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Remember the chinaware of the past that your mother locked and suffocated  in a china cabinet. These dishes only came out to breathe on holidays. As the years gone by, the use of the china cabinet as been utilized for everything except china like teapots, glassware, and random ridiculousness of kitschy vacation souvenirs . However, today, I found a set china that would make me build a china cabinet to protect it. 

Handmade Limited Edition Fine Ceramics from Manos of Liverpool, Uk made a collection of fine bone china.  These luminescent china pieces are beautiful. They are shaped oh- so delicately, and range from gold trim honeycomb vases to color blocking square bowls china.

These pieces would make perfect gift or just to add alittle class to your holidayplate setting . Manos’s china definitely brings back the “fine” in china.  This is my Style décor, See if its yours, Go and Explore… See specs below...

Name: Handmade Limited Edition Fine Ceramics
Company: Manos
Country: Liverpool, United Kingdom
How much:  $18- $225

Where to buy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/madebymanos?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Akhira I.

Compact Living: Barbecue On My Converible Balcony?

I was excited to see these pictures on Pinterest of a convertible balcony. So, of course I had to explore. Well it’s true; Coming to a city near you will be a convertible balcony.

Architect Hofman Dujardin from the Netherlands is known for designing amazing spaces and products. However his latest design “Bloomframe” proved that he understands the apartment dweller’s pain- lack of square footage. Bloomframe is a window that can automatically transform into a balcony.  This transforming window increases your square footage by including an outdoor living space. He described this product as, “ As closed and abstract facade in the winter that open up like a flower in the summer”. I couldn’t have said it any better. 

So take that!!!- house owners with your manicured lawns and backyard grilling.  I can have a barbecue party too on my balcony with less maintenance and clean up. This is my Style Decor, See if it Yours, Go and Explore…  See specs below..

Name: Bloomframe

Designer:  Hofman Dujardin

Country: Netherlands

How much: inquire through email: office@hofmandujardin.nl

*Akhira I.