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Hiyoko no Basuke Manner Movie 3 [from winter cup compilation movie #3 tobira no mukou] 


Mibuchi: “I’m sorry!“ 

Please turn off your cell phone before the movie. 


Kuroko: "Um, that’s a little bright…" 

Aomine, Kagami: "Sorry~" 

Please don’t enter the zone in the theater. 


Akashi: "The culprit of the crime is…" 

Mayuzumi: "Don’t say it!" 

Please don’t use Emperor Eye to see the end of the movie.

We are now open for business!

     In The Zone RPG

Welcome to In The Zone RPG! This is a Facebook roleplay group that takes place five years after canon events (or the Winter Cup, if you will). The characters have all finished high school and gone on to either continue basketball professonally or in college or dropped it entirely to pursue other interests.

If you’re looking for a laid-back KnB roleplay group, come on and join us! All levels of experience welcome, and this is brand new, so tons of roles are available!

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Akashi is jealous so he "punishes" Furi?

Akashi would never! But, since the “punishes” is in quotes, I can think of something he might do…

Furihata knew something was bothering his husband. He’d known the other man long enough to pick up on certain things: the slight clench of his jaw between words, the way his left eyebrow twitched just a little bit, and how he was very much doing everything in his power to avoid eye contact.


“Did you have a good time tonight, Kouki?” he interrupted, removing his coat and handing it to a member of their staff.

They’d just gotten home after a rather exuberant party thrown by Akashi’s father. It was a usual occurrence, but there was something different about tonight. Typically, Akashi was the one surrounded by fans and admirers, hangers on and socialites hoping for a bit of his wealth and good fortune to rub off on them.

But tonight there was another man drawing attention. And Furihata couldn’t blame the others for gathering around him. He was the son of one of the Akashi Corporation’s business partners. He was tall, kind, witty, tall. Like, really tall.

And that was saying something, considering the people with whom Furihata normally associated.

Alright, so maybe he wasn’t Murasakibara tall, but he was definitely up there. And it turned out, as Furihata found out later, that he and Akashi had attended primary school together.

He was nice and friendly. And very handsome. And Akashi was busy speaking with some of his employees, so Furihata didn’t see the harm in chatting with the man.

Of course, it turned out he was funny, too. And Furihata found himself laughing at the other’s jokes. So hard, in fact, that he didn’t notice Akashi trying to catch his eye. Or walking over toward them. Or calling his name.

“Oh, give him some space, Seijuurou,” the man had said, playfully nudging Akashi’s shoulder. “You’re smothering the poor guy.”

Furihata watched as several emotions washed over his husband’s face. First shock, then anger, then hurt, before they were all covered up behind a cold mask of indifference.

And that was the last Akashi had spoken to him until they arrived home. He’d even gone as far as to excuse himself and mingle with other guests at the party after the man mentioned how he was, “as stuffy as ever.”

But now they were home. Furihata struggled to get his jacket off before following Akashi up the stairs. His husband didn’t seem keen on waiting for him.

“Sei!” he called, nearly tripping when he missed a step. “Sei, wait.”

“Forgive me, Kouki,” he said, still facing away at the top of the stairs. “Socializing was particularly taxing this evening and I’d like to retire now.”


“If you don’t mind, I believe I’ll sleep in the guest bedroom tonight.” And with a curt nod, he turned left and made his way down the hallway.

Now, the old Furihata would have let him go and spent the rest of the night wondering what he could do to fix this. The old Furihata would have doubted himself. He would have crawled into their bed and cried himself to sleep.

But they’d been married almost three years now and he wasn’t the old Furihata anymore.

“Sei, stop!” he commanded, climbing the remaining stairs and clenching his fists at his sides. He strode over to Akashi, reaching him just as his husband faced his direction.


“No,” he said, drawing his brows down. “Don’t hide from me, Sei.”

Crimson eyes widened before softening. “Kouki…”

“Come to bed,” he ordered, turning on his heel and marching toward their bedroom. “Um…please,” he added and then opened the door.

