Extra quick first concept for space Sasori

Sasori is a cyborg. An entity half Drosk half machine, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, because he would prefer to be considered an android. But that would be inaccurate, and becoming an android would never happen unless he gets rid of the only thing that truly belongs to him, his soul.

Though even if he sells his own soul he won’t became an android -he admitted this painful truth long ago-, but a Cyszka.

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  • Deidara: What's wrong with you?
  • Obito: I have this weird self-esteem issue where I hate myself but still think I'm better than everyone else.

y'all always talk about Deidara and Sasori like they’re the only artists in Akatsuki this is Konan erasure smh

look at this

she made this as a child and look at how intricate it is

And this

Think about it

She literally can use her chakra to form origami flowers if that’s not artistic idk what is

Plus remember when she did this

Those paper butterflies were so pretty

And I’m biased towards Itachi and his crows but even I have to say that her paper dissipation is pure art

so basically what I’m saying is that Konan is very valid as an artist and shouldn’t be slept on or forgotten




Adventures in the desert with Sasori!

“You pussy. You wouldn’t survive a day in the desert.”
“But I live north of you… That’s all, like, dry rock.”
“You gotta get accustomed to eating off the landscape.”
“You can’t even eat and your urge when seeing a scorpion is to shove it in your mouth?!”
“I have instincts to kill.”

Later Deidara went to Pain like “Listen, I know this is usually the other way around, but I have a complaint.”

Talking about Sasori’s diet with danachan325 led to this when she randomly said “Sasori’s diet is scorpions and sand.” This comic is kind of out there, but I feel like the Suna people are trained to eat whatever they can find when out there for days on end. Also, Sasori was probably one of those little kids that liked those nasty scorpion lollipops.