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Akashi, Midorima, Kise, Aomine, Nijimura, Himuro, and Imayoshi domestic headcanons with their married!S/O?


  • He gets super giddy whenever he calls out “Honey, I’m home!” because it’s so cliché and he knows it makes you all blushy and he just loves it
  • Will attempt to cook for your anniversary, burn down the kitchen, call the chef to fix something up, get an entirely new kitchen, and be “Happy anniversary, sweetheart” as if he didn’t just replace the entire kitchen
  • Super awkward around kids at first, tries to be cool about it, but he’s actually reading up on a dozen manuals on how to change a single diaper


  • 10/10 will not do any of the cleaning around the house until you nag him or threaten to divorce his ass
  • Still loves to cuddle with you and have sex on the kitchen table 23434 years into the marriage because “we have to keep the flame alive, baby”
  • Although he acts all #cool and #composed around the baby and acts as if it came naturally to him (and you believed him for a little while), until you saw him watching tutorials online on how to get babies to like him


  • CHILL AF HUSBAND, like you’ll tell him to do something around the house, asking for help and he’s like, “oh i did that yesterday, do you need me to do anything else?” aka the true blessing™
  • Will take you out on date nights at least once a week, be the best kind of gentleman who will treat yo ass right 
  • But tbh he still loves pranking you so you’ll end up sitting on a whoopie cushion one too many times during your marriage


  • sex sex sex Like Aomine, he’d still be down to try out new things with you, even when you’re feeling a little insecure about being older and such
  • Always knows when you’re tired, he’s some kind of freaking psychic, and will always bring home your favorite takeout and movies during those days and give you massages and just be the perfect husband
  • Fights with him aren’t as frequent because he tries to be level-headed about it and he somehow always knows the right things to say


  • Surprises you with the best things you can imagine aka lots of makeup samples from his shoots, a puppy, a dinner date at the best restaurants, carpet sex, and lots of kisses (always)
  • He helps you wash the dishes every night and thinks of it as bonding and will always snuggle up to you “why is this so fun to you” “because you’re stuck standing next to me for at least twenty minutes”
  • “kise we are noT MAKING ANOTHER BABY” “but i want—”


  • Diapers are the bane of his existence. Literally, who in the world thought it was a good idea to make these? Why couldn’t they just strap on diapers with suspenders
  • Is actually a really good cook and on the days he’s back early, he’d be more than happy to whip up a good meal 
  • Can’t do laundry for the life of him, too many of your shirts have turned brown from white. “I might’ve spilled coffee beans in there.” “Why did you have coffee beans.” “…………lucky item.”


  • Honest to God, would marry him again over and over because he’s the sweetest husband who’s always taking care of you; the kind of man who would pop by your workplace to drop off lunch or make sure you were taken care of
  • Keeps everything in the house so tidy (aside from the box of memories from teikō days); like the ult neat freaK BECAUSE HE WON’T EVEN LET YOU EAT ON THE COUCH
  • Has your wedding photo as his wallpaper to show off every time he switches on his phone “yes, that’s my wife” with the shyest smiles
Gom + Kasamatsu reacting to their S/O missing them

Akashi: Wouldn’t hesitate to wrap you in his arms and pepper your skin with kisses. He’d even admit to missing you, and making sure to find more time for the both of you.

Aomine: would feel guilty he hadn’t noticed your feelings much sooner, but he would definitely make it up with a movie night. He’d give you more attention than his magazines, and stay over at your house for a few nights to spend more time with you.

Kasamatsu: would do anything in his power to make you miss him less. He knows you want to spend time with him, but because it’s a school night, he can’t leave. So instead, he calls you up, playing your favourite song on the guitar until you fall asleep.

Kise: wouldn’t hesitate to run over to your house in the middle of the night. He’d send lots of selfies of him being happy, pouty, and sad; anything to make you laugh. And when he gets over to your house, he would curl with you, smooching your cheeks over and over until you either pushed him away or shut him up with kisses.

