I feel bad for judging Akashi without knowing what happened to his childhood. I don’t think he ever enjoyed being Akashi Seijuro because of the pressure his dad’s giving him. The only thing he enjoyed was basketball but after his only support passed away, I feel really, really sad for him. And yet he couldn’t tell anybody about it.

Approval from the Kiseki no Sedai.
  • Kagami:So... um... yeah, I called all of you here so all of you can help me.
  • Kise:I'd like to help, Kagamicchi, but if you kept on hesitating, we won't be able to finish until the sunrise.
  • Aomine:That's right. Hurry up and tell us.
  • Kagami:I'd like to date Kuroko... but knowing you guys had been close to him, maybe you can give out some tips for me?
  • Midorima:You called all of us for that?
  • Murasakibara:No snacks present, though. I'll head home now.
  • Kagami:Wait! Hold on! I beg of you! I really like Kuroko and I wish to date him! But knowing Kuroko is dense and oblivious to this kind of stuff, I bet he wouldn't take it that way.
  • Kise:If you knew that from the start, aren't you exaggerating? Kurokocchi is not dense, I hope?
  • Aomine:Just how stupid can you be, Kagami?
  • Kagami:Shut up!
  • Aomine:Oh-ho, don't talk to me like that or I won't help you to win Tetsu's heart.
  • Midorima:Stop it. You guys are embarrassing me.
  • Kise:Says the guy who brings his lucky item all the time... and today is a wall fan, huh?
  • Midorima:Cancer is first thus I brought this wall fan with me.
  • Kise:I really don't get you.
  • Akashi:Enough with that. Kagami Taiga, would you mind continuing?
  • Kagami:Uh, yeah... sure.
  • Midorima:You're calm as ever, Akashi.
  • Akashi:I do things in the right order and never panic upon the situation.
  • Aomine:Well, if Tetsu is our main topic, isn't it going to be hard?
  • Murasakibara:Kuro-chin never became popular because none of his classmate notice him. They thought he was a ghost.
  • Kise:Aha-ha! I remember that-ssu!
  • Midorima:Kagami, don't you think asking us is the most regretful?
  • Kagami:Huh?
  • Midorima:We are quite protective over Kuroko.
  • Akashi:Thus resulting us as Tetsuya's parents. I'm the father, just saying.
  • Midorima:Hold on, Akashi!
  • Aomine:Hey, Kagami, hey, don't forget, I'm the big brother of Tetsu.
  • Kise:I'm Kurokocchi's puppy-woof!
  • Kagami:...
  • Murasakibara:...
  • Kagami:W-well, Murasakibara seems the nor---
  • Murasakibara:Kuro-chin is the youngest, I'm the second child, Kagami.
  • Midorima:Wait!!
  • Akashi:So... Kagami Taiga... do you have wealth to bring happiness to my dear Tetsuya?
  • Aomine:Tetsu is such a rich brat and he has never dealt with poverty.
  • Kise:Woof! Woof-ssu!
  • Murasakibara:Kise-chin, bite Kagami!
  • Kise:Woof!
  • Kagami:Stop! Stop!
  • Midorima:Hold on a second!? What are we playing?!
  • Akashi:Don't you get it, Shintaro? We're playing Kiseki no House. I'm the father and you are the mother.
  • Kagami:That's a weird combination...
  • Midorima:Why am I the mother?
  • Akashi:I'm not allowing you to be the father because you are a Tsunderima.
  • Midorima:Stop!!! Even if I'm Tsundere, I can be a father!
  • Aomine:We don't really care whoever is the father, though.
  • Murasakibara:As long as the mother knows how to cook.
  • Midorima:I don't!
  • Kise:Now that you mentioned it, Akashicchi can cook.
  • Akashi:No! I'm not gonna be the mother! No heck no!
  • Aomine:Come back here, Akashi-oka-san!
  • Kise:Wooof~ Woof---sssuuuu!!!
  • Murasakibara:Uwah, Kise-chin, wait! You forgot your leash.
  • Kagami:....
  • Kuroko:Ah? Kagami-kun, it's unusual for you to be in this kind of place.
  • Kagami:Kuroko... Can I go to your place to ask your real parents about some important things?
  • Kuroko:Hah?

