This is actually inspired by @myakashiseijuuro <33 I’m not sure if you ship akakuro but I couldn’t help but choose this pairing in particular. featuring geekxtumblr!kuroko. (I really love this au)

summary: basically kuroko is a tumblr blogger and akashi is a follower that sends him sweet messages every day but one day they decide to Skype for the first time and  

(I actually don’t use Skype at all so sorry if I offend the Skype fandom if I describe Skype wrongly)

Kuroko pushed up the bridge of his glasses and stared at the screen.  Immediately, his lips curled into a smile.

It is around that time.

For 3 months, Kuroko had been receiving sweet messages in his tumblr inbox. All from the same person. It made Kuroko wonder what he did to deserve such kind treatment. He set aside his laptop, reached for another post-it and copied down the words that the mysterious blogger had sent. He then walked around his room, touching and reading the numerous post-its before deciding where to paste it.

“He says that I shouldn’t overwork myself… I guess that I’ve been going against his goodwill.” Kuroko smiled weakly and tried to ignore the dark circles around his eyes as he sat back down and continued drawing the latest piece he was working on.

‘If you’re fine with it, why don’t we Skype for a while. I want to see how you’re doing.’ As Kuroko read the latest message, he could feel his cheeks flush red. He had never revealed his face before so talking to a tumblr, by Skype even, was a very big deal to him. After a while, Kuroko decided that it wouldn’t hurt to have a small chat. There was no harm in Skyping anyways.

Kuroko reluctantly sent the user his Skype name privately and awaited his call. With each growing second, Kuroko could feel his anxiety take over. Drawing was the only way for Kuroko to calm himself down. It was just a call. He didn’t know what was there to be anxious about.

Akashi Seijuro is calling…

As Kuroko read the name over and over, he started having second thoughts about the whole thing. Finally, Kuroko decided to go with an idea that he had thought of in advance if this situation were to ever happen. He scrambled to find the white mask he kept in his table drawer- he had bought it wanting to use it for a special project, but never got the chance to.

He adjusted the mask onto his face and let his teal hair fall into place over the mask.

Kuroko took a deep breath and pressed the ‘Accept’ button.

A teenager around his age appeared on the screen. And fuck, was he hot. With ruby red locks adorning his face and bright red eyes that held untold stories, he was the definition of Kuroko’s ideal boyfriend. How much Kuroko wanted to draw his eyes. He wanted to draw the fake mask his eyes were holding up and the pain and sorrow hidden behind it. He just felt the urge to capture his every feature.

When Akashi saw Kuroko behind his white mask, he couldn’t help but feel surprised. But who wouldn’t?

“Hello, I’m Akashi Seijuro.”

“I know.” Kuroko internally cringed at his answer.

“Why are you wearing that mask? Take it off.” Akashi wondered if he had just struck something personal. But if he didn’t get Kuroko to take off his mask, he was most probably going to die of curiosity.

A small part of Kuroko wanted to leave the mask on but then again, it would be rude to reject Akashi’s suggestion, especially since there really was not much of a reason why he was wearing a mask in the first place.

Kuroko reluctantly pulled off the mask and hesitantly looked at the screen.

Akashi, on the other hand, was having a mental break down. Everything about Kuroko’s face was perfect to him. His face was incredibly smooth and his eyes reflected the bright blue sky. It took Akashi a while to recover from his amazement.

“I’m sorry if I didn’t meet your expectations.” Kuroko scratched his neck awkwardly and looked away, preparing to end the conversation.

“No. Actually, you meet every single one of them.”

What if GoM had normal hair color?  I know it was probably done by someone  before but I need to try out myself.  Akashi probably would be ginger (I could choose between ginger and brown) 

Atsushi hair was pain in the ass. I could choose every rainbow colors but not normal, but at last I found carmel. 

Kuroko… Well.. he gave me hard time just like with Atsushi cause i could get every color beside normal ones. Well I could choose black one, but Kuroko is too pale to have black hair, I think that light blond suit him pretty well. Even Kise is jealous xD I wonder if with such hair he could go as super saiyan :D

I never was big fan of Midorima, but now brown hair plus green eyes… Marry me. 



I might have spent an unnecessary amount of time on this than I planned to. _(:3/

edit: lmao going to include the pic in my reblog because what is dignity

  • Akashi:Do you ever just want to gently place your hands on someone’s cheeks, hold their head in your hands, and look into their eyes…
Akashi:And then violently jerk their head and snap their neck?
Kuroko:Well, that took an unexpected turn.
Aomine:So did their neck.
Kise:I’m dying!
Midorima:So are they.