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How would Akashi, Aomine, Kise, Hanamiya and Imayoshi react to their Fem! SO walking down stairs in sexy lingerie telling them to go back to bed only to find their boyfriend's whole team waiting by the door? How would the team react too?

Oh my gosh yess! Thanks to Victoria Secret’s and their lingeries haha because I really didn’t know any nice ones from the top of my head ;u;

Akashi: The emperor himself wouldn’t even be fazed at the sight of you sauntering down the stairs with you only in your matching black lace lingerie, which was loosely covered by your silk kimono. He would turn to look up at you with a faint smile displayed across his face. He’d assure you he’d return to you soon after he had finished talking to his teammates who were paralyzed by the sight of you half naked before them. They all stared with mouth agaped and faces filled with embarrassment. Mibuchi was the only one who had looked away bashfully, knowing all too well that Akashi would do something if he’d keep staring. “Is there something you need my flower,” he asked. You shook your head and began to make your back to the bedroom, “No, the bed is just cold.” He nodded and told you again that he’ll be there in a few minutes and that he had to ‘talk’ with his teammates as well as sew their eyes shut.

Aomine: When your navy-haired boyfriend heard you walking out of the bedroom and into the foyer where he was standing with his teammates. The sight of you in a ruby wine pleated babydoll lingerie brought a toothy grin to his face, “Hey kitten, is there something ya need,” he asked as he turned to you who was leaning your shoulder against the wall. “What’re you doing? Come back to bed,” you whined. You hadn’t noticed till Aomine stepped out of the way for you to see the rest of his teammates at the door. Imayoshi pushed up the frame of his glasses, in hope to hide the smirk on his face. Wakamatsu and Susa’s face became tinged with red in seeing you in the attire. Sakurai on the other hand was apologizing as he covered his flushed face with his hands. Aomine turned to his teammates with the same expression on his face, “As you can see, I’m kinda busy,” he released the door and let it close itself as he made his way over to  you. Just before the team had lost complete sight of the two of you, your boyfriend’s large, calloused hands slapped your derriere and purred your name into your ear.

Kise: You descended down the stairs, in looking for your boyfriend in your orange pink colored satin slip, decorated with floral lace patterns along the edges. “Ryouta,” you whined as you rubbed your eye tiredely, “Come back to bed will you?” The sound of your voice had caused Kise to turn around sharply, completely in shock, “___cchi! Go back to bed,” he began pushing you back up the stairs with a smidge of pink promptly displayed on the edge of his cheeks. He didn’t like the idea that you were seen in such sexy lingerie in front of others and had wanted the view for himself. “Eh? Okay, but you’re coming back with me,” you began to tug at his arm. You looked past his blonde head to the doorway where his teammates stood completely stunned. Kasamatsu had reached another new level of red, Nakamura and Kobori were at loss of where to set their eyes on as their face turned a pink hue, Moriyama swooned at the sight of you as he cursed at Kise for having such a lovely partner and wished he had one for himself, and Hayakawa’s face was red as he voiced his opinion which everyone had trouble understanding. “___cchi,” Kise whined, “I’ll be there in a minute, I have to talk with my teammates,” he turned you back around so that he was pushing your back up the stairs.

Hanamiya: You turned the corner in your black cut-out halter teddy, in search for your sadistic boyfriend who was standing at the door. You slowly wrapped your arms around your boyfriend’s waist, “Makoto, come back to bed,” you mumbled into his back. You could hear a low growl come from him as he unhooked your arm, “I’ll be there in a minute.” “Is that ___-chan,” a familiar voice asked. You stepped out from behind your boyfriend and looked over at Hara whose  bubble gum just popped. “Hi Hara,” you smiled sweetly. Just beneath his bangs, there was a slight tinge of pink, as well as the Kirisaki Daichi members. They weren’t the type to question Hanamiya’s actions and the most you’d see out of them is their eyebrows cocked or an eyeroll. Yamazaki was the only one who made an audible choke when he had laid eyes on you. Hanamiya slung his arm around you, pulling your head to his chest as he clicked his tongue. “Eyes off,” he commanded. “We’ll talk later, ____ and I are a bit busy,” he said as he mischievous grin spread across his face.

