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I’m Aki, and I’m the Ambassador of Italy for @hetaliafandomhub​‘s amazing project!
My “job” consists in answering questions about “the Boot”, as well as writing posts about my country’s language, customs, food, history, trivia and many others!
The tag I will use for this will be #aph ambasciata.

Now, to get to know me a bit:
I’m a girl from a very small town in the province of Mantua, and have lived here my whole life. My luck is that my parents took me on a lot of trips across Italy, so in addition to the northern part, I know a lot about the Center and the South too. I’m also half Polish, but only speak the language on an intermediate level.

Welp, that’s it for now I guess! I’ll shortly start to make posts about anything you guys are curious about.

Alla prossima!

Azt hallottam, hogy Te egy játékos vagy. Szóval játszunk! Beszélgessünk, veszekedjünk, találkozzunk. Írjunk egymásnak “jó reggelt” és “jó éjszakát” üzeneteket minden nap. Sétáljunk együtt, varázsolj el. Aggódjunk egymásért, szívassuk egymást, ellenőrizzük egymást. Adjunk egymásnak beceneveket, emlékeket. Meséld el a titkaidat, bízz bennem falak nélkül. Telefonáljunk egész éjszaka. Tegyük féltékennyé a másikat, csókolózzunk és ölelkezzünk, mintha többről szólna. És hogy ki veszít? Aki először lesz szerelmes.
Commissions open!!

Hi I’m Aki! Can I get a boost?

I’ve opened up commissions lately and I’d gladly appreciate anyone who would buy my art, if you can’t then please reblog this so others can see it, thank you very much!

$3 for slightly messy Sketch, +$0.50 for one extra character

$5 for Flatcolour,, +$2 for an extracharacter,, +1 for shading

$10 for Bust Up Fully Shaded,, if you buy 3 you can get it for $25 instead of $30

 $25 for a full body fully coloured and shaded. +$5 for each extra character

Some prices are to be discussed, but I will be sure to tell you!

I will do:

  • OCs as long as there is a reference
  • Fan art ((More on Persona 5 and Danganronpa))
  • NSFW ((given that I can do it))
  • Complex Poses

I will not do:

  • Mecha
  • Furry
  • Any screwed kink nyall have

If you are interested, please contact me at  galaxystrash@gmail.com or send me a message here!

anonymous asked:

Hello ! my name is Aki (アキ) I'm from Kitakyushu in Japan and I was hoping you could give me some advice. I know you've learn Japanese and that's really impressive, I'm trying to learn English but it's proving difficult. I was wondering if you have any tips on learning a new language? Thank you much. have nice day :) (Sorry if my English was bad, I'm not very good right now)

Hello Aki! Your English is great, by the way! 自身を持って!

I think the most important thing when learning a new language is to put yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to use that language! For example, making friends or dating someone who can only speak that language, getting a job where you have to use that language, or some other kind of commitment.


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9 and 10?

9. Most disliked character(s)? Why?

ap//h france from hetalia and ap/h england from hetalia bc they’re both overrated and frace’s character is shit and england’s design is fugly 

i also hate n/ico m/aki u/mi and r/iko from lov/e l/ive bc their personalities are annoying

i dont actually dislike any characters from hq tho 

actually on that note, if anyone can think of bad or abusive parents from yugioh 5ds that would help too. i’m SURE aki izayoi isn’t the only one, but she’s the only one springing to mind at the moment. i think there will be less in 5ds than in some of the other series because so many of them are orphans but still.

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Drabble challenge #3

Drabble Challenge

#3  “You can’t just sit there all day.”

Aoi sighed as he watched Rin and Kin spar with one another.  The demons were quite talented, he must say.  But he couldn’t understand why their idea of sparring was trying to kill each other.

“I say it is more like a dance,” said Eri seating herself between Aoi and Aki.  That comment made Aoi raise an eyebrow.

“How so?” asked Aki, stating Aoi’s question.

Eri grinned.  “Well… look at them.  The way they move is so graceful!  Even when they are attacking each other, their movements are so fluid!  And look at the way they dodge each attack!  It’s so graceful!”

Aoi smiled.  Eri always had a strange way of explaining things.

“You can’t just sit there all day.”  Kin said approaching the three suddenly.

“And why can’t we?” asked Aki, “I’m the team healer, not a fighter!”

“Even the healer must know how to defend themselves,” countered Kin, “what if we aren’t there to help you?”

“I don’t ever see you guys scolding Eri for this!” growled Aki

“That’s because Eri can actually handle herself!” said Rin.  She quickly pulled Aki and Aoi to their feet.  “Now you two will be sparring.  Kin and Rin will give advice and pointers when it is needed!”

Aoi and Aki gave the demons an incredulous look.

“What are you waiting for?!  Get started!” hissed Rin.

Nincs állandóbb és gyötrőbb gondja az embernek, mint az,
—  hogyha szabad maradt - minél előbb keressen valakit, aki előtt meghajolhat.
(F. M. Dosztojevszkij)
Az igazi férfi játszik, nem rohan ajtóstul a házba, lassan közelít és puhán. Vadászik, csak úgy mellesleg megérint, mögénk lép, nyakunkba csókol, a tenyere a tenyerünkben szikrát csihol. Az igazi férfi nem siet. Tudja, hogy idő kell a vágyhoz. Megvárja szépen, míg megszűnik körülöttünk a világ, és már csak őt látjuk, már csak azt akarjuk. Nem elveszi. Odaadjuk. Nem eltűrjük, hanem befogadjuk. Az igazi ölelés visszafogott, úgy kúszik végig a testen, mint a napfény. Lassan, és puhán, időt hagyva a vágynak, hogy növekedjék. Nem kell hozzá más, csak egy férfi, aki szeretni tud, s egy nő, aki hagyja, hogy szeressék.

『 アパショナード !!III』千秋楽 Final day of 『Apasionado!!III』

Aki, Golden Pei (6 m/o), Waverly & Greene St., New York, NY • “She can’t stop putting things she finds on the street in her mouth. It’s not funny because she has diarrhea.”