akbari asghari

anonymous asked:

Do you know where I could watch Bin Roye and Dobara Phir Se with english subtitles. Also do you have any recommendations for Pakistani dramas?

i’ve searched endlessly for DPS online and i can’t find it. i know there’s a really shitty quality up on youtube but that has no subtitles. perhaps someone else could comment about bin roye?

the only drama i’ve completed is ZGH lol so that’s all i have to highly recommend, and i’m watching diyar-e-dil rn and it’s pretty good (so far at least lol)

i can pass on some that have been recommended to me: dhani, mera naseeb, aunn zara, dil banjaara, coke kahani, mera naam yousuf hai, doraha, Akbari Asghari, and Uraan

aiklahori  asked:

about sanam baloch, what about the drama "akbari asghari" i loved that drama :)

Heeeyyy! :)

Sanam Baloch’s character in Akbari Asghari was a lot of fun and yes you are right it was different! However, I didnt enjoy the drama as a whole. I loved the message of the drama, but I felt the drama was sooooo slow. Very draggy and stereotypical punjabi! I feel dramas should be 15-17 episodes long. But I do love how AA taught that not everything is what it seems and how there so much hypocrisy in our society in terms of religions and culture. I enjoyed Humaima’s character more than Sanam Baloch’s in the drama because I could relate to her.