Akashi obeyed, following him inside and clicking the door shut behind him. “Kouki-”

“Kiss me,” Furihata said, voice shaking a bit as he stepped further out of his comfort zone. Akashi wasn’t the type to be commanded. He was to be obeyed. He was absolute. 

A tingle of excitement made its way up Furihata’s spine as Akashi closed the distance between them and cupped his cheeks, leaning just close enough that their noses brushed.

Furihata closed his eyes and braced himself, but he melted at the warmth of his husband’s lips against his. But the kiss was short and his lids fluttered open when Akashi pulled away.

“Now,” he began, voice still a little shaky. “What’s wrong?”

Akashi sighed, a gentle smile curving his lips. “You know me too well, Kouki.”

“Sei, please.” Furihata ducked his head. “Anyone would have picked up on it.”

“Perhaps stating that I was going to sleep in the guest bedroom was a bit melodramatic and obvious on my part.” Akashi leaned forward, pressing his forehead to Furihata’s. “Kouki,” he began. “Am I stuffy?”

Furihata chuckled and shook his head, Akashi’s bangs tickling the bridge of his nose. “Not at all,” he promised. “You’re the least stuffy CEO in all of Japan.”

“You think so?” he breathed, one hand caressing Furihata’s jaw and the other moving lower to rest on his hip.

“I know so,” he swore.

“And I’m not…smothering you?” he asked and Furihata grinned, reaching down to place his hand over Akashi’s. Slyly, he moved it so his husband’s palm was flat against his backside.

“Not in a way I don’t like,” he teased, tilting his head to steal another quick kiss.

“Kouki…” Akashi’s voice was low, the tone sending a delicious shiver up Furihata’s spine. 

“Your friend was interesting,” he mused, feeling as though he could push just a little bit further. “I think he was flirting with me.”

“Kouki…” This time it was a warning.

“Oh, don’t worry, Sei.” He pressed forward, enjoying the way his husband gave his behind a little squeeze. “I only have eyes for you.”

And before Furihata realized what was happening, he was thrown over Akashi’s shoulder, carried across the room, and then flung onto the bed.

“Sei…!” he gasped between giggles. “What are you doing?”

Akashi climbed onto the bed, slinking like a predator stalking its prey. He caged Furihata with his arms and then smirked, his crimson eyes flashing. “Making sure those eyes of yours keep looking only at me.”

Dun dun dun~ TBC? Maybe? Does anyone want to read more?

Thanks for the ask, Anon! It’s been a while since I’ve written AkaFuri~♥

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how would gom react if their s/o got into an accident and forgot about them?

Ughhhh my feels.  (T_T)


Akashi: He opened the door to find you staring out the window, not much different from how you were the day before. You turned toward him at hearing the click of the door and gave him a soft smile that still managed to make his heart race.

“More flowers Akashi-san?” Your voice was cheerful but still a bit soft from being through the ordeal of your accident. He smiled and fought the frown that threatened to pull at his lips at the honorific you used. He longed to hear his first name once again from your lips, to hear that familiarity and excitement at his arrival. However it seemed you had to start from square one. You couldn’t remember him after the accident and he immediately sent the best doctors come to aid you. It stung when you thought he was merely a generous donor and not your boyfriend.

“They say it is good to have a bit of color in your room.” He put the vase near your bed, knowing they were your favorite type of flower, enjoying the little smile it brought to you. “Would you like to play another game of Shogi today?”

“That would be lovely, b-but only if you have the time Akashi-san! You are already graciously helping with my treatment, I don’t want to take too much of your time.” Your hands gripped the bed sheets as you bit your lip.

“For you, I have all the time in the world ___-chan.” He steadied his emotions and held an arm out for you, leading to the hospital court yard where a Shogi table awaited you both. He would do whatever necessary and have the best doctors available to help you recover. Though even if you couldn’t remember, he would court you all over again if need be.

