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Sinful Sword Bois: A list of Touken Ranbu seiyuus who have been in R-18 otome drama CDs and those aforementioned drama CDs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ✨ 🔞 

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drew some emperor penguins based of Penguin-san from Shirokuma Cafe, all voiced by the amazing seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya \o/ 

Loved him as Penguin-san and since then I just keep finding him everywhere.

also trying new brushes o)-<

Types of kisses Akashi-kun gives to his s/o

1) Forehead : When you’re sleeping, or when you cook for him, Akashi is overwhelmed by the amount of love he feels for you - hence the forehead kisses.

2) Cheek : Akashi isn’t very fond of PDA, and is generally reserved with his affections, so this is his favorite type of kiss - mostly because he can give you cheek kisses in public when someone is ogling you.

3) Nose : He does this to get away with things and ofc who can stay mad at him after a sweet kiss on the tip of your nose. He also does this to be cute, and it’s suuuper rare, but it always makes you go red.

4) Eyelids : Again this is when you’re sleeping, or when he feels like he would burst from the sheer amount of affection he holds for you. He loves holding you in his arms, and kissing your eyelids, feeling like you’re the best thing that has happened to him.

5) Neck : Drunk!Akashi or slightly tipsy Akashi loves kissing your neck. It’s a sign he wants more, and usually ends up with both of you in the bedroom.

6) Earlobes : This means he wants your attention. Or that he’s feeling playful. You find it too adorable and endearing for words.

7) Feet : They’re usually just quick pecks, signifying how much he revers you and that you’re the sole exception in his life with whom he could let down his guards.

8) Lips : They’re special, very special, and he loves kissing you more than anything else. It’s his favorite part of your body. Akashi thinks actions are superior to words, and nothing conveys an I love you better than a kiss on the lips.

As much as he loves kissing you, he loves it more when you surprise him with random kisses, and even more when you take the initiative.


His favorite way to wake up is with a kiss.

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Visuals from the NBA x Kuroko no Basuke LAST GAME collaboration

Anime film “Kuroko no Basuke LAST GAME” will premiere in Japanese theaters on March 18th and in Taiwan and Hongkong on April 2017,

src: https://twitter.com/kurobasanime/

  • [Practice session at Rakuzan]
  • Akashi: *explaining a new technique*
  • Hayama: Does it have a difficulty level though, like my one finger, two fingers, three fingers..... *falls asleep*
  • Mibuchi: But Sei-chan, that sounds so exhausting on you, I won't allow my child to be drained this much and you're already so tired from school and student council work--
  • Nebuya: *doesn't understand* *farts*
  • Mayuzumi: I don't even like you or anything
  • Akashi: ......
  • Akashi: I should've gone to Shiratorizawa
  • [In which Kuroko asked his boyfriend to take care of Nigou while he was away on a family vacation]:
  • Akashi, glaring at Nigou: How dare you take up most of MY Tetsuya's time!
  • Nigou, quietly staring at Akashi:
  • Akashi: Why aren't you replying!?
  • Nigou:
  • Akashi: Talk to me, you disobedient mutt! This is why I hate dogs!
  • Nigou: *uses puppy eyes*
  • Akashi: You lowly creature! Do you think that will work on me!?
  • Nigou: *puppy eyes zoom in*
  • Akashi: T-That won't work on me!
  • Nigou: *puppy eyes zoom in some more*
  • Akashi: T-That won't... work... work...
  • Nigou: *folds his ears and whines*
  • Akashi:
  • Akashi: *slowly picks up Nigou*
  • Akashi: I'm going to make this exception, because you look like Tetsuya. And because I miss Tetsuya right now. And because Tetsuya loves you. And because I love Tetsuya more than I hate you.
  • Nigou: *with a deadpan expression similar to Kuroko*
  • Akashi, about to cry: Just this once, you hear me!?
  • Nigou:
  • Akashi: *gently shakes Nigou* Answer me, you little–

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Ok so you know how you did the prompt of the s/o having boobs too small, could you do one with the s/o having boobs too big (like F cups) GoM, Haizaki, and Nebuya. please?

