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Nana Okada’s birthday letter to Megu Taniguchi

(written / recited by: Nana Okada, translated by: soimort)

To Megu

Happy 17th birthday to you.

It was during the Request Hour, while Megu and I became good friends, wasn’t it?

In the rehearsals and in the lessons, your dedicated look when you’re working hard, and your charming face as well as your delicate body, all made me fell so deeply in love with you, even before I was aware.

For me though, not too many junior members would come too close to me; however, Megu has always been coming to me, expressing “I love you” in a straightforward way.

“You’re the senior member easiest to get along with carefreely, in a good way” Once you said to me. I was really glad to hear that. Thank you.

Megu, when you and I spent the night in Hokkaido together, we talked a lot about our high schools, families and AKB, so a lot that we couldn’t even get enough time to sleep.

When I asked you, “How do you imagine your future?” You answered, without hesitation, “I want to stay alive in the show business”. I think you’re really cool in that way.

Since then, our relationship has become closer and closer; just the day before yesterday, we went to the movies together, and we chatted in a café for hours.

Having talked to you, Megu, I can see that you have really thought a lot about your career in AKB, and you also have your own intentions; for now, you’ve been nominated as the center of Tahara-san’s Stage Performance, and got selected as one of the members of “Dendenmu Chu!”. I think they’re all deserved for your hard effort, and I’m really happy about that.

I wish Megu could be even more active; I wish from my heart.

For anyone who has ever seen Megu, they would be able to witness your hard work and effort as well.

No doubt, I am one of those people.

Although Megu was often saying negative words like “I’m just so-so”, but I see that you have a unique aura and charm of your own; you’re working much harder than others; you’re lovely, gorgeous, beautiful and cute at the same time, and it’d be much better if you have more confidence in yourself.

We won’t have that much time meeting each other, since the new team system will soon be launched, but, if there’s anything you worry about, anything you’re in trouble with, just come and talk to me at any time.

It’s only because there are junior members like you, Megu, I have a feel that I need to try my best, and you’re always pushing me forward. Thank you.

Megu, you are really really an attractive girl.

In front of fans, you would never appear to be weak, and you seem fairly mature; actually you also have a very sensitive, a little silly, naughty, timid and childish part; everything about you is cute in some way.

It would be such a pity if only me know all of these; please show your cute parts to your fans as well.

This letter seems a bit lengthy, however, being able to appear on Megu’s birthday celebration today and write such a letter to you, it’s all great joy to me.

Everyone who has been supporting Megu, thank you in advance for taking care of Megu in the future.

As one of many Megu-oshis, I will also keep seeing you and looking after you by your side.

Wish your Seventeen would be a great year with full of smiles, Megu.

From Nana Okada, who <33333 loves Megu

Watanabe Mayu - 2017

I have this feeling - perhaps wrong - that if Mayu started her career as idol alone, not getting in AKB48, she would have reached the top anyway, and it’s not something I think most of those hundreds girls could do. 

She is the Cyborg Idol and, frankly, more older she get, more beautiful she become. 

This said, I’m glad I could get a glimpse of her in AKB. I started liking her in AKBingo, and I’m loving her Nezumi in Majisuka Gakuen… and I don’t think she would have enjoyed a job that much, had she chosen a solo path instead of the AKB family.

Because as messy as it is, walking with friends, comrades and even opponents is always more fun than walking alone.

Hopefully she’ll have a great career and a great life ahead and I’ll get the chance to cheer for her live somewhere in the future.

Btw, where can I see her speech since I missed both her and Sasshi? 😑

Mafurata’s New Hairstyles (071615)

@RISEL_KAZU:  うらたんとまふくん

Kazu of Risel Hair Salon: “Uratan & Mafu-kun
Both of them came together for hair maintenance
Uratan dyed his hair to a dark ash color with a reddish tinge
Mafu-kun had his hair bleached twice into a champagne silver color.
Our friendship shot together  *\(^o^)/*”

@uni_mafumafu: カラー:シャンパンシルバー

Mafumafu: “Color: Champagne silver

I dyed my hair to a whitish silver shade just like my icon! In commemoration of reaching 400,000 followers, I resolved to post this photo up (on twitter).
But that being said, I’m the embarrassing guy who didn’t think he’d be photographed and wore a shirt with a  ☂ pattern.

The hair dresser in charge: KAZU (@RISEL_KAZU)”

@uratasama: カラー:ダークアッシュブラウン
 KAZUさん(@RISEL_KAZU) にカットとカラー諸々をやっていただきましたー!うおおお!

Urata: “Color: Dark ash brown

I had KAZU-san do the cut, color, & all sorts of other things to my hair-! Uoooh!

My hair has now turned into a calm color and has a good feeling to it!! I’m happy-!”

♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪   ♪

Mafumafu & Urata went to the hair salon together again~! If I recall correctly, they also went together several times earlier this year(*´▽`*)

The hair stylist they go to, KAZU, is actually rather famous for styling various celebrities’ hair (e.g. Nakagawa Shoko, C-ute, SCANDAL, AKB family), so we can tell through that how much these two care for their image www