anonymous asked:

Can you please do how the GOM would deal/interact with a s/o that's very sensitive towards certain things?? Like they'd cry if they saw something really cute or scary. And during movies they'd get so emotional and carried away.

man that sounds so cute o(╥﹏╥)o

Akashi: He would always think you were overreacting no matter how sad or scary the movie was. Then again, he’s never really moved over them, either. It would be fun for him to comfort you during scary movies and telling you that ‘everything will be okay’ during sad ones. Akashi eventually gets over his annoyance with you at night when you sleep very close to him ‘in case if the monster comes’.

Aomine: He wouldn’t mind at all. In fact, he’d encourage it by going to watch scary movies with you. Aomine would put on his favorite cologne and wrap his arm around your waist, smirking every time you hid your face in his shoulder. He’d find it a bit annoying whenever you stay up late crying over gross chick flicks, but after a while it would be really cute.

Kise: To be completely honest, he would be crying with you. You would start first, and he would follow after. During horror movies, you both cling onto each other. Sometimes Kise fakes being scared just so he can cuddle closer to you. Whenever you start watching tragic, generic love stories, Kise pretends to dislike them, though by the end he’s probably as intrigued as you are.

Kuroko: He would think your behavior is odd since he never really found any movie to be worth crying over. Kuroko would do his best to comfort you by letting you cuddle up next to him and cling to him during all the scary/sad parts of movies. He makes sure to be extra careful talking to you about sensitive subjects because he doesn’t like seeing you cry.

Midorima: He would be very worried at first, thinking you had a strange mental condition that made you cry over almost anything. Your childlike behavior when it came to scary movies is adorable, however. He blushes every time you cling onto him during jump scares and even goes as far as to pretend he isn’t scared at all which is the biggest lie.

Murasakibara: He would complain about your odd behavior at first, saying that you were too sensitive during movies. It’s all fake, anyways; so why are you always crying whenever someone dies? Murasakibara would let you sit in his lap as long as you had the popcorn in yours. He’d wrap his arms around you every time you got scared, even going as far as to wipe your tears away.

anonymous asked:

GOM+SAKURAI PLAYING WITH S/O's SIBLINGS (little or older you may choose? Lol I have two younger and one older so works either way for me uvu)

Hi, i hope you don’t mind that I bunched them into groups since some would act similarly :) - Admin A

Midorima, Murasakibara: 

Since they both have siblings, they’re quite used to playing with your hyper-active younger ones. Midorima would be a lot stricter than Murasakibara since he would gently but firmly scold them when they were doing something wrong. Murasakibara on the other hand would be the “chill, cool boyfriend” that your siblings love. He soon learned never to bring too many snacks to your house out of fear that your siblings would steal them, which made him have many long bathroom breaks where he ate his pocky and maiubo in secret.

Akashi, Kuroko:

Extremely good with your siblings, both your older and younger ones. They held good conversations with the older ones (when Kuroko didn’t accidentally surprise them) and were gentle and calm with your younger siblings. The younger siblings would be very timid towards Akashi at first, but they would grow used to him and call him “Kaneki” (tokyo ghoul reference, because of his two different coloured eyes). Playing hide and seek with Kuroko proved to be the biggest challenge of your younger siblings lives.

Kise, Aomine, Sakurai:

They’d honestly be terrible with dealing with your younger siblings. Kise and Sakurai would let themselves get pushed around by your siblings, Kise would try to charm them but it wouldn’t work (though your little sister has a little crush on him) and ended up giving them endless piggy back rides much to his back’s dismay. Sakurai would end up apologising for anything he would do around them, which your siblings took advantage of (he buys snacks for them every time he visits). Aomine would swear accidentally in front of them, bribing them with candy to make sure they don’t say anything. He would also end up ignoring them unintentionally or not knowing how to deal with them when they asked to play games. When they asked him what he liked most about you, he blurted out “boobs” out of habit, which led to them screaming and running to their rooms. Needless to say, he would have preferred your siblings to be dogs. 

onliafaze asked:

GoM and Kagami overhear their crush talking to their friend, saying she likes them but... "He always seems so uninterested/tense (to whichever boy it applies to) around me. Maybe I should give up."

