Making your first independent film is not that easy

I wanted to make my first Indie film last year and though the calender has changed my film projects are still not confirmed. In so many months, I changed story of my film several times so that it can suit my budget. But I contacted few people who would want to work with me on this project. And this was some kind of achievement for me. Because earlier I had no contacts, but now I know few people from acting background.

I got my first camera. Though I wanted to buy at least a DSLR (Canon 600D), I ended up buying a semi SLR (Fuji film s6800). And now I am looking for cheap audio set up for the film.

Any more information regarding my film will be updated soon. Currently I am working as a photographer with a theatre artist, shooting pics and videos for some of his events. I wanted to do this to get familiar with my camera as I even don’t have any background in photography or cinematography.

New Delhi is best place for Independent film makers in Northern India. It’s affordable and there are several small production houses & actors that you can find here easily. Transportation wise also New Delhi is much better.

Though Mumbai represents Bollywood, I don’t know what I am going to do there as currently I don’t know anyone there. So it’s better to build contacts and make films from here.

You can get in touch with me on Facebook. Signing out for now.