Crutchie is an eternal optimist. Despite his many hard knocks, he remains so positive and a true symbol of hope. That being said, my Crutchie is a bit of a departure from what I think a lot of people are expecting from the crippled newsboy. He’s not this super sweet, fragile boy. Historically, these boys were a lot more hardened by their poverty and lifestyle. So despite his handicap, he tries to be a real tough guy and wise-cracker. While I think it’s easier to play him as precious and sympathetic, I think it’s more rewarding for the audience to see someone trying to uphold this tough exterior until his surface cracks and he truly needs help.
—  Andrew Keenan-Bolger on Crutchie, from this DIS unplugged interview.
Playing a handicapped character has made me far more aware of the world around me. Navigating our epic set was such a challenge with only one leg and it helped me realize how much I take for granted. A stereotype in our society (that admittedly I held, to a certain degree) was to immediately pity someone with a disability. But playing a handicapped character as thick skinned and self-actualized as Crutchie, I realized how truly strong you have to be to live in this world. I honestly felt a shift. While I’m still sympathetic, what I feel far more is pride. It takes a lot of courage to negotiate daily routines and I have such a deep respect for the many who does so.
—  Andrew Keenan-Bolger, from this Examiner interview

Make ‘Em Laugh - Andrew Keenan-Bolger

University of Michigan musical theatre major Andrew Keenan-Bolger performs “Make 'Em Laugh” from the November 2006 Musket production of SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN.

10:59 PM
  • Me:Hey, let's look at Andrew Keenan-Bolger's monthly playlists for writing inspiration!
  • Me:Yes, let's!
  • Me:*listens to alternative music and writes a lot of emotional stuff*
  • Me:*thinks of showtune that goes with sentence written*
  • Me:*listens to even more showtunes*
  • Me:*somehow ends up watching Andrew's Blog*
  • Clock:1:20 AM
  • Me:...what the hell.

back in july i participated in a fan version of koisuru fortune cookie by akb48!

and today i learned that it’s been seen by both AKS and Akimoto Yasushi (the big Aki-P, the mucho honcho)!! not only that, but it’s been put onto the AKB48 official youtube channel!!!!

i’m so happy for this hehe, congratulations to david liao and everyone who participated in the project! together we brought ourselves far B)