Kise: His ears immediately perked up as soon as he overheard his name through your voice. Kise would start to eavesdrop a little bit as he fangirl (boy?) inside. “But… He seems so uninterested around me, plus there’s a line of hundreds of girls who’s way prettier than me waiting to be his girlfriend.” In an instant, he went into a panic mode and jumped out of his hiding spot. “No! That’s not true!” His sudden outburst startled you and your friend as Kise walked quickly towards you. “Sorry I just- I get so nervous around you and I just can’t look at you straight in the eye. Truth is I really like you so… Dinner?”

Aomine: “-I don’t know, Aomine just never looks at me.” His lips curled into a frown. “Oi, what kind of bull is that?” He wouldn’t care if anyone was watching him right now but he won’t back down if his crush thought about him the wrong way, he couldn’t stand the fact that you thought he was the one resenting you. “Aomine…” Your face dusted a shade of pink when he found out you were talking about him. “I look at you all the time, okay? You might not notice it, but it doesn’t mean that I never look at you.” He might even go just a tad bit overboard. “Even when you stretch I look at your hips, hell I even took pictures of it!”

Murasakibara: “Eh? No. (Name)-Chin you got it all wrong.” Murasakibara would feel quite hurt at your statement since it was obvious that he liked you, the whole school even knows it, except you. You were unsure of rumours and gossip of the school and chose not to believe it, but this rumour was real. It was crystal clear that it shouldn’t even be called a rumour, from the fact that he would stare at you during class, put in more effort when you were watching the school’s basketball practice and sitting closer to your table. “It feels like you’re the one that wasn’t paying attention to me,” :(

Kagami: When he overheard you talking about him his mood went from 10/10, but when you said along those false words about him to you he immediately went 0/10. Kagami would debate wether to approach you or not with his chest still bouncing up and down like a basketball, after all basketball was in his heart. (I’m sorry that’s lame) but when you were about to conclude that he doesn’t like you, Kagami beat you to it, awkwardly walking towards you and your friends. “Hey (Name),” he was wearing a frown, but his face was as red as ever. “You’re wrong. I l-…” He paused and turned to your friends. “Can you guys please leave us for a second?” They hurriedly scurried out of the now heavy atmosphere classroom. “I like you.”

Kuroko: Kuroko would be such a gentleman in trying to set up his feelings for you and just be so straight forward and honest. “(Name)-chan, I’m sorry I made you feel that way but I actually like you.” His earnest sincere confession put your heart in a whirl along with your friends behind you. “I was planning to tell you this more privately, but I can’t let you think that way of me when I’m already so attracted to you right now.” Pass out friend. Pass. The. Heck. Out.  It was good that you had someone who’s honest with himself as a partner, it made your relationship more stable than anyone else.

Midorima: This cute tsundere mess would freak out. Since he wasn’t very good at public confession nor was he going to change the while situation unlike Kise in an instant. Instead he would take some time, from that day on he would leave a lot of innuendos but not making it too obvious. Such as picking up books from high shelves for you even though you never asked for anyone’s help and when you ask questions to the teacher about the current subject wether it be Science, Maths or English, he would answer your question instead of the teacher, making sure to turn around to face you directly. Soon the whispers finally talked about the way he wanted his crush to think.

Akashi: As soon as you thought he wasn’t into you at all, his feelings were not pleased at all. Akashi would have to settle this doubt and insecurity of yours once and for all. After school where he cornered you into an empty classroom, he would build up his confidence and closed the door behind him, there was no turning back now. “(Name), I need to talk to you.” You lowered your head as he walked close to you. “What is it Akashi?” “I overheard what you said about me, and that’s not true. (Name), I like you.” You clenched your bag and looked away. “Don’t play with me,” you mumbled. “Say what you want, but at this point I can’t push you out of my mind. I’ll be your boyfriend, just watch.”

tsukiko-zoldyck asked:

Can I please just request fluff Kise and Akashi relaxing with their s/o after a week of stressful testing (like APs omg)?

