akiba style


・Happy kids meal
Happy kids meal is also available in maid cafe’s style!
【AKIBA Store 7F  "reona"】

【本店7F "れおな"】

❥Akiba Kei (秋葉系) or Akiba-chan (アキバちゃん) is a Japanese slang term for “Akihabara style”.

❥Akihabara is a district in Tokyo where many otaku, or obsessive anime, manga, and video game fans are known to gather.

❥It dates back to the early 80s and refers to a subset of otaku, now largely older males, who spend much of their time in and around the Akihabara area of Tokyo and are known for their strong interest in “fantasy worlds…anime, manga, maids, idols, and games”.

❥Akiba Kei have also been characterized as being “interested in ruminating about domestic items and creating fan works based on these existing elements.”

❥One distinctive feature of Akiba Kei within Japan’s larger popular culture is that for the most part they belong to an older generation, who are well-versed in the history of Akihabara before it ever became a center of pop culture.

❥Cosplaying is very popular as well as anime kigurumis (pictured above).

❥In Akihabara it is common to see women working outside in maid outfits, selling things or promoting the store they work for.

❥There isn’t a “set style” for this Akiba Kei, as long as your clothing is eccentric, fun and centered around anime, video games or manga.


Funassyi’s Absolute Territory

Four new Funassyi characters have been introduced for this year’s version of the Funassyi Cafe - a chef, a barista, and two waitresses or Akiba-style “maids”. The waitress-maid outfits are especially cute, with white blouses, blue skirts, striped frilly aprons and over-the-knee high socks. Several fans have noticed that the Maid Funassyis sport very nice Absolute Territory (zettai ryouiki) - the little bit of bare skin that shows between the top of the socks and the hem of the skirt, which is considered to be an erogenous zone by moe fans.  ^_^