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Lately i've been fantasizing about having rough and kinky sex with Boku Akashi while Ore Akashi is watching, judging me.

It was always clear who was present in Akashi. As simple as a way of speaking foretold what was to come. The usual Akashi wasn’t present today, he switched in without warning.

“Just when things were getting good…” you sighed laying back on the bed. Akashi had been undressing you, leaving hot kisses against your lower half. When he had frozen up, you should’ve known he took over. The way emperor eye suddenly lit up made you shiver. His scrutinizing gaze made you feel small and feeble. “Are you assuming I cannot please you the same if not better?” Akashi’s trademark grin broke out on his face. The same grin when he would prove his absolute authority to his enemies.

“I’m sure I can figure you out, I’ve been watching after all” his hand slid up your leg and stopped at your thigh. His other hand wrapped around your waist and pulled you to the edge of the bed. “Each time you both had sex, I watched and studied you” he egged your legs apart as he spoke. His face lowered down to your sex, pausing before it.

“You know that is voyeurism correct?” Ore Akashi decided to comment.

“And now it’s your turn” Boku Akashi smirked. This made you think about the situation at hand. “So is Akashi, is watching too?” you said rising to meet his eyes. “Both of us are, to be correct,” Akashi said before pressing his mouth against you. His tongue licked along your heat, teeth grazing warm flesh. The soft gasp you produced echoed inside him.

“That’s nothing special, ___ likes when my teeth just graze it” Ore Akashi scoffed.

“Is that so” Boku Akashi hummed against your opening. His head dipped a bit lower, dragging his tongue along the curve of your ass. Boku Akashi’s tongue stopped at your asshole. “W-w-wait, that’s dirty” you began reaching for his head in an attempt to stop him. Of course, that’s no fun~

Boku Akashi’s tongue prodded at your hole, his finger came down to help tease it open. When enough space was made, his tongue slid in by the tip. “A-akashi…” you shameful whine only made him press on. Your legs wiggled in his grasp as your hips rose up in pleasure.

“So ___ does enjoy that, why was I never aware of this?” Ore Akashi growled.

“He’s annoyed with you, practically foaming at the mouth” Boku Akashi breathed against your ass. His teeth came down on your soft flesh, biting your cheeks until they glowed red. Your skin grew raw and produced a whine that sent your mind rolling.

“Enough of this, switch back” Ore Akashi ordered his counterpart.

“Not until ____ is satiated” Boku Akashi chuckled rising away from your body. If it were not for your daze, you would have noticed the pair of cuffs Akashi put around your wrists. “Up ____, I have a treat for you” Boku Akashi purred leading you to the center of the room.

Within a few movements, Akashi had you suspended by the cuffs into a standing position. Akashi moved behind you and pulled you against him. The evident arousal of his dick rubbed the still raw skin of your ass. Warm, hard flesh ground against your sensitive behind. Burning like flames on your skin, you tried to move away, but your bound wrists kept you there. “Tsk, tsk, ____ you should no better than trying to get away” Akashi scolded you from behind before slapping your ass. Your yelp of pain was music to his ears.

“Hm now tell me what you will do?” Akashi hummed grabbing your ass roughly. “I-I’m gonna…be good and let you fuck me” you sobbed out hunching forward. The sound of clinking metal rang with each movement you made.

“____ stop this at once, you aren’t like this” Ore Akashi became restless while watching your behavior. 

Even though it was still him, it wasn’t him. You were bending to his will, unraveling for him, becoming a pathetic state because of him. Your playful banter was a distant memory in comparison to this submissive you. It was horrible, different, something he hadn’t achieved! It was…

arousing to say.

“See? You have to be a bit more rough with ____” Boku Akashi lectured his counterpart. He placed his dick against your opening. “____ won’t break, not unless you demand it” he continued before entering in you. His sudden thrust intruded your body in the midst of painful pleasure. It felt like you were being ripped apart.

“____, you’re falling apart because of his ruthless actions” Ore Akashi scolded despite the fact you couldn’t hear him.

“He’s judging you now” Boku Akashi decided to relay his feelings. He bit your earlobe and licked along the shell. Akashi’s unforgiving pace made you bounce against him. “You're needy for my dick and it riles him up” he laughed pulling all the way out. For a brief second you thought he was done, alas he only slammed back in. You would’ve doubled over from the force if you were able to. Warmth filled your lower body as he reached deep inside your being. Stretching you, filling you, completing yourself.

“Scream loud, let him know which of us you prefer more” Akashi speeding up his movements. The more desperate his thrust grew, the closer he was to releasing. Your head swam with choices to respond with, ultimately deciding on him.

“Y-you!” your scream was the final push. Boku Akashi cackled madly as he came inside you. Your legs went numb as your body went limp. The cuffs were the only thing supporting you up as Akashi went quiet.

“____” you jumped at the different tone of voice.

“Akashi?” You tried before feeling your chin being grabbed. Crimson eyes met yours to confirm the original Akashi was back.

“Don’t think we’re finished, I plan to make you submit just as you did for him”.

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But imagine it though, the GoM + Kagami's S/O going down on them but accidently being hit in the eye with their dick and them having to apologise profusely to them

Akashi: Clearing his throat in shame. He hadn’t meant to hit you in the eye, he usually was more careful. “I apologize ____, please don’t be mad”.