Aomine: His hand had frozen on the door knob, hesitating to actually open the door. The Doctor’s warning kept replaying through his head and he bit harshly down on his lip in frustration.’She is suffering from Amnesia. The extent of which we can’t fully say, but she may not remember you Aomine-san.’. Steeling his nerves he opened the door, taking a sharp intake of air at seeing your face. So soft a delicate but wrapped in bandages and covered in light bruises. His gut twisted, cursing himself for not being there to help you. If he had only been there!

“Hello? Can I help you?” Your words cut through him, twisting a red hot iron in his heart.

“Ah…I am here to see you.” His voice cracked slightly as he forced himself to sit in the guest chair. Your brows furrowed in confusion, looking at his face in concentration. He could see you attempting to connect the dots, like the recognition of him was on the edge of your mind.

“Do…do I know you?” He noticed the frown on your face as you fiddled with the blanket. He rushed up to you the moment the first tear fell. “I’m sorry…I keep trying to remember. Like it is right there but I just…I just can’t.” He grabbed your hand, making you look up at the blue hair boy. Tears streaked down his face and he kissed the back of your hand.

“You will remember. I know you will and I’m not going anywhere.” He ran his arm across his eyes, brushing the tears away. He couldn’t break down, not now. Giving your hand another squeeze he willed a smile to come forth. From this point on he would be your rock.

Kise: He was frozen in the chair when you asked him who is was. His heart hammered in his ears and his gut twisted violently. You worried your bottom lip at seeing his Adam’s apple bob up and down. He licked his lips and willed the burning sensation in his throat to stop. He looked at your face, feeling ease at seeing your eyes. He swallowed roughly, focusing on keeping his composure.

“____cchi. My name is Kise Ryouta.” His hand rubbed at the corners of his eyes.  

“It is nice to meet you Kise-san.” You blushed at the handsome boy, overwhelmed by all the emotions he brought to you that you couldn’t quite place. Deep in the recesses of your mind you felt a connection but you couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

“Please…call me Ryouta-kun.” His voice almost seemed pleading, looking at you with desperate eyes and a hesitating hand that wanted to reach out to you but held back with white knuckles.

“Okay, Ryouta-kun.” It fell off your lips with ease and felt strangely familiar. “So what brings you to my room?”

“To keep you company ____cchi. I won’t let you stay here alone.” His eyes crinkled when you laughed, giving the first genuine smile he could muster. It radiated and you found yourself feeling better with him around. Kise was urged on by your laugh, knowing if he could bring those laughs out then he was on the right track. 

Kuroko: He nodded to the familiar nurse as he made his way to your room. It had become routine since that horrible day. Making his way to your room where you were lying in bed, still looking frail and tired. Nigou yipped and struggled to leave his grasp, hopping up onto your bed in excitement.

“On time again Kuroko-san. You sure are punctual.” You smiled down at the ball of fluff, rubbing Nigou’s ears and laughing as he would lick your arms. The doctor’s actually allowed Nigou in your room as they claimed animals did have therapeutic effect. Though he just hoped you would eventually remember the little canine.

“I would never be late for this ____-san. I brought a story I am sure you will love.” He sat in the chair next to your bed, opening the worn out book that you yourself had read a hundred times over. Though sadly, you wouldn’t remember even reading it once. Every day since you woke up, Tetsu had been there. Reading you your favorite novels that always brought you such joy. Hoping that the words you had loved and cherished would bring a spark back to your memories. A spark back to what you two had. You were the first person to notice him in a crowd. To make him feel like the center of someone’s affections. You were the light of his life, as he wouldn’t stop trying to reignite that flame.

Midorima: ‘Excuse me do you work here?’ Those were the words that now echoed through his mind. He had always been one to lock his emotions away but that one sentence shattered the wall he built up and clung to like a vice. His back slid down the wall and tears streamed down his face in hot angry streaks. He buried his face in his hands, wondering how fate could do this. A vicious cycle of self blame swirled in his mind, building and feeding off of his doubt.

