akc show


Making dog show plans for July 27-28th at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, SC! I will definitely be there from 8 to 11 on Friday!

Will anyone else be? Or maybe you know people who will be showing there?

Last year I had so much fun and ended up meeting people and dogs that some of you know! I met Aziza, Shirah, and Barnaby who @spanishmal @molosseraptor and @noodle-dragon know, in that order, and I didn’t even realize @southernsnowdogs was there and had earned a few wins with Emma until I got home! All of that is in my tag #TD Center Dog Show.

I’ll be taking a bunch of pics like last year (after asking permission of course!)


When my IPO training friends show up at an AKC show.


The Mutts of Westminster!
Westminster allowed mixed breeds to compete in The Masters Agility Championship. The winner was a boarder collie but Roo! got a special prize for best All American Dog (top photo).

All American Dogs Roo!, Jimmy, Panda (left), Emma, Crush, Haiily, Icey, Sadie, Alfie and Crime all competed yesterday. (Photos: Amy Pearl)