ya know. this is probably how it looks like when ya sell your soul to your waifu and japanese spandexed karate stuntmen. 


痛さは強さ! | カガミレイ [pixiv]

ジューモーソー! | 和泉リオン@ついったー [pixiv]

アキバレ青 | marimo [pixiv]

Some Akibaranger fanart I found over at Pixiv, I decided to just put'em into one set :U


Above and Below

This set may seem a little confusing, so let me explain. Go-Busters is skipped in the Power Ranger universe, thus Tyrannoranger and Gokai Red being more popular are “above” red buster, they want nothing to do with him, Akiba Red however is “below” red Buster, as he isn’t even an official Sentai, thus he would give anything to hang out with official Sentai, even Red Buster, popularity, it’s a cruel thing