! i had a very good weekend nevertheless. i recently bought an aki mini fig! he’s currently at my friend’s place because i’m gonna move anytime soon.. it’ll probably take a couple more months but im so happy and excited to get him!!! i’ve wanted him for soooo long TTvTT 

a-k-i-h-i-k-o-deactivated201511  asked:

aaaaaaa your Akis are soo cuteee the way you draw him is just so ;v; it makes me really happy and makes my day too uvu sorrY IF THIS SOUNDS WEIRD I JUST REALLY REALLY LIKE UR ART <3 hope you have a nice day~~

you are so cute!! thank you so much!! i always struggle when drawing this egg so hearing you all say you like him makes all of my suffering worth it huhu TT___T i’m so happy you’re all enjoying these and don’t worry this message isn’t weird at all!! if anything, it’s very sweet! thank you thank you <3

i also want to thank drhu0806 and everyone else who left such cute replies in my art lately!! thank you very much!!!!