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I was busy playing Nico event to get into top 11500 so I didn’t have much time. It’s kotori’s event now so I’m slightly free.

Have an update. It’s not exactly nicomaki.  But I’m a fan of 48G and lovelive so..
For all the 48G + lovelive fans out there XD

LoveliveX3D idol doujinshi translation 
μ’s 推し lyrics translation (μ’s oshi, a parody of AKB48 Team B, Team B oshi) 

You are a fan of Erichika today☆ hey μ’s~ ♪
(Kashikoi Kawaii Erichika!)  [Smart, cute Erichika] 
You are a fan of Kayochin today☆ hey μ’s~ ♪
(Can someone help me… \Please wait up!/) 
You are a fan of Honoka today☆hey μ’s~ ♪
(Fight dayo!) 
You are a fan of Umi-chan today☆hey μ’s~ ♪
(Love arrow shoot! Baaam♡) 

μ’s! Love live! (say μ’s!) 
μ’s Love live! (O! to! no! ki!) 
How is the live stage? \how is it!/
It’s so close it’s OH MY GOD! isn’t it? 
How is the songs and dance? \how is it!/
This is the rumoured μ’s! 
There are so many of us you are confused isn’t it? Pick one of us to support! 

One two let’s go! 

You are a fan of Nozomin today☆hey μ’s~ ♪
(Washiwashi max!)
You are a fan of Maki-chan today☆hey μ’s~ ♪
(imiwakannai!) [i don’t understand!]  
You are a fan of Rin-chan today☆hey μ’s~ ♪
(Let’s get livelier nya~!) 
You are a fan of Kotori today☆hey μ’s~ ♪
(Umi-chan pleasee♡)      [brb laughing] 

About the other teams, how are they? \How are they!/
We are the cutest and the best isn’t it? \isn’t it!/
How was the wordy MC? \How was it!/
This is μ’s where anything goes! 
If you are captivated by my performance, I don’t mind if you oshihen!?

One! Two! Yappo!

You are a fan of the principal today☆hey μ’s~ ♪
(Minami-chan?) Ye-s! 
You are a fan of Maki-mama today☆hey μ’s~ ♪
(I’m seventeen! \Oi! oi!/)
You are a fan of KotoHono today☆hey μ’s~ ♪
(Let’s go Kotori-chan!) Wait for me~
You are a fan of NozoEri today☆hey μ’s~ ♪
(\Oppai!/) [chest!]

μ’s! Love live! (say μ’s!) 
μ’s Love live! (O! to! no! ki!) 
If you liked(Yes!) me ♡ (Yes!)
And gave me your support I would be happy

Ahhh~~ Let’s go again!  

You are a fan of AriUmi today☆hey μ’s~ ♪ [Arisa - Eri’s younger sister]
(I love kids! \KD/) KD = Kids daisuki 
You are a fan of Nicomaki today☆hey μ’s~ ♪
(Ni! Ko! Ma! Ki!) 
You are a fan of Rinpana today☆hey μ’s~ ♪
(1! 2! 34 Gohan!) [gohan = rice, it’s a play on 1,2,3,4,5 ichi ni san shi go(han)] 
You are a fan of Niconi today☆hey μ’s~ ♪

We chase after our dreams with all our might
Please come and watch as μ’s~ grows (O! To! No! Ki!)
No matter how popular we become, we will still sing here
Because everyone is a μ’s~ oshi isn’t it? 

Isn’t it?? 

I was amused by this so I decided to translate it first. And especially so with the principal, maki’s mother, and the pairings which they slotted in since μ’s didn’t have 16 members lol. 

Mika-Rin’s Enthusiasm on The Path of Becoming Idol-Charming All Titans

[translation: yusenki]

From SnK Gag Drama CD - みかりんの熱狂アイドル道~すべての巨人を魅了して

Characters: Eren, Mikasa & Jean (Mention of Armin as script writer)

Note: Manzai is one of Japan’s stage comedy, more info can be read Here

Thanks to naruniverse who requested on this track

Intro by Armin:

Survey Legion is the organization of man-kind’s last hope and their specialty in eliminating titans made them the man-kind’s strongest military force.

Mikasa (M): *barge in* EREN!

Eren (E): What is it, why are you so flustered, Mikasa? *gasp* Don’t tell me, it’s the titans?!!

M: In the next service recognition party “laughing competition”, which will be held after the long distance formation training, I heard that you will be performing Manzai with Jean

E: Ah…about that… It was decided by the lot drawing… No choice about it..

M: Eren… You better give up on performing Manzai

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FAT48 (Fairy Tail 48)
From the booklet that came with the PSP game, Fairy Tail: Zeref’s Awakening.

©Kobayashi Kina·Mashima Hiro·Kodansha
Translated by thefairystales | DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE SOURCE
Please credit by linking back when using. (usage rules)

Read by columns, from right to left.

This is a parody of AKB48, an all-female Japanese idol group. It’s drawn by Mashima-sensei’s assistant, Kobayashi Kina, and best appreciated if you have some knowledge of the AKB48 group and/or idol culture.

The group holds a general election every year, and the top 16 (it used to be 21) members voted by fans will sing the A-side of the next single. It’s an important event for the fans, who save up to be able to give multiple votes to the girls they like.

“Period of the Idol Warring States” (Idol Sengoku Jidai, アイドル戦国時代) refers to the current period (2010s), where many groups are capitalizing on the idol boom and making their debut, resulting in a very competitive idol scene.