aki san


And now the video is up!

Special thanks to Sanei who allowed me to write this song based off her Flowerfell AU

Also big thanks to SociopathicAngel for the amazing Overgrowth Fic which made me cry for about 5 years

Music, Lyrics, and Illustration by me

For @akiaki-san, I drew your 2017 persona, alongside with Akiri(2016 persona?), since you’re improving a lot.. I hope you like it, and will made your day.

I hope you enjoy and share your passion.

(another thing to mention, I really rarely do detailed backgrounds in a gift.)

Feel free to reblog.


Akiri, 2017 Persona of Aki: @akiaki-san


Happy early Valentine’s Day, folks! These are guaranteed* to successfully woo any potential datemate, spouse, zucchini, friend-with-benefits, or other paramour.

*not actually guaranteed… but would you really want to date someone whom quality valentines such as these would not woo???


Sky x Shadow, Beta x Nixss, Sin x Sarius, Sans x Frisk, Alphys x Undyne, Fresh x PJ, Ink x Error, Cross x Nightmare, Sans x Papyrus, Grillby x Sans or Gaster, Frisk x Papyrus, Asriel x Chara, Toriel x Asgore, Mettaton x Papyrus…Sans x sans x’D (That’s all.)

The ship behind me or Aki was created for humorous purposes. Officially, Aki and Litt are the singles.

Happy Birthday!

You’re absolutely amazing and I’m so blessed to have you as a friend! ^W^ I hope you had a great day, and keep being you cuz you’re wonderful!


Oh my goodness! I-I don’t know what to say. 

You don’t know how loved I feel right now. Everyone is here! They all look so cute! You did such a good job on this. And so fast too!

Thank you so much! I love it!

And I’m so glad to have you as a friend too! <3

“Being in the cold rain with a hot robot like this immerses me in a special feeling.”

@aberrantarchitect: some cheesy date somewhere? + double news update with the two of them

gotta protect the hot robot from the rain

i had way too much fun making this

“i miss you so much”
“You’re so corny, love.”

it’s hard having a celebrity bf but they work it out

(mais = corn >> mais sounds like ‘miss’)