Hit the beach today, and came across hundreds upon hundreds…probably thousands of dead fish washing up to shore.

Everywhere I stood I was surrounded by a seemingly endless sea of lifeless fins, tails, scaley bodies, and open eyes.

I touched one fish to feel the pulse. It was still there but not for too long. We threw some back into the water but many were too weak to swim.

Dida and Dada (my sisters), at home deciding who gets which set of bangles & ornaments.

They had both finished their busy work days and came straight home for some family time. I think we all slept at 4:30 a.m. on this night.

Mombasa, Coast.


Shanghai E-motion (by 鑫东 陆)


Welcome to Shanghai, China!

This past weekend I was reminded that my invitation to this beautiful city is still open. 

I have good friends born & raised in Shanghai, China. We share lots of creative & business ideas and we’ve also partnered on several projects over the years. They’ve been to my home city several times & loved it. It’s time I put their city in my plans bcoz East is the new Center.

NB: Best viewed in full HD, and in full screen.

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Sexual Orientation: Straight
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