Kuroko: would notice your feelings immediately, and try to come up with a plan to fix it. He’d pick you up and walk you home, always taking the long way home so you have more time together. When you’re alone, he’s always quick to give you a call, doing his best to keep you smiling until it’s time for sleep.

Midorima: would freak out because he’s been neglecting you. He’s a hopeless romantic, although he’s quick to deny it, and show up with flowers and a handwritten note in his lucky colour. He’d then apologize, follow up with a somewhat hesitant hug, and take a while to let go because your warmth is hard to ignore.

Murasakibara: would show indifference to everyone around him. But with you, he can’t hide the slight emptiness he feels when you’re not around. He’d make a quick trip to the store, bringing your favourite snack and a stuffed animal he picked out with the help of a worker. He’d mumble his apologies with a blush, and cage you in his arms until both of you were sick of it. Neither of you ever got tired of being near each other.


Kuroko no Basket: Last Game - The latest PV

  • Akashi: Kuroko did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • Kuroko: No, it hurt when I scraped my knee climbing out of hell though.
  • *awkward silence*
  • Akashi: Is that why you're so fucking hot?
  • Kuroko: Did you j-
  • Akashi: Yes.
  • [After Rakuzan's defeat at the Winter Cup: ]
  • Akashi: Am I in hell?
  • Kuroko: No, Akashi-kun. If you were in hell, you'd be on a throne and the devil would be packing



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Dating GoM would be like -

Kuroko Tetsuya - 

  • The kind & considerate sweetheart. 
  • The most loyal guy one could ever ask for. Treats you like you’re everything to him. 
  • A great listener and always knows what and when to say it.
  • Disappears and appears only to scare the sh*t outta you right when you think you’re getting used to his lack of presence.
  • Says cheesy lines like “You’re my whole world” with a straight/blank face. Wearing matching outfits/couple sweaters.

Kise Ryouta -

  • The passionate lover. A great kisser.
  • Will never give up on you without putting a great amount of effort.
  • Can’t survive for too long without talking to you.
  • Gets you flowers on random occassions. Loves to spoil you.
  • Gets jealous awfully easily. Says “I love you” 100 times a day. Favorite cuddle destination - the couch!

Midorima Shintarou -

  • The adorable dork.
  • Very loyal + easy to tease and mess with. Keeps your house clean.
  • Takes care of you, your health, eating habits, schedule, daily Oha Asa horoscope and lucky items just like a mother.
  • Is surprisingly considerate and a good listener even though he can be awfully blunt at times.
  • Secretly loves it when you wear his tshirt. Lets you keep his tshirt.

Aomine Daiki -

  • The hot guy you’ve always dreamt of.
  • Protects you from other guys, whether you’re aware of it or not.
  • Random kisses almost 24/7. Showering together.
  • Randomly strips whenever you’re around and teases you if you stare at him for too long which you can’t help doing. Walks around home naked.
  • Gets turned on at your simple gestures. Has the sexiest raspy morning voice!!!

Murasakibara Atsushi -

  • The cuddle freak. Loves to be spoiled by you.
  • Secretly loves to cook for you (occassionally). The best chef among the rest.
  • Easy to impress. Always shares candies/chocolates with you and only you. Did I mention cuddling 24/7??
  • Is a lazyass until you force him into doing something which isn’t an easy task unless you bribe him with food.
  • Lets you do whatever you want with his hair.

Akashi Seijurou -

  • The sensual lover.
  • Loves to accompany you to shopping. Pays for your stuff no matter how many times you ask him not to.
  • Plans the most dreamy and perfect dates in high class restaurants.
  • Treats you like his empress. Likes to spoil you but never exceeds the limits he set himself in his mind.
  • Morning forehead kisses. Him making you breakfast in bed at times. Adopting pets together. Always watches over you like a guardian angel.