• 転がる岩、君に朝が降る
  • ソラニン Songbook

by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
[solanin songbook]



If I could, I would repaint the world.
Nothing as drastic as getting rid of wars,
But maybe, there’s a bit of that too.

I can’t be an actor or a movie star,
I can’t even laugh naturally in front of you for that matter.
What’s there for a guy like me to do?

Everything I did was wrong, and I don’t understand, rolling rolling.
My heart is aching over what was never really mine.
We will probably continue to run… our entangled hearts, rolling rolling
Setting off to the frozen ground, rolling.

There is no reason but somehow I am sad.
Hopeless, when you can’t even cry.
So I sing, hoping to bring warmth to the night.

The rock rolls, taking us away to somewhere, somewhere.
A new life begins to grow, cracking the solid ground.
Beyond those hills, shining in glory…
Comes the morning that will light up all the loneliness.

The small red car is taking her away,
Far around the corner to the other side.
Disappearing from my sight…

What was it I lost? I can’t even figure out, rolling rolling.
My heart is aching over what was never really mine.
We will probably continue to run… our entangled hearts, rolling rolling

Setting off to the frozen ground, rolling.

phantomrose96, you want symbolism for this gif? Cuz let’s just focus on that picture shattering for right now.

The kids’ trust in their Grunkle Stan just literally broke apart. But not only that, so did their innocence. The glass protected them from the outside world, just as Stan tried to protect them by keeping this secret. They would’ve been safer had they never found out, but they have, and all that protection goes away.

The happy moments in the twins’ summer have shattered. Not only did a wedge come between them and Stan, but Mabel betrayed Dipper here, and the happy sibling relationship they have just cracked for the first time, like the picture. Also, notice how the twins are floating in opposite directions. It makes for a nice artistic effect, but they are also literally drifting apart. The picture is moving in Dipper’s direction, but Mabel is leading the way, and it’s spinning, so make of that what you will.

But the shattering is also framed as a good thing, at least by comparison to the alternate scenario (proof that Stan was right?). Notice how the glass flies inexplicably outwards. It doesn’t leave any shards in the frame, it doesn’t damage the photograph, even though the picture is likely made of paper and the force is obviously from the side, not directly behind as would cause that kind of impact. Despite the emotional trauma there is no blood on either of the twins, and we all know GF isn’t afraid to show when characters are injured: the twins are physically alright. 

The photo is more colorful, more free once the glass has broken away. While the main plot of this show may have once been Stan working while the twins solve their own mysteries, they’re aware, and they’re players now. Whatever happens next, the twins have lost that childhood protection and are going to start showing their own agency.

For better or for worse.

A realization about Into the Bunker

At the end of Into the Bunker, there’s the really cute/sad scene where Wendy lets Dipper down softly and Mabel and Soos come in to support him. But here’s a little detail about it I hadn’t noticed before…

Of course we remember this cute line in the last scene (before the credits gag)

It’s not much, but remember that the very next episode is the first one in the season with a certain rebound ship

It appears to be coincidence, I mean there’s no Dipcifica in this episode, it’s not like the writers were expecting us to view her as the rebound ship, was it??

Coincidence? By Alex Hirsch? I think not!