“It’s not like I’ve got any romantic feelings toward her, of course, probably”.

At least you tried, Haruka. 
At least you tried.


Nao’s seitansai segment [Engsub] #センターを奪いたい

This year

Furuhata Nao, ranked 29th in the 45th Single Sousenkyo this year, welcomed her 20th birthday on the 15th of September. She took the fandom by storm when she was shuffled as a concurrent member in AKB48’s Oshima Team K and SKE48 Team E in 2013. 

Her hurricane performance fits the Oshima Team K image to a tee and showed fans how dedicated she was to both her SKE48 and AKB48 concurrent teams by constantly asking for more stage performances from her managers. Come 2014, she was reshuffled into Takahashi Team A and SKE48 Team KII, where she adapted aptly to the change in performance style in both teams while maintaining her trademark dance rigour. 

About her…

Known for her ‘Furuhata Jump’ during handshake events, Naochan jumped up in handshake sales and popularity over the years, reaching a personal peak in the Sousenkyo rankings of 24th in 2015! But alas it was not enough for her to achieve her goal of making it into the Sousenkyo Single Senbatsu. And for that, she talks about her conviction to improve herself for the sake of SKE48 during her seitansai. Her conviction to take the center position from SKE48’s unmovable ace - Matsui Jurina.

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指原 莉乃 (@345__chan)
2016/09/26 23:07

I don’t know why but after such a long time, I have been made the center performer for our new single。 This is the first time that I will be the center on a single that isn’t from the AKB48 Group General Election! This is really a bit too late to be doing this so I feel embarrassed but I think that I want to enjoy this experience。 It hasn’t been announced when the single will be released! I’m already nervous about whether the single will even be released but it will be the theme song for “Kamiwaza Wanda” on TBS TV。 It’ll hit the airwaves from October。