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i’m…dying… @aki_the_geek on twitter was live translating ep 12 overview and kubo’s interview for this month’s spoon.2di magazine and several IMPORTANT things have been said:

  • it’s confirmed yuuri is in st.petersburg and practices around yurio and yakov with victor still as his coach.
  • victor knows fully how difficult coaching and returning to competitive skating is going to be
  • kubo said she made sure to include many moments before the kiss in episode 7 before STRIKING when emotions were high. she also said this was her most memorable moment that was animated and was surprised she was getting so much response from international fans on twitter afterwards.
  • she also commented she found it funny overseas fans needed a confirmation that it was a kiss but japanese fans didn’t need any (HAH!!)
  • she said in regards to ep 12 yuuri and victor can’t live without each other or think about seperation so both had to revise their initial plans in the end.
  • for victor, yuuri was someone that needed him in a new, fresh way and he’s incredibly happy about their bond. he thought yuuri needed his presence too so being told to “end it” shocked him. (regards to ep 12)
  • after victor became his coach, a new emotion was born in yuuri - the need to show someone else’s existence through his skating
  • yuuri wanted victor to stay as his coach but didn’t want to hold him back anymore that’s why he decided to end it back then
  • in regards to yurio, she said that it seems like couples keep popping up around him. yakov and lilia even seem to be getting back together -not saying that they WILL. then there’s the way yuuri and victor act, and then mila is starting to get into otabek, please don’t forget about yurio everyone!
  • they (yamamoto and kubo) decided on yuri not winning gold from the beginning.
  • they wanted to include the pair skate from the beginning
  • as of this interview a sequel isn’t confirmed but she really wants to do it. tbh it’s probably going to happen 95% sure even the jp fandom knows this. they encourage good sales for BD/DVD to make it happen!

i only compiled victor/yuuri parts of the interview and although i tried to be as accurate with my words as possible, please head over to @aki_the_geek on twitter to read the original translations and more in detail, about other characters too! and don’t forget to thank them for sharing ^^

the interview is from January’s spoon.2di issue. buy it if you want to read for yourself!

A stupid comic I made at school!

Plan A
Natsu: are you a camera? Cause everytime I look at you, I smile~♡
Aki: no, I’m not a camera, I’m a human.
Natsu: oh, yeah, right…

Plan B
Natsu: Aki! I love you! Will you be my girlfriend?
Aki: I love you too! And, aren’t we friend already?


『 アパショナード !!III』千秋楽 Final day of 『Apasionado!!III』

anonymous asked:

Hey Haru! I was wondering if you had writing prompts in mind. I'm trying to write, but I can't seem to put anything into paper (or smartphone because I use it more often nowadays). It would be a good writing exercise for me and many others who look up to you as a model. I decided to ask this of you because you seem like someone who will be able to come up with creative prompts. Thank you and I'll be chatting with you from here on out. -Aki

hello aki! i’m flattered that you believe in me so! i’m happy to come up with some random prompts to see which ones you might be interested in, but just remember that sometimes it’s okay to not feel like writing, and don’t push yourself too hard. right, well here goes:

  • music au: he’s really good at singing, and normally, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing if he can crank it out in a karaoke room. however, what he’s really good at, is opera. facing the problems of social pressure at a very normal high school, wanting to enter a music university, and there’s this one competition he really needs to win to get in, the last straw in his stressful teenage life is is- he needs a duet partner to enter.
  • (your choice of character) loses a limb/arm/leg in a freak accident. the aftermath is probably the worst year of his life, and this is how it goes. does he find peace? does he give up? does he have friends, or does he isolate himself?
  • one day you (or a character) is coming home from work/school, and notices a floating body in a river they usually cross. out of some kind of strange moment of compassion, they take the person home and things ensue.
  • star crossed lovers? two characters (or you/and oc) find themselves graduating from high school and on opposite teams as professional volleyball players. let’s hope that their teams either don’t find out, or are welcoming enough. more importantly, let’s hope there aren’t any ulterior motives on either side.

those were all i could think of for now! they might be a little long-winded, so twist them however you want. maybe none of them fit and you pick at bits until you find your own. :P good luck, and i’m looking forwards to chatting with you too!

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I'm gonna go to the cinema with someone today and afterwards want to ask them for a qpr with a request I found. They know about the concept of qpr's and when I showed them the request once they said that's a smart idea. I hope it goes well. I hope I don't freak out and not send it. The plan is to send it on the way home from the cinema as I'm to scared to do it in person. I'm really scared cause I don't wanna ruin the friendship but friends who know us both say I should go for it...

Ah I wish you much luck! Let us know how it goes~

-Mod Kai

((*clears throat*))


Name: Aki
Age: 19, I’m young and spry yo
Do you like to cuddle?: heck yeah I do
Can we make-out?:uhum nEXT
A night in or dinner out?: If it’s a night in, I promise I won’t burn the kitchen :D
Ice cream or chocolate covered strawberries?: Can I say both?? They’re both really good;;;
What makes you a good Valentine?: I’m a dedicated little meme that enjoys K-Pop. Also, Jude. Can’t forget Jude.
Would you cook for me?: heck yeah I will
Would you let me cook for you?: as long as there’s no eggplants, yee c:


Aki, Golden Pei (6 m/o), Waverly & Greene St., New York, NY • “She can’t stop putting things she finds on the street in her mouth. It’s not funny because she has diarrhea.”

Quick Draw ! - draw and full color something in under ten minutes

I was tagged by anocurry! *A* Thank you so much for tagging me! This challenge was great!!! I started with the face without planning anything in particular but then it turned out a little feminine and I opted for Aki XD

Then I’m going to tag littleluxray, fimyuan and quinnko!! Only if you want to, of course! :3

Hello! I’m Aki and I just started this studyblr! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and have finally summoned all the courage to do so. Also I’ve been procrastinating. The reason I started this studyblr was to motivate me to study and remain positive. Its really hard to cope with academic pressure from parents and the whole ‘selective school environment’ so staying positive is a must!

So a little bit about me:

  • I’m 16 and currently completing my preliminary HSC course in Sydney Australia
  • My favourite subjects are Modern History, English and IPT
  • I am currently obsessed with Hamilton. I have listened to the soundtrack over and over and over again
  • I sometimes draw manga
  • I haven’t figured out what I want to be yet. I’m interested in medicine but the 99.95 ATAR to get in super hard to get

I think the people who inspire me most are:

@kaisdesk  @mochi-studies  @areistotle  @elkstudies @academla @studydiaryofamedstudent @studypetals and @studybuzz

Honestly, you all inspire me and will continue to inspire me! Feel free to pop over a note, say hi or something! Or like or reblog this, I’ll check your blog and follow you! I’m always looking for new friends and I look forward to meeting you!