by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
[solanin songbook]



If I could, I would repaint the world.
Nothing as drastic as getting rid of wars,
But maybe, there’s a bit of that too.

I can’t be an actor or a movie star,
I can’t even laugh naturally in front of you for that matter.
What’s there for a guy like me to do?

Everything I did was wrong, and I don’t understand, rolling rolling.
My heart is aching over what was never really mine.
We will probably continue to run… our entangled hearts, rolling rolling
Setting off to the frozen ground, rolling.

There is no reason but somehow I am sad.
Hopeless, when you can’t even cry.
So I sing, hoping to bring warmth to the night.

The rock rolls, taking us away to somewhere, somewhere.
A new life begins to grow, cracking the solid ground.
Beyond those hills, shining in glory…
Comes the morning that will light up all the loneliness.

The small red car is taking her away,
Far around the corner to the other side.
Disappearing from my sight…

What was it I lost? I can’t even figure out, rolling rolling.
My heart is aching over what was never really mine.
We will probably continue to run… our entangled hearts, rolling rolling

Setting off to the frozen ground, rolling.

I am SO going to Hell for this.

Art belongs to gammija as part of this comic. Blame lies entirely on phantomrose96, who did not ask for any of this, but has dragged us all into the fiery pit enough times that we shall celebrate the day of this demon’s birth by ritualistically throwing ourselves into the Sun.


An AU to Not What He Seems

But what if Not What He Seems wasn’t a midseason finale? What if it was just the middle of a whole season arc rather than splitting it in two as the writers did?

What if Grunkle Stan was arrested and questioned and held but managed to smooth talk his way out of the agents’ grip because he totally knows his way around the law and he may or may not have enough blackmail on Toby Determined and other reporters to ensure the story of an old man being abused by secret information gathering would go big?

What if the twins went to the Mystery Shack to try to prove his innocence, found the security footage, the fake ids, even the vending machine code and the portal, but it hasn’t powered up yet and there’s nothing they can do at this point to stop it?

What if it took a more than a few hours after getting the latest batch of radioactive waste for the portal to power up, as in Scary-oke?

The kids find the portal. Dipper not only finds the Journals but discovers that Grunkle Stan has a photocopy of 3. He wants to take them, he wants to confront the liar he and Mabel are living with, but he’s scared that Stan’s a murderer or something equally terrible and doesn’t trust the man not to hurt them if he finds out that the twins aren’t oblivious anymore. Maybe he even goes so far as to copy 1 and 2 for himself to study somewhere in the woods or the bunker, any place but under their “Grunkle’s” roof.

Stan comes back a few days later, finding the kids in the Shack under Soos’s care and the manchild is a bit shaken by recent events but when Stan asks he reassures his boss that no one went near the vending machine. It’s hard for Soos to lie to someone he used to admire so much, but his new mission is protecting those kids as he tries to make sense of this.

Dipper wants to hate Stan, wants to find a way to give the agents all the proof that they need to arrest him and send him and Mabel to where it’s save back in Piedmont and maybe even save the world while he’s at it because that would make him a national hero and that would be SO COOL. But he has to keep it hidden, which is agonizingly difficult to do when he has to pretend he didn’t notice Stan disappearing last night while leaving the television on or reassure the man that he isn’t investigating the supernatural because they made a promise of no more secrets and of course he would never break it. 

But he knows that keeping the secret is worst when it’s easily forgettable, when Stan just sits on the porch and relaxes while Dipper and Mabel continue one of their water balloon fights. When that latest episode of Ducktective is just really good and he was cramped from being on the floor and there isn’t enough room on the couch for him to not find himself falling asleep on his Grunkle’s shoulder. The moments when Dipper could’ve sworn that Grunkle Stan loves him but he knows the man’s lying and none of it is real.

And then there’s Mabel. Mabel who wants to trust and believe in her Grunkle Stan, who had so many more moments bonding with the cranky old man than Dipper did, and who finally found an adult who loves and appreciates her silliness as much as Dipper (even especially when it involves something others would consider too dangerous). He’s still their Grunkle Stan, and he still loves them, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s still sneaking off into the basement to work on that portal every night, that he’s seen the warnings about it potentially destroying the universe and shakes them off but doesn’t deny them, that he’s sat through every scenario Mabel’s perfectly planned to allow him to come clean to them with a look of wanting and a “there’s something I should tell you…” but always finishes the sentence with another lie.

It doesn’t change the fact that every night after Grunkle Stan thinks the twins have gone to bed they sneak down and watch him as he continues the calibrations for the portal. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s getting closer to being done and soon the twins will have to decide whether to sabotage everything their Grunkle cares about so dearly or sit by and do nothing as the world ends. They want to find out what the man’s motivation is, but he’s tight lipped most of the time and blatantly lying others and it’s almost the end of the summer and they’ll have to make their decision and they know as little as they did before. Dipper wants to shut it down but there are moments when he can’t help but trust Stan despite the Author’s warnings. Mabel loves her caretaker, but even she can’t deny how suspicious this is and there are times when the man is so off-putting with his secrets that she wants to protect everyone even if it means destroying him.

And a certain triangle starts noticing that his favorite twins aren’t in bed every night when he normally haunts their dreams and decides to keep an even closer eye on them…