Today was so messy!!! Not sure why. Keep sneezing, whole body feels stuffy, brain can’t think quick and many more. ughhh,,, Taking care of dogs especially puppies are hard :( their so naughty but their still so cute couldn’t bring myself to hurt them even if they hurt me. But overall… I think today was pretty shitty. Only good thing that happened today was McD and akdiary updates. Going to sleep now. ;__;


Next week will be NMB WEEK! A week full of stories about NMB girls who aren’t part of the diary yet. 

Hope you will enjoy the NMB Week as much as you did for the SKE one!

Monday 14th - Jonishi Kei in “All Over Again”

Tuesday 15th - Shiroma Miru in “Poisoned Beauty”

Wednesday 16th - Yagura Fuuko in The Bridge”

Thursday 17th - Ogasawara Mayu in “Don’t want to say goodbye”

Friday 18th - Yoshida Akari in “Our Moment”


Next week will be SKE WEEK! A week full of stories about SKE girls who aren’t part of the diary yet. 

If one of them reach enough notes, maybe she will be added to the official AKdiary girls !

Monday - Takayanagi Akane in “The bird of my Heart”

Tuesday - Kimoto Kanon in “Facing the Ocean”

Wednesday - Kizaki Yuria in “A Mysterious date”

Thursday - Furuhata Nao in “Love Orchestra”

Friday - Suda Akari in “Snow games”