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First time with Akashi ?

Akashi had been the first one to make the choice. He believed your relationship was at the level to pop the question. However, Akashi hadn’t been the best at timing the question right. You were over at his house for lunch in the back garden when he asked. “May I make love to you?” he asked calmly. You dropped your glass of lemonade in surprise. “C-come again?” you stuttered out.

This time, Akashi chuckled. “I mean when you are ready, I’d like to take our relationship to the next level” Akashi stated. Your cheeks reddened with embarrassment as you registered his words. “Well, I need to think about it” you replied shyly crossing your legs. Akashi rested his hand over yours and smiled.

“Of course”

Once you were sure of your choice, Akashi had invited you over for the night. His father was gone on a business trip and Akashi asked for his servants to leave you undisturbed. They showed you in and left shortly after. From there, Akashi brought you to his room and locked the door. “Remember, I’ll stop whenever you say so” he promised, dimming the lights.

Akashi led you over to his bed and urged you on your back. Akashi slid one hand up your leg as he climbed on top of you. He pressed his lips against yours in a sweet kiss. “I love you so much” he whispered before kissing you deeply. His other hand kept him in place as you shifted under him. Akashi’s tongue prodded at your lips for entrance, at which you granted.

His tongue rubbed yours sensually as the kiss became more intense. His hands grouped at your thighs, he urged your legs apart and move in closer. Akashi’s hips ground against yours in the midst of the heat. You felt his clothed erection rub against you and leave heat in its wake. Your hands flew to his hair and tugged him away.

You gulped in air and breathed out Akashi’s name. He smiled at your endearing calls and placed a kiss under your jaw. “Shall we move on then?” he hummed slipping his fingers around the waistband of your bottoms. He slid them off your legs and kissed up your right thigh to your underwear. His nose nuzzled your crotch. He inhaled deeply and sighed out.

“Your scent is truly delicious” he sighed as he hooked his fingers around the thin fabric and slipped it off in a matter of seconds. His hand palmed your opening, causing you to flinch at his touch. “Don’t worry, It’s just a little preparation” he gave you a reassuring smile. He slipped one finger inside you and pumped slowly.

Your back arched at this new feeling, it felt good but burned at the same time. You relaxed as he continued his slow pace, feeling the pain dull slightly. “I’m adding another finger dear” he whispered as you felt the sting return. His pace grew slightly at the addition of another appendage. You waited for the pain to dull as you knew it would.

Akashi’s fingers began a scissoring motion inside you. He stretched your walls in preparation for his girth. Your hips rose in time with his fingers as you desperately sought out more friction. Akashi withdrew his hand as you were clearly ready.

He climbed over your body once again, he removed his bottoms and underwear to reveal his raging hard on. He guided it to your opening and rubbed the head against you. His head slightly penetrated but didn’t go in. You whimpered as Akashi continued to tease you with this action. “A-a..kashi..” you beg clawing at the bed.

“I hear you my love” Akashi smiled as he slid in slowly. “I hear you”.

  • [One day in the midst of basketball training at Teiko]
  • Akashi:[to Kise and Aomine] So you guys are finally here. Where have y'all been?
  • Aomine:We had to look for some notes, and then we had to eat, and then some stuff happened, you know!
  • Akashi:Your shirt's on inside out.
  • Aomine:Yeah, that's the stuff.

✩ KUROBAS CUP Appreciation Post 1 ✩

Random shots I couldn’t put into any category. Next post will be more coherent, I promise (๑꒪▿꒪)

/Thank Kami-sama for the piyo necklace ❤︎/


I might have spent an unnecessary amount of time on this than I planned to. _(:3/

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  • Akashi:Do you ever just want to gently place your hands on someone’s cheeks, hold their head in your hands, and look into their eyes…
Akashi:And then violently jerk their head and snap their neck?
Kuroko:Well, that took an unexpected turn.
Aomine:So did their neck.
Kise:I’m dying!
Midorima:So are they.