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Everyone sees different priorities with different levels of importance. Right now for me.. my education is way more important than having a boyfriend. Though it would be nice.. I don’t really see myself having one until I’m up in Nor Cal really..

See that’s what I think; and I’m happier than a clam getting to study what I love, without having to put extraneous effort into a relationship, but its hard looking at all those gooey lovey dovey instagram couple pics on facebook and thinking, “Damn, they look so happy. Why can’t I have that kind of happiness?” And then I start thinking that I need that happiness; even if I don’t actually WANT it.

And Nor Cal boys are exactly like So Cal boys I’ve come to find, just a bit more hickish and they overuse the word “hella”

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1. Alligator! Ever had it as a dish? Aka: ever eaten alligator? No!

2. Have you ever played in a tabletop RPG? Any crowning moments to share? Now I went and googled what tabletop RPG means… So no, I have not played it…

3. Excluding your computer, do you ever talk to any inanimate objects? Share a bit of one your conversations perhaps? I can be vocal and rather offensive with any object that slips out from my hands and falls on the floor or on my feet.

4. Which Power Ranger would you be? What color, role, animal/spirit/shape/whatever? What are Power Rangers;;;; sorry, I am boring.

5. What do you call soft drinks? (Soda, coke, carbonated syrup-water, cola, pop etc) Soda.

6. What is the best view you have ever personally seen? (On the tv/computer screen doesn’t count) The Lake Balaton in Central Europe.

7. Favorite flower, drink and gemstone. Tell us why? Flower: roses, any color, because they are beautiful, smell awesome and fancy. Drink: diet Pepsi, because I am addicted and this is your written proof. Gemstone: my birthstones (alexandrite, pearl, moonstone) are both really hardcore with their colors.

8. What is the scariest thing to happen to you in the past five (5) years? idek… I had to watch two kids at a playground. Everything was pretty cool, but then their mother arrived with a car. The older kid (5) yelled her name and the smaller little guy (3) started to sprint toward the gate of the playground. The gate was wide open and there was absolutely nothing between the walkway and the busy street. I started after him, but he was running so quickly that for a moment I thought we would seriously re-play the grand scene of the Pet Cemetery. I let out a horrible monster screech and the kid got so scared that stopped immediately and began to cry. Since then I refuse every and any request to look after kids.

9. Boom! You suddenly find yourself in c500ad Rome! How do you keep from getting lynched? Yo, Rome 500ad was quite civilized. Don’t know… Do you think they would lynch me???

10. The end of the world is nigh! You have time to do three (3) things and are not limited by travel time or money or physical ability. What will you do before the end? I know I am lame again, but I think we would just chill with the family, a lot of fattening food and would watch stuff like “Home Alone” on the tv.

11. Loki, Sith, Jedi, Redshirt, Mutant, Demon, Hunter, Program, Werewolf, Dragon, Sports star, Browncoat, Crewman No. 7, Time Lord, Iso, or Scooby-Doo? (alt, pick 3 and add an adjective to describe each) Program forever.

My questions:

1. Do you like bubble baths?

2. What are your favorite stores to shop in?

3. Favourite blog?

4. Favourite ice cream flavour?

5. Do you type fast?

6. What your zodiac sign?

7. Are you a vegetarian?

8. Dark, milk or white chocolate?

9. Mars or Snickers?

10. What is a word/phrase that you dread to hear?

11. Someone offers you a chance at immortality. Do you take it, and why or why not?

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I notice that you like to wear Converse. Are they your favorite brand of shoes? Or do you occasionally other brands?

Oh, definitely! They may seem a bit odd to wear with a suit, but it’s a bit difficult to run in dress shoes- not as much traction. And I do tend to run quite a bit… But, yes, most of my trainers are Converse.

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I am with you there. But you know we all have our time. Im glad to know that I wasnt the only one feeling this

It’s just like…everyone and their cousin from back home is just bucking to get married and settle down and have kids and a house and a mortgage and a minivan and hypoallergenic dogs, and even though I don’t even know if I even WANT any of that, I feel panicked; like everyone else is getting with the time, and if If I don’t go along I’ll never even GET my time? If that even makes any sense?

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2, 4, 14, 17

2. My first fandom. Do not laugh at me, but my first fandoms were conjointly Ouran High School Host Club and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. OTL I would spend HOURS looking up fan art and reading fic and ugh, it was just…yeah. I still love both of those series, but its a little more reserved now. Everyone has to start somewhere I guess.

4. Favorite AU to read/write? I am a really big fan of AU’s because they are so diverse; pretty much if they are creative and interesting, I like it. The only AU’s I actively try to avoid are high school AU’s and (bad) vampire AU’s. My favorite ones to write though are Hogwarts AU’s; its a bit of a guilty pleasure, but its great for writing warm ups.

14. How long have you been “18” ehehehe… I think since I was about 12 or 13.

17. Do you follow any RP’s? Do you RP? The only ones I’m following now are the RP blog MorMor duo scienceofdestruction and skinofstripes. They are flawless Jim and Seb and I love them to pieces; because not only are they a RP blog pair, but they are ask blogs too. I myself would love to get back into RP, but time doesn’t really permit it anymore.

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I can answer for Anon. Most of us have been in a depressive state since the Portal closed. But we're all doing our best to keep the spirit of ElecTRONica alive. :)

That’s so nice to hear. My brother will be pleased to know you are all remembering him. He’s brought back so many ideas from your world, it’s beginning to be a pain in my circuits.

Hahaha … but I really do love him.

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I feel like the Cafe is more like a bakery here in the User World. It's called Porto's. It's absolutely divine. They are known for their cakes and pastries as well as their Cuban-styled foods and sandwiches. If your Cafe is anything like that, I definitely need to get myself to the GRID. xD