aki knows it



“dr. nikiforov are you even listening to me”

“did anybody ever tell you that you look really good in those scrubs?”

“yes. you did. like 25 times a day" 

(part of a yoi medical au that @chantedeer and i are working on in which yuuri is a pediatric nurse and victor is a pediatric surgeon!) (yes, yuuri is wearing poodle scrubs) (you’re welcome)

person a singing along to twenty one pilots and person b hears and literally starts screaming the lyrics and they look into each others eyes the whole time

hi may i interest you in an amamatsu pet store au thingy even though i know almost nothing about pet stores or just an au where they have a dog and they’re happy and i’m also happy for them

  • They own a pet store full of different animals, kaede is the one who handles the cashier and talks to the customers, kids usually get very excited so kaede is there to either calm them down a bit or maybe get excited with them too
  • Amami handles the animals’ health and other stuff, he’ll sometimes help kaede’s work but he spend most of the time with the animals though.
  • There’s this one puppy that kaede got really attached to so when she saw the puppy going home to his owner’s home she cried a bit and that’s when amami decided to keep a dog at their house too (yes they live together here sorry i make the rules)
  • Kaede wanted a golden retriever because big and good doggie!! but amami wanted a small pup so they got a pomeranian instead and they named him akki!! (thank you grace and hira for this part ovob)
  • They’ll bring akki to the store sometimes and he’s a good pup who will run around happily, i’m proud of him
  • One day amami came home to kaede sleeping with akki on the couch and he took a picture of it, he sent it to kaede and surprisingly kaede didn’t get mad and she printed it and putted it in their living room
  • They keep taking cute pictures of akki everywhere and one day they just realized their living room is full of their dog’s picture, not that they’re complaining about it though
  • kaede was the one who thought it was a good idea to buy a matching outfit for amami and akki and took a picture of it, it was embarrassing for amami but he didn’t mind the picture being in their bedroom, kaede was really cute when she told her idea to amami so
  • there was this one day when kaede tried to play the piano but akki suddenly jumps onto her lap and she fell from her chair out of surprise, she’s used to it now though, akki likes to sit on her lap and listen to her music while she’s playing the piano
  • The customers likes to play with akki too, akki is a friendly and a good smal doggo!! kids usually goes along well with akki
  • Kaede tried to teach akki to play the piano at some point. She failed but she’s not giving up

Belated Inktober #29

so anna and i occasionally toss around ideas for an extremely ridiculous au in which jack atlas is a fashion designer/occasional model, when the actual models are NOT DISPLAYING HIS OUTFITS TO BEST ADVANTAGE

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Hiii ridia. I'm back with another AkiBen question :D How do you think they celebrate each other's birthdays every year? Thanks in advance:) Love your blog btw:)

I imagine the two of them always make sure to celebrate their respective birthdays together, like when they were in school they would go to each other’s houses and even in the Defense Force they would always try to at least do something for each other on that day. Akiyama I could see on Benzai’s birthday maybe likes to make Benzai breakfast in the morning and he also makes hot chocolate with little cat-shaped marshmallows. If the two of them are able to get a day off from work Akiyama also likes to treat Benzai to a trip to the cat cafe near headquarters, Benzai of course is a little self conscious about it so the two of them take great pains to keep it a secret (just imagine them trying to sneak out the dorms, scarves over their faces and being deadly serious as they use every stealth technique they know to slip out of the building. Meanwhile Munakata spots them and is just like ‘oh, Akiyama-kun is taking Benzai-kun to the cat cafe again, how kind of him’). Every now and again they go to a bar or a nice dinner too, Benzai enjoys being able to relax and Akiyama likes to treat him.

For Akiyama’s birthday Benzai’s always certain to buy him a really nice cake from the closest fancy bakery (Akiyama was never allowed to have sweets as a child and has now as an adult developed a sweet tooth that he’s a little embarrassed by, Benzai knows that Akiyama is totally weak to cake though). I think for Akiyama’s birthday the two of them are more likely to stay in and just hang out together, Akiyama’s not as interested in bars or fancy restaurants and prefers a more private celebration. They do tend to get dragged out with the rest of the force anyway later on – since Munakata loves celebrating everyone’s birthdays – but in the early part of the day they prefer it to be just the two of them. They sometimes go for a walk and a smoke too, or if it’s a clear night Benzai likes to wake Akiyama up just after midnight on his birthday and they go outside and stargaze together.

Look at me. I am woven together by story, held firm by myth. Look at me. I will tell you of the men that ate me bloody. I will tell you of how ferociously I bit my way out of their stomachs.

A short story about the past and the present
Art by @shiredded 

Masaaki shuffled through the halls, his feet dragging in order to avoid making sound. It also decreased his chances of tripping on something and bringing attention to himself. He clutched his notebook to his chest as he tried to find a place to sit during break.

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