Imayoshi: The reaction from the spectacled captain was quite similar to Aomine. The sight of you descending down the stairs in your matching lace bra and thong, accompanied by a lace garter belt which helped hold your stockings in place, left a devilish smirk on his face. “___-chan, what’re you doing out of bed,” he asked as he turned to you, revealing the teammates at the door. “Hmm? What’s everyone doing here,” you asked sleepily, “ I wanted to know what was taking you so long, Shoichi. Could you come back already.” The reaction from the team was the same: the repetitive apologies from Sakurai, and Wakamatsu and Susa’s crimson face. Aomine on the other hand let out a low whistle as he scanned you with his eyes. “Just another minute, I have to deal with these guys real quick,” he replied. As you turned around, the view of your derriere had everyone’s face a shade darker and Aomine’s grin only wider. No one had noticed their captain was looking at them till an irritated smile was displayed promptly on Imayoshi’s face, “What do you think you’re looking at?” Aomine was the first to leave the premises and the others nervously apologized as they turned to follow their ace.

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This is for GOM, Kagami and Takao what is your go to workout song?

Kagami: …The Eye of the Tiger….

Takao: The Rocky Theme Song

Murasakibara: Big Poppa by Notorious BIG

Midorima: Lucky Strike by Maroon 5

Akashi: Bow Down by Beyonce

Aomine: Power by Kanye West

Kise: Work B**ch by Brittany Spears

Kuroko: Drop the World by lil Wayne

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How would GoM ask for a blowjob to their s'o for the first time?

‘Hey, um, I know this will be a strange request or not, or… I can’t really decide wether it’s uncomfortable for you or not, but-’ Kise stuttered. 
‘Just say it.’ you raised an eyebrow teasingly, then lowered on your voice. ‘Say it out loud, Ryouta.’
‘Okay.’ he nodded hesitantly and sighed. ‘Could you help me down there, ____cchi…?’

‘____!’ a firm voice sounded in the dark bedroom. From this tone, you knew Aomine wants something. ‘I’m horny.’
‘You are? What can I help you with, Daiki?’ you smirked.
‘Go down on me.’ 
‘You order it or you kindly ask for it?’ you teased him. 
‘Go down on me, please?’ he stroke your hair. 

‘Tetsuya, what’s wrong?’ you asked Kuroko, who was staring at you with dead eyes.
‘Nothing at all, ____-san, I was wondering if you could pleasure me.’ he said. At first you were just blinking, that was too sudden, you thought, but a moment later the animal came out of you. 
‘Get in bed.’ you nodded lustfully.

Midorima was anxious, you could see that all day. 
‘Shintaro, is there something wrong?’ you finally asked him.
You took a step towards him to abut your bodies. His face reddened quickly.
‘Shit…’ his voice was thin. ‘I’m… Look down.’
Midorima was turned on, it was clear. He was turned on all day.
‘May I help you?’ you asked caressing his back and sensitive areas. He just nervously nodded, he wasn’t able to say or do anything else. 

‘____-chiiiiin.’ Murasakibara whined.
‘Yeeeees?’ you mimicked. 
‘Wanna eat ice cream?’ 
‘Wanna eat ice cream?’ he asked again.
‘Well, why not?’ you slipped your shoulders.
‘Then squat down.’ he started taking off his jeans. 

‘____, darling, how are you?’ Akashi asked you softly.
‘I’m good. How about you, Seijuro?’ 
‘Yeah, I’m fine too.’ he nodded.
‘But?’ you knew he didn’t finish. 
‘Would be a big request to say that I need help?’
‘You need help??’
‘Yeah, down here.’ he pointed at his tender spot.

