Servant x Service SAVA-MATSURI Seiyuu Event

Tatsu’s wish has been granted from episode 7! That the extreme swimsuit appearance will be announced on the SAVA Quiz! However it wasn’t what he expect it to be.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: So that’s how it is. I never thought it would be like this. That there could be a chance, that it would be guys in swimsuits.

Toyosaki Aki: But you know they’re ready to swim.

Ai Kayano: That’s true.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Yup, on another channel my specialty was the backstroke.

Announcer: You know, I bet everyone thought “I only swim freestyle” from the moment they saw that.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Yup, yup.  

I originally posted this on facebook but I thought I’d share it with all of you other lovely people. Here is a picture of me that was taken at the Aki Matsuri a couple days ago. I got to talk to a lot of interesting people,practice my Japanese, and eat good food.
the highlight though was towards the end. I was doodling and a little girl and her mom stop and watched me for a good minute before I noticed so I offered to draw the girl something and she told me she wanted a daisy. She was so happy when I gave her the drawing; her smile was priceless.  

I attended to Aki Matsuri (automn festival) at Borely Park -Marseille- the last week. This festival was organised by the Japanese Consulate in Marseille, I thanks them for this great moment!
The place was beautiful, I met and laugh with many people : visitors, cosplayer, kids… I really loved to talk with them all and share my love for cosplays. I’m very amazed that many people recognised my Chizuru cosplay. I had a really good time!


Postcards! ♥

These are the SPN cards I had printed for Aki no Matsuri. I didn’t sell all of them, so I’m going to make them available online soon~

(I don’t have a whole lot of tiny umbrella Cas left, because he was the most popular! ♥♥)


So here we are, the reason that we headed up that far north on Honshu in the first place: The Hachimangu shrine’s Morioka Aki Matsuri (autumn festival).

This was a day on which we both lucked out quite a bit but also almost screwed up tremendously. You see, the main event of the Aki Matsuri is the so-called Dashi-parade, a parade of decorated and beautifully lit up floats in the evening. What we were not aware of, however, was that there was a “trial run” of the parade in the middle of the day too. And that is what we managed to run into on our way to the shrine!

1.) One of the floats. As you can see, each float has a group of drummers, some of those groups were exclusively children or women, while others were mixed. The float itself is motorized, but additionally also pulled by several men.

2.) In between the floats people in traditional clothes or costumes were part of the parade. Sometimes there were also groups playing on instruments.

3. + 4.) According to Morioka’s website, the floats portray historical heroes as well as scenes from famous kabuki-plays. If you are a fan of the Dynasty Warrios games, those two will seem familiar: Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.

5. + 6.) After the parade had passed, we continued on to the Hachimangu shrine itself. It looks pretty much like what you’d expect if you have seen a matsuri in anime or manga before, like I had. Stalls selling all kinds of food, toys and crafts are lined up, and even on the street leading to the shrine families have set up tables and offer yakisoba and other foods. There was also a small stage where traditional music was performed.


Touhou Cosplay highlight at Aki Matsuri 2013, HCM city, Vietnam

-Duocean as Kurodani Yamame.

-Aoi Kokoro (Nat) as Yasaka Kanako

-Kitty Lam as Moriya Suwako

-Blanche de Nuit (Củ mì sắn) as Kirisame Marisa

-Đoàn Vỹ thiếu gia as Hakurei Reimu 

-Nana Marisa as Alice Margatroid

-Asaki as Reisen Udongein Inaba