[INFO/TRANS] 140715 BOYFRIEND to release 2nd Photobook - "All Day With U" on July 18

Debuting in 2011 with their single album [BOYFRIEND], them who are receiving lots of love worldwide and not just in Korea, Japan and Asia, idol group BOYFRIEND will release their 2nd (Korean) Photobook “ALL DAY WITH U”.

“Thank you”, “I miss you”, “I love you♡”, This photobook that has a total of 3 chapters will include photos during their activities from 2012 onwards. Not only will it have their photos during their Korean activities, it will also include unseen photos from their Japanese, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, USA etc activities. It will also include photos taken from their pictorials at the streets of those countries and performance venues. In this photobook with 300 pages, unseen photos taken during BOYFRIEND and Bestfriend’s camp will also be included. It is anticipated as a big gift towards the fans.

★ More Information ★ 

Price: approx $35 USD | ₩34,000 | ¥3,555
Photobook size: 225x275mm
Pages: credit pages- 8P/the rest of pages- 296P

Pre-order here:

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trans: beatrooot/youngmineekkeo