He pulled his glasses off and wiped taped fingers roughly down his face, not even flinching as the tape scraped his raw eyes. Pushing his glasses back on he took a deep breath, trying to reign his emotions back in. He had to be strong for you, he couldn’t lose hope. No matter the trials ahead he vowed that even if he had to make you fall in love with him all over again he would. Because deep down what was knawing at his soul the most was that he didn’t get to say ‘I love you’ to you. That he was too stubborn to tell you how he felt, no matter how patient and understanding you were. This time, he would be the patient one. He would wait a lifetime just to hear you say it one more time.

Standing up with new resolve he made his way to the gift shop, not wanting to go back into your room empty handed. Besides, he needed to get you your lucky item for the day.

Murasakibara: He searched through the bag, looking for the special treat he bought you before pulling it out. It was your favorite chocolate bar, definitely a specialty chocolate and quite pricey. Mura however didn’t care about the cost. Seeing the smile that took over your face when you bit into it for the first time was all he needed. It still crushed him when he learned of trauma that would follow your accident. He broke down and cried in front of his whole team when they finally managed to get him to open up. They all supported him and urged him to spend his time at the hospital with you, despite you not remembering who he was.

So everyday after school Mura would bring your favorite snacks, hoping they would bring back memories, even if they were just small ones. He propped his elbows on the bed and watched your face intently, not wanting to miss the joy of you trying the treat for the first time again.

“It’s good isn’t it ___-chin?” He smiled when you looked up with a blush, trying not to eat the chocolate too quickly. It was savory and sweet, sending wave of calm over you with each bite.

“It is delicious Atsushi-san. You are very good at knowing what I like.” You smile brightly, missing the way his eyes reflected so many emotions. He was so happy to see you smiling, but a pain deep within his chest threatened to split him open at the knowledge that you didn’t remember him. It wreaked havoc on his gut and he found himself tossing all night in futile attempts at sleep. If he managed to sneak a few hours in they were plagued by nightmares and his eyes were starting to show the abuse, with dark rings under the violet irises.

“I have good taste.” He squeezed your hand in his large one, well aware that you thought he was only talking about the candy bar. He had never worked so hard for something in his whole life, but he refused to let you slide through his fingers because of an accident. He didn’t care how much time or work it took, he would be there for you. He would get his ___-chin back.

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To teachers of class E: did your paycheck ever get cut? XD

Nagisa: “I am 100% we are not talking about the same series anymore.”

Korosensei: “Director Akashi… I mean… Director Asano is truly a terrifying man!”


note: Nagisa is referring to the tags on this post


「The Generation of Miracles」

‘Each with a unique talent that generated an era of basketball

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I had a Disney marathon and I was wondering what disney song the GOM+Hanamiya would enjoy to -secretly- sing when alone or with their s/o? :D Like can you imagine Hanamiya being forced to sing 'I See the Light' from Tangled with his s/o xD

I have such a huge soft spot for Disney. Have you heard the Japanese Voice Actors renditions of Disney songs? Murasakibara sings Whole New World and it has permanently shattered my ovaries. Serenade me Mura-kun  ( ≧Д≦) 。

Also Hanamiya sings Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo…not joking…I couldn’t stop laughing. youtube it asap.


Akashi: He always had a soft spot for Scar. He would sing ‘Be Prepared’ from Lion King while drafting up drill routines for Rakuzan.

Aomine: While on his way to practice or a game I can see him singing ‘One Jump Ahead’ from Aladdin.

Kise: When ever he is sitting for a long time in a stylist’s chair before a photo shoot he catches himself humming ‘Perfect isn’t Easy’ from Oliver and Company.  

Kagami: His anthem is ‘Go The Distance’ from Hercules. He listens to it when he reaches a slump during training. Then he remembers what it is all for.

Kuroko: Whenever he hears 'I See The Light’ from Tangled, he thinks of Kagami. The bromance is strong.

Midorima: 'I Won’t Say I’m In Love’ from Hercules…*cough cough* Takao…

Murasakibara: The only song he ever connected with was 'Bare Necessities’ from The Jungle Book. The slow and calming pace was perfect while snacking and laying in bed.

Hanamiya: When he is in the confines of his home, he belts out 'Reflection’ from Mulan. Despite his rough exterior he is a quite a delicate flower.