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Funassyi’s Absolute Territory

Four new Funassyi characters have been introduced for this year’s version of the Funassyi Cafe - a chef, a barista, and two waitresses or Akiba-style “maids”. The waitress-maid outfits are especially cute, with white blouses, blue skirts, striped frilly aprons and over-the-knee high socks. Several fans have noticed that the Maid Funassyis sport very nice Absolute Territory (zettai ryouiki) - the little bit of bare skin that shows between the top of the socks and the hem of the skirt, which is considered to be an erogenous zone by moe fans.  ^_^



I hope you enjoy my Final Day in Japan! In this one we go to “Harajuku” where we see the rilakkuma store, Kiddyland and Xan get’s a tattoo!! and then to Akiba for last minute shopping and get locked out of our apartment and fly home~~~ ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆

This is the final video from Japan… T^T I’m so sad </3 But I can’t wait to go in April!!

I really hope you enjoyed all these videos~~!! ^-^ I really enjoyed making them!