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I just came back from my Singapore trip!

I went to STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention) 2013 on Day 01 with Tony-bb, Thor & Clint. Kinda regretting not going on the 2nd day! ;w; I had an amazing time and I actually took photos! Not many, but at least I did take some ;w; Click on the link to view :D They’re for public viewing so enjoy!

I bought a few things which are mostly Marvel-related. The artist booths were really pretty but I didn’t think it was polite to take photos of the booths so I didn’t. I also bought some Tokidoki merchandise that I couldn’t get back home, but I’m kinda regretting that I didn’t buy more! :(

There was a Marvel questionnaire game thing that was hosted by Jien. They were also giving out posters and badges. We were screaming and jumping up and down to answer those questions! XD Tony-bb managed to win 3 T-Shirts! :D So proud ♥

Meeting Simone Legno
As for the Tokidoki Punkstar Rocco I was rushing, I managed to finish it on time. I ended up sewing in the airplane and at the train station, haha! XD

Simone Legno’s (the creator of Tokidoki) Walk of Fame a.k.a signing session was at 5pm to 6pm, so we walked around while waiting. Because I did not sleep the night before rushing Rocco (and I only had about 2 hours sleep the night before that!), I was dead tired. But I was still super excited to meet him!

There was a fairly long queue waiting to meet Simone, but it could’ve been much faster if there weren’t this bunch of girls that took up most of the time :/ There were about 5, 6 of them and they brought a trolley load of items for Simone to sign, including large canvases for him to draw on! They kept taking photos as well. Simone was really nice to oblige but STGCC management should have told the girls off. :/ It was in the STGCC rules that you can ask an artist to sign only 5 items per person, but these girls definitely exceeded that by 10 folds! x_x; I think they took almost half an hour and by the time I get to meet him, it was already 6pm! (And I’m not at the end of the line, I was in the middle)

By the time it was my turn, my legs were dying and I was really, really tired. And I could see that Simone was too! XD; But he was still amazing and really sweet! I gave him the Rocco I made and he said he loved it! That made me so, so happy and all my fatigue just faded away! His drawing of Rocco is now my prized possession!

Thank you, Tony-bb for lining up with me despite being extremely tired as well and helping me take photos of my meeting with Simone! ;w;

At the end of the day, we met up with some Singaporean friends and had Mos Burger (a fast food joint that is unable in Malaysia!) for dinner :9

Missed Flight D;
The next day, we visited Vivo City. We also underestimated the crowd on a Sunday and we ended up late for boarding. (.__.) It was a little annoying that the airline supervisor did not try their best to help; the plane has not left yet! But sadly, it was a no go and we missed our flight. ;_; We had to take a later flight and by the time we got home, it was almost 2am.

But all in all, it was a great trip :D I’m now an even bigger Tokidoki fan than ever and I’m so inspired by all the artists (professionals and amateurs) who were there!