i havent drawn aomine in years,,,, and akashi is another story sweats

anubis!Aomine and horus!Akashi compliments to itsthechangingoftheseasons​– i kno aomine would make an awful guardian of the dead but I like the aesthetic o(-<

Drawing these was fun, I used to be super into Ancient Egyptian stuff when I was a little kid so the whole process was a sort of trip down memory lane o(-< I dont know if I’ll be drawing more but we’ll see

  • Akashi: whoops there goes your ankles and your pride
  • Aomine: if i could make out with myself i would
  • Midorima: nanodayo
  • Kise: oh wow that's a nice move ya got there, wouldn't it be a shame if someone... copied it
  • Murasakibara: what the fuck is that i can't eat that
  • Kuroko: how the hell did we even win at teiko

KnB 30 Day Challenge: Day 8 // Favorite Special Move?

↳ Akashi’s Emperor Eye - “The Emperor Eye enables its user to see another persons body with extreme detail. Such as breathing, muscle movements, body tension, rhythm, etc. Allowing the user to predict future movements. The Emperor Eye is shown to be one of the most powerful skills as it can change the outcome of the match completely.”