You know, I like Orihime as a character, she is bubbly and fun and cute. And idgaf about IK either (I also love Rukia as her own character).

But her ‘‘romance’‘ with Ichigo is painfully one-sided and bordering on non-existant. There is nothing to it. Ichigo never says anything to her that could be taked as romantic, and we see literally 0 developement between them.

What is worse, this poor man’s clone of Naruto’s ending ended up robbing Orihime of her own developement as a characters instead of being Ichigo’s personal no-homo. (Because lets be honest we hve seen Ichigo more emotional with Grimmjow of all people that with orihime, and who can forget  Renji ‘‘until death do us apart’‘ Abarai).

Also, lets be honest, comparing IchiHime to NaruHina is a gigantical disservice to NaruHina, that at least had somewhat romantic moments and Naruto actually knows Hinata has feelings for him. IchiHime isnt even that.

A’ight seriously tho, no one will convince me that Kazui is any older than 5.

So the first glimpse of him we get is just him, wide-eyed, staring into the camera. Right off the bat it’s clear that he hasn’t even grown into his eyes yet, so clearly he must still be pretty young.

For real, I’m wondering if people who say he’s 7-9 have ever seen a 7- 9 year old before??? Manga or nah, saying he’s 7-9 is absurd.

Anywho, the scene continues and his behavior provides another clue, And what really indicated to me that he couldn’t be any older than 5 is his behavior.

When Hiyori calls him out…

He bolts.

Obviously he’s startled. Any child of any age would be, but he doesn’t rationalize his behavior. He doesn’t defend himself. He doesn’t explain that he’s ‘just looking’ or anything of the sort. He up and leaves. You’d think a child that was 7+ would face the situation even if only a little bit.

But nah, he’s like “oh no busted’ and books it.

And so maybe that’s just an indication of a non-combative personality (he is Orihime’s son), but…

Then we come to the next situation with ‘Yhwach’. And that’s what’s truly telling of his level of development(?).

Just take a look at this:

He’s grinning and smiling this dopey, clueless, little smile when there’s this dark,very creepy, very suspicious hole opening up in the wall.

Any child of an older age would think, ‘That’s a little odd. Maybe I should stay away and/or tell my parents.’

But nope. This little guy just reaches out…

And shoves his hand into it.

Not even his entire hand. He doesn’t have the dexterity to get his whole fist into the wall. He misses with a fingerThose hands do not exhibit the level of coordination that the hands of a 6+ year old would have.

And then take note of the anatomy; his arm and hand are very small, short, and round. His fingers are stubby and clearly a bit wobbly since he couldn’t even manage to get all of them in the wall.

And that’s ignoring the elephant in the room: this little guy saw something questionable and just… grabbed it?? He just totally went for it?? And all with this dopey, clueless, adorable little smile on his face?? That is a very baby-like level of curiosity. That is not something a 7 year old would do. It’s not even something a 6 year old would do.

And then when Ichika shows up, it’s even more glaringly obvious that he’s very, very young. A good few years younger than her.

She shows up, very deliberately, just where she wants to.

Legs crossed, all cocky and proud of herself, sword pointed. She knows what she’s about.

Maybe it’s because Kazui recognizes her last name (doubtful) or because she’s a shinigami too, but he seems completely unperturbed about someone showing up out of nowhere.

This mystery kid who just popped out his wall asks who he is and first he’s confused “me….?”  But he answers “I’m Kazui”. 

And without a second thought he just releases his shinigami powers?? No caution, no thought about it?? Just full on does it without thinking anything about it?? Like it’s no big deal??

And Ichika has a reasonable reaction, one that an older child would have. She doesn’t just roll with it with a silly smile. She actually processes the situation and…

So yeah, I will fight you to the death about Kazui being a little 5 year old chub ball and 7-8yo Ichika leading his cute chibi bum around by the hand like his big sister.

This is what I get for being nice to people…

Let’s see: Kubo himself stated that Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki are the main characters of Bleach.

Rukia Kuchiki has always been one of the most popular characters in general but especially among female characters.

The IchiRuki ship is the most popular ship from the Bleach series.

Whenever Bleach is advertised it’s always with Rukia and Ichigo. Do you people get your information from YouTube comments? What the fuck?

I would just like to say, that whether IchiHime is actually canon or not, I do really appreciate and adore all the super sweet IchiRuki fans out there. :) Y'all are great, and even though we have different otp’s, I wish nothing but the best to you guys~ ♡♥


oh, the doctor thing is the biggest indicator that these spoilers are a lie. and not to mention, 10 years in the future rukia was called “captain kuchiki” at her ceremony but now the RR baby has abarai as a last name?? this shit is dank as hell.

I can just imagine the IH marriage:

Ichigo: “I’m so depressed, Inoue.”

Orihime: “Hold on, Kurosaki-kun! I’ll call Kuchiki over and she’ll dry up all your rain!”

See how bad that makes the IH pairing? Rukia has influenced every bit of Ichigo’s life for the good, meanwhile Ichigo basically called Orihime a slut. 

If the spoilers are true, then Kubo hates Orihime so much that he’ll put her in a pairing where the guy doesn’t love her at all. Sad. Orihime deserved Uryu and Rukia deserves someone better than the guy that beat and choked her (and i’ve been a renji fan for a long time and i’ve never shipped RR).

But my biggest complaint is about grimmjow supposedly being dead.