akb48 senbatsu election

SNH48 2nd Senbatsu Election

July 25, 2015

  1.  Zhao JiaMin (Savoki)(Team SII) (74,393 votes) (↑2)
  2.  Ju JingYi (Kiku)(Team NII) (64,785.5 votes) (↑2)
  3. Li YiTong (Team NII) (47,134.5 votes) (↑3)
  4. Huang TingTing (Team NII) (35,189 votes) (NEW)
  5. Zhang YuGe (Team SII) (32,306 votes) (-)
  6.  Wan LiNa (Team NII) (31,608.3 votes) (NEW)
  7.  Li YuQi (Team SII) (31,215.9 votes) (↑4)
  8.  Yi JiaAi (Team NII) (30,004.8 votes) (↑6)
  9.  Zeng YanFen (Team NII) (25,861.2 votes) (NEW)
10. Lu Ting (Team NII) (25,669.2 votes) (NEW)
11. Zhao Yue (Team NII) (25,245 votes) (NEW)
12. Feng XinDuo (Team NII) (22,028.7 votes) (NEW)
13. Mo Han (Team SII) (20,201.7 votes) (↓6)
14. Qiu XinYi (Team SII) (20,078.3 votes) (NEW)
15. Dai Meng (Team SII) (17,907.3 votes) (↓2)
16. Kong XiaoYin (Team SII) (17,658.9 votes) (↓1)


  17.  Lin SiYi (Team NII) (16,050.5 votes) (NEW)
  18.  Gong ShiQi (Team NII) (16,047.3 votes) (↓6)
  19.  Shao XueCong (Team X) (15,874.3 votes) (NEW)
  20.  Xu JiaQi (Team SII) (14,351.7 votes) (↓12)
  21. Jiang Yun (Team SII) (11,174.1 votes) (NEW)
  22. Chen GuanHui (Team SII) (10,897 votes) (↓12)
  23. Song XinRan (Team X) (10,179.2 votes) (NEW)
  24. Chen Si (Team SII) (9,811.7 votes) (↓15)
  25. Liu JiongRan (Team HII) (9,718.4 votes) (NEW)
  26.  Qian BeiTing (Team SII) (9,407.5 votes) (NEW)
  27. Liu PeiXin (Team HII) (9,023.6 votes) (NEW)
  28. Tang AnQi (Team NII) (9,015.2 votes) (NEW)
  29. Li DouDou (Team HII) (8,590.1 votes) (NEW)
  30. Hao WanQing (Team HII) (8,523.8 votes) (NEW)
  31. Xu Han (Team HII) (8,415.1 votes) (NEW)
  32. Meng Yue (Team NII) (8,218 votes) (NEW)

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[SUBBED] - Matsui Rena’s Election Appeal Comment (AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu General Election)

Notes: I preferred to keep it simple in the video, so I shall explain here. The expression used by Rena is “Tenka Fubu” which was a personal seal Oda Nobunaga used, meaning to conquer and govern the nation through the 7 virtues of the art of war. The 7 virtues are: Forbid cruelty, stop wars, mantain political power, regolate the services, content the citizen, keep the masses calm, increase the fortunes. So the link to the expression is both in the number 7 and in Rena’s aim to become n°1. Not to mention how Nobunaga was from Nagoya :)

Behind the “Great Leap Forward” of SKE48


SKE48 took a great leap forward in AKB48′s 41th Single Senbatsu Election, held at Fukuoka Dome on the 6th.  Out of 80 spots, 27 (including Miyazawa Sae, who holds a concurrent position in SNH48) were SKE48 members, despite ace Matsui Rena’s resignation from candidacy and 6 graduated members who ranked last year.  They have surpassed AKB48, who sent 23 people into the 80 spots, as “the Majority Party of the 48G”.  Why is SKE so strong at elections?  We believe the furious anger of SKE fans towards the group’s “unfortunate situation” is at work here.

Sending Matsumura Kaori (13th) and Takayanagi Akane (14th) into senbatsu for the first time, “Nagoya Power” exploded in Hakata.  The sounds of joy coming from the stands is a result of vote-collecting “Election Committee” hard at work.

These committees are voluntary organizations formed by fans.  They rent conference rooms and gather to open CDs or enter voting codes.  With many of these at work, it’s no wonder people say that “among 48G fans, SKE48 fans are extremely passionate.”

But the motivation behind the passion is more complicated that it seems.  According to an SKE fan, “SKE is most vocal when it comes to complaints against the management and taking actions.”  The frustration from SKE’s current situation builds up over time and reaches a critical point at Senbatsu Election.

Despite having “W Matsui” Jurina and Rena and popularity not very far behind AKB, SKE has the least media exposure.  The other two local groups NMB48 and HKT48 both have their own shows on local TV stations, but SKE has none on Nagoya networks.  HKT48 even has regular shows in the Kanto TV network, which makes the contrast more obvious.

There are also many fans that think the lack of local concerts or events outside of theater is a problem.  NMB toured within Osaka and Kinki just 2 years after the formation of the group, and HKT went on a Kyushu tour in their 2nd year.  But SKE, which considers Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures as its home, has only sent Team KII to perform in Mie in their 7th year, and has never held a concert in Gifu.  “SKE has very few live shows, so we have nowhere to spend our money other than on elections” said a local fan, sarcastically.

The reason why SKE can’t have individual live events is probably because AKB has a higher priority.  Local groups have to attend AKB’s individual handshakes, and that contributes to the AKB’s record of continuously selling above 1 million copies.  “SKE members have to attend both SKE and AKB handshakes, which take place on weekends and that’s why they have no time for live concerts.”

The lack of media exposure and other outlets (relative to other groups) is what fueled the fire of SKE fans to make the group the Majority Party.  

As a well-known SKE fan, Kato Shinpe, an ex-cycling Grand Prix champion, said that “SKE wotas want to see members rewarded more.  There’s nothing else we can do except to help them rank higher at Senbatsu Election, which commands the attention of the entire nation.  That’s why we spend every penny we have to support them.”  It will be interesting to see if the passion of the fans reach management from here on.

I decided that this year will be my last year to participate in the general election and so I ran. Since last year, I didn’t do much idol-related works. To tell you the truth, I have thought about graduation. But, at that time, someone cried and told me not to graduate yet, that person was Yokoyama Yui who is the general manager.
—  Shimazaki Haruka (AKB48 Senbatsu General Election 2016)