What you are seeing here is in fact a menu, a menu for an Akibaranger themed restaurant! Going to be sponsored by Pasela Resorts, the same company that did the Kamen Rider: The Diner, this Akibaranger-themed place will be at the Bar Rhythm which is in Akiba (where else would it be right?). 

The items on the menu do of course have an Akibaranger theme going with them like there’s an S.P.D. (Super Perfect Drink) drink, an alcoholic Malshina themed drink, a Moe Magnum themed drink, and a Kabuki-cho one! When you visit this place and order one or more things you will of course also get an exclusive Aoi-tan or Satomi related item.

However, this restaurant will only be around for a limited time(!!) in that it’s open today (Japan time, course) till February 17th. Thanks to SailorOtaku’s blog for the information as well.


痛さは強さ! | カガミレイ [pixiv]

ジューモーソー! | 和泉リオン@ついったー [pixiv]

アキバレ青 | marimo [pixiv]

Some Akibaranger fanart I found over at Pixiv, I decided to just put'em into one set :U

ya know. this is probably how it looks like when ya sell your soul to your waifu and japanese spandexed karate stuntmen.