Akashi: Held to high expectations, he spent most of his free time studying when he didn’t have basketball practice. He would’ve gotten extremely high scores anyways, but he had to study if he wanted to please his father.
Akashi had invited you to come over your house to relax with him after a long week of pure hell. You weren’t able to see each other, so spending the rest of the day laying around sounded really good.
You would both lay down on his bed, resting your eyes. Reading a book was out of the question; for once, both of you felt too sick of looking at words to even consider it.
Akashi rises after half an hour of napping and gently asks you if you want to play some Shogi with him.
You spend the rest of the day playing Shogi and casually talking, both too tired to think right.

Kise: Yawning loudly when he walks into his place, Kise turns around to close the door behind him. He’s almost too tired to function, and after what felt like years of studying, he finally has a break to relax. He invited you over because you’re like his battery, and it would be boring without you.
He cuddles with you on the bed, not even bothering to change his clothes or take a shower. If finals weren’t bad enough, their coach decided to hold a practice, so he feels gross and sweaty.
You don’t mind. Like Kise, you’re also very tired. Since he invited you to stay over, you watched him practice (and you weren’t very amused when he asked you if you wanted to join).
You spend an hour just laying there. Kise lays on his side to watch you when you sleep, smiling at your peaceful expression. He eventually gets up to go shower, waking you up to invite you in with you and nearly having a heart attack when you say yes.

letwisted asked:

GOM + Hanamiya noticing that their crush blushes everytime time they see them,so they just take the chance and confess to her?

I’m so sorry this took so long! I was really stumped on how each character would try to confess and it took me much longer to lay everything out then then I thought it would. I hope you like it though!

Akashi Seijuro would sweep her off her feet and confess to her on Yukimura, with the sunset in the background. He would be very pleased when he notices the expression on your face, but would make a plan to confirm his inference. First he would start appearing everywhere you went to observe your expression around him in different situations, the poor baby needs to be 100% certain before acting. When he confirms that you’re blushing because of him, he wouldn’t hesitate to confess immediately.

You have had a very endearing expression on your face lately. I must say that I like it, almost as much as I like you.

Aomine Daiki wouldn’t notice your blush at first, Momoi would be the one to point it out to him and tease him for it. He would start paying attention to your expressions, and once he’s seen it for himself you would wish he hadn’t. Anytime he saw you afterwards he would have a smug expression on his face, but wouldn’t say anything until the two of you were alone. You would probably corner him on the roof and get him to tell you what his expression means.

You can’t tell? It means I like you too dummy.

Hanamiya Makoto would notice immediately and be intrigued.

That’s an interesting expression you have there, what, do you like me or something?

He’d start teasing you relentlessly to see what other expressions he can coax out of you. This would go on for a while until you blow up at his face on the roof. He would start muttering under his breath about how this wasn’t in his plan, and why did he have to like such an unpredictable piece. Shocked you could only stare and ask him to repeat what he just said.

Stupid, I won’t say it again.“ 

Kise Ryouta would also notice the blush immediately, however he’s cautious about whether its because you like him or because you’re shy. He’d likely follow Akashi’s plan of action and start showing up everywhere you went. Unlike Akashi, he’d be bolder and start initiating affection with you. He’d throw an arm around your shoulder, grab your hand when you walk together, and ruffle your hair. When your blush gets deeper with each action, he’d start planning his confession. As a model he deals with people that usually approach him with an ulterior motive, so he wouldn’t be able to confess boldly since he’s only assuming you return his feelings. He would take you to Karaoke and confess through a song, just in case you didn’t feel the same way he’d be able to play it off.

Kuroko Tetsuya would notice your blush, but wouldn’t assume its because of him. It’s only when his team starts teasing him about you that he begins to get curious. He would start spending more time with you alone, to see if you blush because of him or something else. When he notices a pattern he would be very straightforward and confess.

”___-san, I like you. Would you happen to like me too?

Midorima Shintaro wouldn’t think that you’re blushing because of him. Even as Takao relentlessly teases him about it, he would only deny it. Altough secretly he’s hoping that you return his feelings.  

Idiot, it’s just because it’s warm outside.

