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Hey gang! Yousei is out! Hurrah! Huzzah! Other cheerful exclamations! What took so long? Well, I guess it just took us a lot longer to tighten up the graphics than we thought. Also, Yousei’s longer than Jisei and Kansei. And there are more characters. And images. And music. And everything, really. I also hear it’s the best one yet. And there may be emotional bits, but don’t quote me on that.

For those of you who haven’t joined the Jisei clan yet, Jisei is currently 50% off for the entire month of February. Think of it as our Valentine’s Day gift to you! Plus, the Jisei+Kansei bundle discount is still in effect, so if you buy Jisei and Kansei together, that’s like…less than twenty bucks. Which is pretty cool.

One of the doodles from yesterday’s livestream. Earlier I played through Jisei, and headcanons were formed.

Li Mei: …And that’s what’s going on.

Aki: Naoki’s not responding… If not for the fact that Miko was in there watching us, I’d waltz right in and punch that guy.

Li Mei: …I know.

Favorite Character Tag!

Tagged by kayoko-hime! Thanks!

List 10 favorite characters with one per series/random. Tag ten people after that.

1) Ichinose Tokiya- Uta no Prince Sama

2) Matsuoka Rin- Free!

3) Tsukimori Len- La Corda D'oro

4) Shiro Takayama- Re:Alistair++

5) Matthew Midnight- Backstage Pass

6) Aki Mizutani- Jisei series

7) Asahina Yusuke- Brother’s Conflict

8)Shi Seiran- Saiunkoku Monogatari

9) Hijikata Toshizou- Hakuouki

10) Gray Fullbuster- Fairy Tail

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