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Highlights from “Akagami no Shirayukihime” Chapter 41.  It’s a sweet little filler chapter where Zen and Shirayuki go on a date around the castle. This is the kind of chapter I like to do from AnS. Too bad there weren’t more chapters like this.  The image quality was the worst, so I made the images look watercolor-like.


Highlights for “Akagami no Shirayukihime” Chp 42 part 2:

Kiki tells Mitsuhide to meet her later because she has something to say to him. Then there are some antics with Zen and Obi as Kiki reminds them of the promise and Kiki tells them that she has upset Mitsuhide. And then we get to the moment when Kiki’s going to talk to Mitsuhide. She says she was only supposed to stay a year, but she decided to stay longer to be with him and to protect Zen. And then it goes into a 5-years earlier flashback. The first image is of Kiki when she first arrive at wisteria castle. She wouldn’t tell anyone her name and Zen urges Mitsuhide to find out what her name is (there some kinda of ball going on and Mitsuhide doesn’t want to be bothered with it.) The last image is when Kiki reintroduces herself and says “You may call me ‘Kiki.’” (I like her short hair cut.)


Highlights from Akagami no Shirayukihime Chp 42, Part 1.

The chapter starts a Kiki focused arc. This is Kiki’s morning routine. After this it launches into the story.  Basically Kiki is having an argument with her father by letter. She’s supposed to come home and succeed the family.  If I’ve got things right, she promised she would stay a year, but at the current point in the story she’s been at the castle for 5 years (I could be totally wrong about this. Sorata-sensei’s word salad has always been tough for me.). Mitsuhide is of course agitated by the news (but he seems more angry at the fact she broke the news of her promise to her father just now as she has to leave.)

I’ll post the second batch of images later. It’s late here and my brain is mushy.