Just Imagine - AU

In an alternative universe where KnB is in the Haikyuu!! world, what position would some of the characters play?

Akashi Seijuro is best suited to be the Setter. His emperor eye allows him to bring out the potential in his teammates, cool and collected he’d never lose his composure in any situation and find the best course of action to take. He’s a extremely versatile player, being able to block, spike, and receive exceptionally well. Aside from playmaking, his strongest skill is his serves with a spin that makes your knees buckle when you try to receive it.

Aomine Daiki would be an Ace and Left Wing Spiker. A combination of speed, power, and reflexes, his spikes are difficult to return and blockers have a hard time keeping up with him and killing his spikes. More often then not he’s able to get through the blockers with his formless shots that allow him to spike from any position. His one weakness is serves, they’re above average but he’s definitely considered to be a weaker server on the team. 

Himuro Tatsuya is the Pinch Server. Although his skills are all above average, his strongest skill is his serves. The most versatile server on the team, he is usually brought in during pressuring situations to change the flow of the game. He is known as the elegant player for his beautiful serves and extremely well-refined basics. His serves are difficult to read because he is able to do a variety of serves without giving anything away in his form, one of his favorite is the Jump Float Serve.

Kagami Taiga would be an Ace and Left Wing Spiker. Another powerhouse on the team, his strengths are his power and amazing jumping ability. His serves are extremely heavy and usually end up in service aces. Very few are able to return his spikes but even the strongest blockers are no match for his Meteor Smash, where he’s able to spike above the blockers.

Kasamatsu Yukio would be a Right Wing Spiker. He’s the strongest receiver on the team and is also the Defense Specialist when needed. One of the few people that are able to return Aomine and Kagami’s spikes perfectly, he usually has no trouble receiving passes from opponents. Despite not being one of the taller members on the team, he’s also a strong blocker with great reflexes and high level read blocking.

Kise Ryouta would be a Middle Blocker and the Decoy. An all-around player, his skills in blocking, spiking, and receiving are all above average. Known for his flashy plays, he is very adept at drawing the attention of the opponents, leaving Kagami and Aomine more opportunities to spike without blockers. But he’s just as lethal as the aces with a variety of techniques at his disposal, his shots are most difficult to kill due to their unpredictability.

Kuroko Tetsuya would be ideal for a Libero. He is lethal with his accurate and strange passes that always reach the setter. Due to his low presence, he’s usually forgotten when he enters the court but uses that along with his misdirection to his advantage to lure the opponents to aim in ‘empty’ spots, where he’s waiting to receive it.

Midorima Shintarou would be also be a Right Wing Spiker. Due to his height he is ideal for blocking, however his accurate aim and composed nature allow him to act as a back up setter on the court. The strongest server on the team, his specialty is his bulls-eye serves, which are high speed serves that can be aimed to any part of the court nanodayo. As he’s left handed, his serves and difficult to return because of its spin.

Murasakibara Atsushi would also be a Middle Blocker. His height alone allows him to be an extremely strong blocker, however he also possesses extremely sharp reflexes which when combined with his read blocking, prevent him from falling for decoys. One of the strongest members of the team, his power alone is usually able to overwhelm his opponents, his specialty being his Thor Hammer spike.  

Takao Kazunari would also be a Setter. His Hawk Eyes allow him to see the entire court in his head, so he’s able to provide accurate tosses to his teammates and find holes in his opponents formation. His ability makes his serves are extremely formidable with his accurate aim, and ensures that he rarely misses receives.


                            My Top 5 anime characters ^^

                                    1. Accelerator 

                                    2. Xerxes Break

                                    3. Akashi Seijuro

                                    4. Orihara Izaya

                                    5. Lelouch Lamperouge


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I haave a few more, but these are the ones I really like! I might even post some more later, because I kind of like looking at it now ^^’ (dedicated to everyone that would like to donate a blanket for Akashi Seijuro here…)