2012 Followers Appreciation Post

Thanks for making my year beautiful! I want to thank to these people who have brought a smile to my face in 2012:

7centimetersper11secondsAkicchan | aokuro-alldayeveryday

baitosenshi bexara cayra | e94addict fuwacchi halsei

hinekosama | konoobaka kurokokamo milky96 | miracchu

mocopersonal | roirency serenemelodies | yukimurapanda


(*the bold ones are close friends)

With some people we have lost contact,

with some people we have hardly talked at all,

with some people we have started talking more,

and with some people I have become closer or am still close as always.

Nevertheless, you all were part of my life who brought me so much joy in 2012 and thank you, thank you for the beautiful time and memories. I hope for everyone to have a better year, to laugh more than they did in the now previous year.

Thank you for making my life enjoyable, for making Tumblr a second home to me, for being amazing people! ♥ I wish you guys a Happy New Year 2013!