Aomine: “Ah shit, sorry about that” he said quickly. He tried not to laugh at your pout though.

Midorima: “I am very sorry” he says as he prostrates in front of you.

Murasakibara: See a fucking doctor. “Ahh sorry ___-chin~” he apologies as he holds your face. He’d make sure you were okay before continuing.

Kuroko: The shame shown bright in his eyes despite his calm face. “I’m sorry, should we stop?”

Kise: “AH! Are you okay? ___-cchi how many fingers am I holding up?!” Kise screamed checking your eye for any abnormalities.

Kagami: “____! you alright?! shit I’m sorry” he apologized unable to look you in the eye. Despite feeling bad, it was a little funny.

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I really need you to write a drabble where Mayuzumi finds Reo jerking off in the locker room moaning Akashi's name and just fucks him right there. Please your lemons are so hot!

Hold on to your seats children

As much as he didn’t want to, he had to. He had to go into the locker room to get his book. Mayuzumi already tried to avoid socializing with the team as much as possible. Walking back in swiftly, he grabbed his book and slid back out. However, something caught his eyes.

In the back of the room Mibuchi was doing something. As much as Mayuzumi didn’t care, or so he told himself, he decided to investigate. With his little presence this was nothing but a cakewalk. From his position, Mayuzumi could clearly see Mibuchi grabbing himself.

Even when he was masturbating it seemed elegant. The way his hand gracefully stroked up his length, fingers trailing expertly. When he reached his tip, he pinched around the head lightly and pressed down on the slit. His lips opened momentarily to release the moan that would make Mayuzumi’s pants tighten.


This however, only made his fists clench. Making his presence as painfully aware as possible, Mayuzumi approached Mibuchi. He grabbed his dick, halting Mibuchi’s previous movements. “Don’t you dare..” he growled as he leaned in closer to show how irritated he was.

“W-when did you?”

“Doesn’t matter”

Mayuzumi roughly pumped his hand around Mibuchi’s erection. Mibuchi bit his lip in frustration, not wanting to be seen so shameful.

“Ah? but you were just moaning about Akashi a minute ago” Mayuzumi gave him a hard squeeze making Mibuchi lean forward. His forehead rested on Mayuzumi’s as small moans left his lips.

“The next time you get off, it’ll be my name not his”


You glanced at your watch and groaned. There was no way you would make it to class on time. Oversleeping on your first day of college, how much worse could it get. Well the universe decided quite a bit worse. You stumbled slightly over a crack on the path and your coffee fell from your stack of books.

“Whoops.” You heard someone mutter, as your cup was caught midair.

“Ah, thank you.” You said and your breath got caught in your throat as you got a good look at the guy.

“Looks like you’re in a hurry,” He said, the corners of his heterochromatic eyes crinkling slightly in a smile, “Where’s your class?”

You were a bit shocked that this, notably handsome, stranger was being so helpful. But his question brought up your current dilemma, “O-oh, I actually don’t know.”

He looked at your schedule and hummed, “It’s in the G building, that’s not too far. Would you like me to take you?”

You nodded and he handed you back your cup and class regimen, before leading you to the right hall. “Here you are.” He said as you got there with a minute still on the clock.

“Thank you so much, er…” You paused when you realized you didn’t know his name.


“Ah, I’m _____. Again thank you so much, how can I make it up to yo-?” You were cut off as the professor started talking and you bolted inside the doors before finishing your sentence.

You slipped into a seat in the back of the room so the teacher didn’t notice you came in a second late. You put your face in your hands and felt your face begin to heat up. Gaaah he was cute! I must’ve blown it though, leaving before I could ask for his number, you thought and sunk deeper into your chair. Throughout the lesson your mind kept drifting back to the stranger-no not a stranger, you knew his name, Akashi. It kept drifting back to Akashi, shame that it wasn’t likely you would see him again. You thought with a sigh at the end of the lecture as you walked out of the classroom.

Your sigh was silenced as you realized you were dead wrong.

He was half leaning against the wall, watching your peers exit the classroom, but only searching for a certain someone. “You never let me say how you could make it up to me.”

You smiled and let the rest of the kids and chatter wash down the hallway before crossing the fluorescently lit tile. “Well how can I?” You felt a fluttery feeling in your stomach as his eyes followed your steps.

“Are you free right now?” You nodded intently. “Good. Because it would’ve been a real shame if I had to go on a date alone.”

He tilted his head to the side, “There’s a quaint café a few blocks over, I can show you around the campus so you don’t get lost again.”

“But me getting lost wasn’t entirely a bad thing,” You murmured as the two of you walked down the staircase. He pointed out all the main buildings on your way and you tried to remember what he said but found it quite hard to focus on his words when his voice was so alluring.

He had an hour until his next class so you spent that time sitting in the window seat of the café, lit by the sun filtering in through the window and across your pleasant conversation that was currently about his horse, Yukimaru.

Eventually you knew he had to go because he kept glancing at his watch and scowling, cursing time that he couldn’t keep this conversation going. “If you need to go, Akashi, you can go.” You laughed slightly.

“I do, but I don’t want to leave yet.”

“Here.” You scribbled out your number on a nearby napkin and handed it to him, “if you aren’t busy tonight, we can go somewhere for dinner.”