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I’m a fan of real idols, real Japanese girls who sing and dance and train almost everyday to do their job of making people happy and smile. I hate when I mention that I like idols, then a LL fan goes ‘me too’ and shows me a pic of anime girls. They’re not real, they don’t deserve to be put at the same level as real live actual idols. Even the seiyuu, they’re not idols, they’re SEIYUU. This is why I hate the LL fandom, with them calling themselves “idol fans” they’re discrediting all the work that these girls do almost everyday. They’re constantly scolded, crying, training all the time and you people think it’s fair to compare some anime girls to it. smh


So today YuuNaa were icha-icha-ing before stage performance. Then onstage Yuuchan confessed she really loves Naachan who understands everything about her (since she’s bad in expressing herself, Naachan can speak out what she wants to say for her). Afterwards, Yuuchan sends a pic of her and waifu.

For her to confess this after Naachan’s Koi Koujou episode article was released… could it be… Yuuchan got jealous?

Oh my delusions lmao

elitist AKB fans

I just read through like 30 pages of AKB confessions even though I’ve been following the blog since around when it was created

and I’m feeling sort of preachy

pretty certain I’ve done this before but I’m DOING IT AGAIN

I am a self-proclaimed elitist fan.

But everybody who gets mad because we’re so clique-y and condescending, really think about it.

Yes, AKB48 is a big group to tackle. Yes, it’s intimidating. We all started somewhere, though. I really got into them in August 2009. Do you think I just watched a PV and suddenly knew every girl and every song? Nope, not even close. When I watched B3 for the first time, the only member I knew was Mayuyu.

I’m sort of an elitist in most of my fandoms, honestly. I don’t think that you can really call yourself a hardcore fan unless you’ve seen ALL OF IT. One example would be that I refuse to accept you as a Homestuck fan if you started from Act 5. Another would be that you can’t say how i met your mother is your favourite show if you only watch it “when it’s on.”

Those seem like totally flaky fans, right? It’s the same with AKB, though. You can’t say you’re TOTALLY AN AKB48 FAN if you only listen to singles and know media senbatsu. That’s barely dipping your feet in.

The single songs all kind of mush together lately in my opinion, and there’s SO MANY SONGS from the stages to discover and fall in love with. I just think it’s such a shame that people don’t even bother with stages anymore. I’m listening to Rio no Kakumei right now, which is one of my favourite AKB48 songs, and I can’t help feeling bad that so many people haven’t heard this or other songs like it. But that’s just me, I guess. They’re definitely different from current songs, but they’re so worth it, and I’m certain they mean more to the members than songs like Yasai Sisters.

Knowing the members is a more serious and important thing in my opinion though. It’s disrespectful to the rest of the group, in my opinion, to claim such dedication without knowing… the rest of the group. You love AKB48 so much, but do you know who Hirajima Natsumi is? Original 1st generation member, former Team B frontgirl, unofficial leader of Watarirouka Hashiritai? If you don’t know Nacchan, I’m sorry but I can’t take you seriously. She deserves more respect than that. She already doesn’t get enough from the dedicated fanbase. :/

Another thing is that I’m primarily an SKE48 fan. My oshimen is Takeuchi Mai, a background member of Team E. I see a lot of disrespect towards SKE, even if it’s not intention. I think the biggest thing has to be the praise for W Matsui only. Things like, they’re an SKE fan because Jurina is great. Jurina isn’t the only member of SKE48, guys. This stuff reinforces that they dominate the group, which seriously bums me out, but what’s SO MUCH WORSE is when people say Jurina or Rena should be transferred to AKB48. I remember a specific confession that said Rena was too good for SKE. That just kind of crushes my soul, to be quite honest. Jurina and Rena are SKE48 members. SKE is just as much of a family as AKB is, if not more since AKB has seemed pretty disjointed to me since the shuffle.

All I want from senbatsu fans is respect towards the groups. I don’t expect you to know every single girl in AKB48, and I especially don’t expect you to know every girl in the sister groups. That kind of expectation is outrageous. I just don’t think that you can honestly call yourself a true fan if you don’t know 90% of the group’s members and songs.

Furthermore, about the clique thing, I’ll refer back to what I said earlier: “Do you think I just watched a PV and suddenly knew every girl and every song?” Do you really think I went into the fandom with a ton of friends? I made a lot of them on the forums. It takes a while to form that kind of bond, and YEAH, we can be kind of clique-y! Because we’re FRIENDS! We have a group of friends, do groups of friends really just bring everybody into the conversation right away? Not really. An example of somebody who got past that easily would be kata48, one of my best friends. I remember in the fall of 2010, he PMed me on STAGE48 without us being friends beforehand, asking me for help with oshimen and stuff like that. I was as helpful and friendly as I could be, and half a year later he was a pretty important person in the fandom. Now he owns like 500 pictures or something ridiculous. Bro needs to calm down.

