Miyawaki Sakura Google + June 22, 2017

Good evening!

Today, I had a news coverage where I talk about movies〜〜😍❤️ And, a Sakunoki recording😍❤️

It was an enjoyable day〜〜!

When I said everything I wanted to say about movies…
“You watch more than me”〜〜😮✨ I was given admiration!😂👍 Also, from the latest movies, I watched most if not all of them, so I made them surprised😂
After all, being able to do something you like as a job is fun!
I want to be even more professional〜〜!

And one day, to become someone appearing in those movies…😊✨
I will do my best〜〜!

This time’s Sakunoki recording too, I talked too much!Aahー、It was fun😂

Actually, I make countless trial and errors, so please listen every week without missing it!

Tomorrow, I can meet everyone from HKT〜😊
I’m excited😊❤️

With a kitty😸❤️

Good night。
Sakura Sake!

Y: “I started crying the moment you began your speech. I felt so bad ‘cause I thought people were gonna understand what was coming. I tried my best not to ruin “the surprise”…” 
MC: “About that, do you have anything to tell her?”
M: “Yeah, do you? You can tell me anything. I’ll accept anything, even insults. I feel like I could accept even insults right now.”
Y: “No insults, you silly. I don’t know, I guess… Simply, you looked beautiful. You really were able to convey all your emotions in your speech.” 

ps. hands up at Sashihara who, as soon as Mayu comes in, and as soon as she sees them both looking at each other, kinda crying, kinda touching and hugging, goes: “Alright, I’m gonna go and leave you two talking alone–” 
or she simply realized she’s become a third wheel a long time ago after all those nico-live things……