akbrodey  asked:

haha sorry for the strange question but i was wondering. i saw that you put hitler on your inspired people from dawnawakeneds blog and I was just wondering how he inspired you... like I'm not being judging at all I swear, I'm just really curious :)

I appreciate your being open-minded. Normally when I tell people I admire Hitler I get, “You white supremacist, racist bigot” “What kind of inspiration is he!?” or “What kind of heartless person are you!?”

So this was nice and refreshing.

Adolf Hitler was a human being like you and I. There’s a quote from “Young Hitler: The story of Our Friendship” that came to mind after reading your question:

“People who knew him in Vienna that year could not understand the contradiction between his well-mannered appearance, his educated speech and self-assured bearing on the one hand, and the starveling existence that he led on the other, and judged him as haughty and pretentious. He was neither. He just did not fit into a bourgeois order. In the midst of a corrupt city, my friend surrounded himself with a wall of unshakable principles which enabled him to build an inner freedom in spite of all the temptations around him. He went his way untouched by what went on around him. He remained a man alone and guarded in monkish asceticism the ‘Holy Flame of Life’.”

Even though he had nefarious ideologies, he was 17-18 years old when he thought of them. He manipulated his way through by being cunning, calculating, boastful. He controlled by fear and it worked well. Austria and Germany were already quite antisemitic at the time, before Hitler ever had the idea of blaming anyone for anything. The phrase 'preaching to the converted’ comes to mind when related to his policies. A country already on its knees after hyperinflation, economic collapse and indebted to other countries for more money than they could pay off in a half century isn’t going to be that hard to convince that a scapegoat is needed. I mean its not like there haven’t been other regimes set up on worse; the communists blaming the bourgeoisie and 'rich farmers’ for their situation in the 20s and 30s, in the USSR.

I’m not discounting his political charisma, but extremist politics appeal to voters in difficult times, precisely because they offer 'solutions’ to the perceived problems.

His becoming Fuehrer of Germany leads me to believe that one day my own, or others, good and pure ideologies will get to see the extremist politics. Which can then be used to rid of corruption in the system.

I leave you with the following, “Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.” -Albert Einstein