aki sawada

[30-Day Kamen Rider Challenge] Day 10

Day 10 – Favorite Main Villain

Favorite villain? Hmm….Aki Sawada from Kamen Rider Faiz.


(photo credits to kamenrider.wikia.com)


            More than a villain, he had one of the more complicated villainous storylines in what I’ve seen of Kamen Rider. Yes, he was a villain—“was” being the operative word. He changes throughout the series, but is ultimately sacrificed because of the sins he committed before his change.

            I’m not saying that he was a hero—no, far from it, since he killed people in his quest for the Belt, and for power. But to see him fight to keep his humanity, to not lose his sanity and become a mindless monster…it tugged at my heartstrings. His final scene, dying after seeing Mari for the last time, had me crying for him.