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Akashi + Your Lie in April AU? The s/o is sick like Kaori ;-; maybe he can be the violinist or smth

WARNING: character death

A piano accompanist to a violinist was usually seen to be the inferior musician in the duo - the violinist was the main player, and the pianist was simply there to accompany them. But that wasn’t true: they had to work together, and were inseparable, two halves to make a whole.

Akashi Seijuurou fell in love with you the same way he fell in love with your music - how different it was from him, from his music. He did everything according to how it was dictated, every step executed flawlessly, an exemplar of absolute perfection. That was all it was - technical excellence.

And you were the opposite: unruly, wild, out of control. You broke rules, you skipped classes, and you played the piano with so much passion that it put all other pianists your age to shame.

Loving you changed everything that Akashi knew. From a coffee shop to movie dates to the stage of a grand music hall, you never ceased to amaze him, take his breath away, inspire him.

You never let anything put you down - not even your illness.

Once he’d believed nothing could ever separate you two. Never one without the other.

“Promise me you’ll play for me?”

Akashi didn’t know what to say. This wasn’t like in the movies, a hospital scene to build the protagonist’s character. You were hospitalised in your own room at home, because you were too weak to be moved, and because you were close to your piano that way, and also close to him.

“For you?”

“When it’s time.”

There was a competition that the two of you were supposed to attend together, and it was becoming increasingly clear that Akashi would be the only one who could go.

You gripped Akashi’s hand, as firmly as you could, smiling at him reassuringly. “Don’t let my piano get dusty, okay?”

Blinking back tears, Akashi kissed the back of your hand. “I promise.”

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But imagine it though, the GoM + Kagami's S/O going down on them but accidently being hit in the eye with their dick and them having to apologise profusely to them

Akashi: Clearing his throat in shame. He hadn’t meant to hit you in the eye, he usually was more careful. “I apologize ____, please don’t be mad”.

Aomine: “Ah shit, sorry about that” he said quickly. He tried not to laugh at your pout though.

Midorima: “I am very sorry” he says as he prostrates in front of you.

Murasakibara: See a fucking doctor. “Ahh sorry ___-chin~” he apologies as he holds your face. He’d make sure you were okay before continuing.

Kuroko: The shame shown bright in his eyes despite his calm face. “I’m sorry, should we stop?”

Kise: “AH! Are you okay? ___-cchi how many fingers am I holding up?!” Kise screamed checking your eye for any abnormalities.

Kagami: “____! you alright?! shit I’m sorry” he apologized unable to look you in the eye. Despite feeling bad, it was a little funny.