akb48 1st gen


looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Kojima Haruna

looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Minegishi Minami

looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Takahashi Minami

looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Itano Tomomi

might accidentally kill herself from eating too many cinnamon rolls: Maeda Atsuko

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AKB48 Natsumatsuri Hibayayaon Live Concert - SKE48′s Debut

This is the MC portion led by members of Team K and Team B.

This is where the 1st generation members of the newly made SKE48 made their 1st concert debut. (Aww look at them…Rena and Jurina and those who’ve already graduated…So young…)

Among the SKE members present, one of the few members the AKB members took time to mention (to Yuko and the Team K members’ joy) was Takada Shiori, the younger sister of fellow graduated Team K/2nd gen member Takada Ayana.

Then the next member who the AKB members and fans took notice of and is happy to see was none other than former AKB 4th gen member Deguchi Aki, who previously graduated from AKB in 2007 but returned to the 48G as an SKE member, which is why you hear everyone saying “Welcome back!” to her. 

And last but not least, much to the AKB members’ surprise (especially for Sayaka), was AKB 4th gen member Nakanishi Yuka (A/N: She usually performed as Cindy’s under for Team B’s stages during her time as AKB’s kenkyuusei and was a backup dancer for B3rd and K4th stages), or aka Sayaka’s declared rival in AKB. As Sayaka mentions in the beginning of the MC, like herself, (aside from the fact that both are often teased that they’re manly), the athletic Nishishi does some kind of abs workout (A/N: I can’t understand what exactly) about 100 times each day. Sayaka though brags that she does 200 to 300 times each day.

It’s here that Nishishi gives the surprise announcement that she has been officially transferred to SKE48.

In response to this announcement you hear Cindy and Meetan going “But who’s going to be my under from now on?”, and Sayaka’s worrying about where to find another rival with her 1st rival gone. XD