He would begin observing you closely, unable to give up on that little bit of hope. Like Kuroko, he would take action only when he notices a correlation between your blushes and his presence. But he would wait for a day that cancer is highly compatible with your sign to confess. When he does he won’t be holding his lucky item they’ll be multiples of it in his bag, and even if you can’t see it he’ll be wearing as many inconspicuous pieces of his lucky color that he could. He won’t take any risks for this event.

“I think you are a very interesting person __-san, and it has come to my attention that you may have feelings for me too.”

Murasakibara Atsushi would be the one that immediately points it out.

“Neh, ___-chin. Why are your cheeks so red?”

As you sputter and try to deny it, he would only get curious and would continue to point it out. He’ll likely ask Himuro for his opinion on the situation, but Himuro would only tell him that you have “apple cheeks”. But that just makes him even more curious, and he’ll badger you even more. Eventually you get worn down and accidently blurt a confession.

“As I thought only __-chin is as cute as candy, so you’re the only one for me.”

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how would rin, sousuke, akashi, himuro, nijimura, miyuki, tsukishima, and kageyama react when they confessed to their crush, but they rejected them?

I’m sorry but… who’s Miyuki?? (I’m probably missing something but-)  (゜-゜)

But here are the others  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Matsuoka Rin: He’d be a little offended and would ponder on what he lacked. He’d probably drown these thoughts by swimming and talking to Sousuke.

Yamazaki Sousuke: He’d be a little offended too but he understands that his crush doesn’t feel he same way. It may not look like it affected him, but people around him would notice him being even more quiet than usual and training harder than he usually was.

Akashi Seijurou: It was something he didn’t expect. He didn’t know it would end up like this, after all he was absolute. It would slightly anger him that what part of him may cause an imperfection but he would respect his crush’s feelings. But despite being rejected, he would still keep an eye on them and try in case his crush would change their mind.

Himuro Tatsuya: He’s used to reject confessions but that never prepared him to be the one being rejected. He knows enough to respect their feelings but he’d ask if they may still be friends so in case if they found someone and that someone hurt them, he’d be there for them.

Nijimura Shuuzou: He’d try his best not to burst in front of his crush but he won’t force his feelings to them. But when they’re gone, he’d probably have this fit of anger. But after all that, he’d still try to gain their affection and protect them from the sidelines.

Kageyama Tobio: He’d be frozen stiff. He doesn’t know how to react. It took a lot from his part but he didn’t prepare for the possibility that he would be rejected. He’d just mutter out an “Is that so” then apologize for taking their time and bow low in front of them then run away.The rejection would affect his daily routines and volleyball playing but he trains harder than usual to get it out of his head. (I wanna hug kagebaeyama)

Tsukishima Kei: He’d be taken by surprise. He was sure that the feeling was mutual. To cover up his real reaction, he’d say that he was just teasing them and would laugh at the fact that they thought he actually fell for them then walk out of the room with a heavy and aching heart.

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the gom react to their s/o fangirling or paying more attention to a fictional character rather than them?

sounds like me lmao

Akashi: He didn’t want to be very controlling over what characters you like or how much you obsess over them, but this is just ridiculous. You’ve spent more money on key chains, figurines, and posters on this fictional character than you have on him. At one point you had to get him a cheap gift for his birthday because you accidentally spent too much on merch. Depending on how deep your relationship is, Akashi would either let his jealousy overtake him and be very possessive in bed that night, or he would ask you to spend more time with him while he’s there and obsess over your favorite character later.

Aomine: He would be very whiny and moody every time you brought him up. He would get into arguments over your favorite character, saying that he could do better and that your favorite character doesn’t look as good as he does. Aomine would frown every time he sees you out up a new poster. Soon enough you would agree to spend less on your favorite character, and whenever you start obsessing over them you absolutely can’t blame him when he wants to be clingy. He doesn’t even know why you like them so much; after all, he’s real and they’re fictional.

Kise: He would pout and whine whenever you started fangirling over your favorite character. Kise would start feeling insecure about himself, asking you what you like so much about them. When you tell him, he starts to act more like your favorite character in hopes that you’d like him more. You think he’s acting weird. Upset by his change of personality, you ask him what’s wrong; he reluctantly explains that he doesn’t want to lose you to someone who isn’t even real. You tell him that as long as he acts like himself, you’ll try to spend less time over your favorite character.