The mean clique-y fans don’t like fans who represent as totes hxc AKB fans but only know 10 girls and 5 singles. The mean clique-y fans are practically in a different fandom from senbatsu fans. I don’t mean that in a rude way, everybody is free to like what they like. But like, my primary focus is Team E. I don’t expect you to know them, so don’t expect me to want to talk about Kojiharu and Tomochin.

I guess that’s it

tl;dr: don’t act like you’re a super fan if you only focus on recent senbatsu releases, and don’t get mad when people with already formed friendships don’t immediately accept you into their group of friends

It is a lie that only middle-age Japanese men like AKB48. All the foreign exchange girls from Japan, that I've met at college, are fans of AKB48.

They also have oshimens and or DD (dare demo = loves everybody).  Not to mention some of the female Chinese exchange students too.

okay so I’m probably gonna sound ridiculous complaining about this but bear with me.

There are a ton of AKB confessions that have “I’m a girl” in them. This drives me UP THE FUCKING WALL to be honest.

It’s like saying NO HOMO which is seriously one of my biggest fucking pet peeves. It’s not really me being a gay rights activist or something, fighting for equality and JUST1C3 and peace, I just think it’s immature that you have to tack it on to make sure people don’t think you’re gay because GOD FORBID IF YOU WERE!!!!!!!! it just makes you seem like an 11 year old who can’t be open about their sexuality, no matter what it is.

But saying I’M A GIRL after saying something that might sound kind of gay is worse, I think, because it’s like you’re ruling out the possibility that girls can like girls. I just kind of look at this and go “wow what?”

As a girl who likes girls, and as somebody who knows a lot of girls who can admit to liking girls in this fandom, it feels like the large group of us is being overlooked. It’s not like it’s STRANGE AND UNCOMMON for girls to feel some kind of attraction towards other girls, don’t worry.

Another possibility is that this is a girl gamer thing. Like “I CAN ADMIT OSHIMA YUKO LOOKS GOOD IN A BIKINI, AND I’M A GIRL!!!!! BOW DOWN TO MY VAGINA, PEASANTS!!!!!!!” do you want a sticker, or what? 1) that’s a universal truth 2) there’s a lot of girls in the fandom, you aren’t the first.

The reason this irks me so much I think is because this is all anonymous. If this is a thing about sexuality, why do you feel the need to defend yourself on something that nobody will know you wrote? DON’T WORRY EVERYBODY I’M ACTUALLY A GIRL SO THAT MEANS I DON’T HAVE A BONER FOR HER. THAT’S NOT EVEN A THING THAT CAN HAPPEN BECAUSE I’M A GIRL. Alternatively, if it’s a bragging rights thing, nobody is going to know you wrote it so you won’t even be getting the MAD PROPS that you SO RIGHTFULLY DESERVE for being a female and liking something that a lot of girls also like.

I don’t know. It just really irks me and even when I write down my feelings like I just did, it still doesn’t feel like I’m addressing my frustration to the fullest.

If somebody can enlighten me as to why they feel the need to throw their gender into question for something that really doesn’t need it, please do so. Maybe I’m just being a gigantic raging bitch and not seeing the obvious reason why this is an acceptable and understandable thing. No sarcasm, if you want to justify it, please do.

Whoever came up with the AKB48 chant definitely didn't know English.

I mean first it is tiger, which makes sense since tigers are awesome.  Then fire, okay I guess we can be pyros.  Then cyber… that makes sense becaaaause AKB stands for Akihabara and that is a technology haven.  Next is fiber?  Now you are just trying to rhyme but not very well.  DIVER!  Come on!  What is viber anyway?  How am I suppose to memorize this order when they all relatively sound the same but don’t all rhyme or make sense.  

Me trying to do the chants:


fire (yeah can remember that)

liber (b/c for some reason i always think that it is in there)


cyber (because i know it is in there … somewhere)


just make something up until we get to the JYA JYA!!!! 

yes I made 2 more tumblrs ._.

~AKB48 Confessions & NEWS Confessions

I like the idea of the ‘confessions’ type of tumblrs, plus it won’t stress me out too much because all I’ll be doing is adding people’s submissions to pretty pictures which is kinda therapeutic to me XD

(this reminds me of when I was super busy finishing college and I started like 3 new tumblrs. I guess this is my way of dealing with stress)