HYAAAAAAAA!!! I found the file here via random Googling so I don’t know who to credit!! >< So thanks a loooot to the original uploader. *O*

I hope somebody can translate, it seems really informative (especially of course for Nijimura fangirls like myself)~

What I got so far:
1. Nijimura-san having regular high-blood pressure because of Haizaki
2. Akashi calls himself “fuku-captain” fufu (and shares Nijimura-san’s stress)
3. Kuroko and Ogiwara-kun being cute phonepals
4. Nijimura-san can say “Oi, Akashi!” whenever he wants
5. I want to kick Haizaki for stressing out captain
6. It really seems Nijimura-san hopes Haizaki would still change for the better, like what happened to himself (as we all know captain is ex-delinquent and ex-blonde)
7. NijiAka being cute near the end /OTP

Kuroko no Basket EXTRA GAME Chapter 5 in English, translated from Chinese. Do not repost to other sites without permission!
By hyakurai649

Thank you so much for waiting guys!

As per usual, this is Chapter 5 of Kuroko No Basket’s EXTRA GAME series. sicarius3946 and I translated this from Chinese to English. Please enjoy, but if you’re going to post them in other sites, do ask both of us first!

Someone hold Kise, please.