Kuroko: He would ask you if you were alright every time you went red in the face over your favorite character. Kuroko wouldn’t mind at first, thinking it was just a little phase and that you’d get over them quickly. Soon enough, though, he thinks you care more about the character than you do him. Consulting you about this, you’re hurt that he thinks you don’t like him as much, so you agree to try and stop being so obsessed over this character and try to be more attentive to Kuroko.

Midorima: Worried over your strange obsession over this character, he would ask you to stop getting to worked up over them. After all, this is a fake person, and he is supposed to be your boyfriend. Midorima would defend himself by saying you’re spending so much money and buying so much stuff you might as well be making a shrine. That thought creeps him out. Whenever you wouldn’t pay attention to him while he was there, he’d either get moody and leave or casually try to get your attention by secretly unplugging the internet.

Murasakibara: He would “accidentally” throw away some of your merch when he gets too jealous over your favorite character. What’s so special about him, anyways? Murasakibara becomes wary of you whenever you want to borrow money, asking you what it’s for. If he suspects it’s for your favorite character, he turns you down, saying he doesn’t have enough money. Eventually he would start asking you to stop spending so much time crying over them and that you should start paying attention to him. Whenever you break this promise, he turns into a puppy, putting his head on your lap or hugging you.

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Hello! I wish you luck with your blog! ^-^ Could you write something with Kise, Aomine, Akashi and Imayoshi's S/O seeing them play basket ball for the first time and they are just captivated by them~ Thank you very much ^-^ also what can we call you ^-^

Aww <3 thank you so much! (Just call me Admin Latte, my friends nickname me that [long story]) by the way, nice choice of men ;) Okay, let’s do this!

Kise: He approached you after playing a long victorious match against an opposing team from from Tokyo. “Kise, you were amazing! I didn’t know you could do that.” You smiled brightly at him, and it was true, it felt like he was a completely different person back then. “Really? You think so?” Hearing you compliment really touched his heart as he smiled right back at you, also during the match when he knew you were watching, Kise made so much famous moves just to impress not the crowds but you. “Should I teach you some tricks then- Ite!” “Baka, her parents should be expecting her to come early from a night game.” Kasamatsu stated. “Senpai,” he whimpered under his attack. “Tomorrow it is then.”

Aomine: You couldn’t help but clap at his incredible dunk. “Aomine, that’s so cool! I can’t even touch the ring.” You approached him under the basket as you were on your tip toes to touch the net. “Let me help you with that,” Aomine suddenly placed you on his shoulder as you gave a cry whenever he would spin around every now and then. In the end, you could easily touch the ring with your bare hands and the both of you would start playing basketball with you on his shoulder whilst dribbling the ball with one hand and scoring dunks with the help of Aomine, truly the best way to spend with your boyfriend and his hobby.

Akashi: Akashi easily notices how you were engrossed with his practice and gave a shadow of a smile. “Enjoying yourself?” He’d ask as you perked your attention up to him. “N-no it’s just that you’re incredible at this, no wonder they call you the generation of miracles.” Touched he’d nudge you to get up from the bench. “Care to play one on one with me love?” You looked around the room as if there wasn’t anyone else in the gym except for you to. “Me? Oh yeah, sure, I can totally beat the Akashi Seijuro and pass his emperor eye. Back then they used to call me the second Michael Jordan…go easy on me please.” Akashi gave you one of his rare sincere smile with twinkles in his eyes. “No promises made, flower.”

Imayoshi: “Impressed?” Imayoshi asked wearing a grin on his face. “Very,” you replied as he sat down next to you to drink from his water bottle. “Wear this,” he grabbed his jersey and wrapped it around you. “What? Why?” You asked as you did as he said anyway. “I’ll show you some tricks, I saw the look on your face when you were watching me.” You shrugged it off pretending to not know what he was saying still hiding the fact that you were eager to learn those cool basketball tricks. “Actually…you look good in my jersey, never mind basketball, it can wait. I’ll show you tricks of something else instead-” “Shoichi!”