I love this ask. I actually had a breast reduction myself. I was a 34GG (34DD now). So I know the frustration! Big boobs are a struggle! 


 Shivering slightly, you rubbed your arms in a poor attempt to warm up. You had forgotten your jacket at home much to your annoyance and hadn’t expected the cold weather. But despite your scowl, you watched another rain drop fall dangerously close to you.

 “Here ____-san.” Akashi shrugged off his school blazer, handing it over to you. You nodded in appreciation, smiling at the warmth that lingered on it. You pulled the jacket on and giggled at how long the sleeves were. However, when you went to button it your smile faded quickly. The lapels refused to meet as your expansive chest fought the fabric for all it was worth. You grunted in annoyance and felt your face heat up in embarrassment. “____?” Your eyes shot up to see Akashi eyeing you carefully.

 “I…I can’t…..it won’t fit Sei-kun…” You bit your lip in frustration. A light chuckle brought your gaze back up to him as he strode over.

 “Here, I have a solution my flower.” Taking the jacket off you he softly draped it over your front, leaving your back exposed. When you opened your mouth to question what he was doing you were silenced as he sat behind you, pulling you flush against his warm chest. Gripping the jacket to you like a blanket, you smiled, feeling his arms tighten against you. His breath ghosted over your ear, sending a shiver down your spine. “There, all better my love.”




 “No.” Your voice was monotone and slightly edged as you responded for the millionth time. You looked up from your book, eyeing your persistent boyfriend. His blue mop peeked around the offending item in his hands.

 “Why not? I thought you said you wanted matching costumes?” He frowned in frustration, clearly not understanding what your reservations toward the outfit were. “I thought you liked the idea of me going in my Basketball gear…what’s wrong with the cheerleading one for you? I even behaved myself and got the single piece instead of the skimpy one.” He frowned more at that part, which brought a small laugh from your lips.

 “Daiki…it’s not that I don’t want to be a cheerleader for Halloween…but that top won’t fit.” You hopped up, motioning to the outfit in his hand.

 “But I got the skirt size you asked for…” Now he just seemed confused more so than angry. You know he wouldn’t admit it, but he loved Halloween and was a bit distressed at the idea of you skipping the school party.

 “I know Daiki…but because it’s a dress, it is the same size on top and bottom…but I’m not. The ‘twins’ definitely won’t fit in there.” You giggled as the proverbial light bulb went off.

 “Damn. You mean the one time I listen and get the modest outfit I pick wrong!?” He huffed in annoyance.

 “Well, you do have the receipt, still right?” You pull him into a hug, despite his tense posture, smirking all the while.

 “Yeah…might as well get our money back.”

 “Well I was thinking about an exchange…you know, for the two-piece?” You smirked into his chest when you heard a sharp intake of breath, most likely imaging you in the skirt. “Come on Basketball star, let’s go get that costume!”



“What about this one ____cchi?” Your boyfriend’s overly enthusiastic voice rang out for the millionth time. You were currently shopping for your upcoming vacation and both of you needed bathing suits for it. Kise being a model made it easy as he usually got discounts with certain stores and his sense of style was brilliant. It had taken only fifteen minutes for him to find a suitable pair of swim trunks but finding your suit was proving to be quite the task.

 “N-No…” You mumbled as he held up a suit you were sure was constructed with floss. Had these designers never heard of support before? You were certain the cup would barely cover a nipple at this point. Walking around in glorified pasties wasn’t the most appealing idea.

 “___cchi…you have to say yes to trying one on eventually. You can’t go to the beach in nothing, well you could, but I am sure you don’t want to.” He gave you a teasing smile, hanging the suit back up. He walked over to your sulking form, pulling you closer to him in a soft hug. “What’s bothering you babe? Is it the styles I am picking or something? You know you can pick it yourself or-”

 “No, no, no! Your style is amazing Ryota-kun, it’s just…” You sighed deeply before looking up at his curious gaze, “I’m not really…built…for these kinds of swimsuits. My…umm…'girls’ are too big. They need more support and the last few stores have nothing like that…” You looked around nervously before you heard him chuckle.

 “Well I am not sure ‘too big’ is the phrase I would use ___cchi. I love you…all of you…just the way you are. I got a solution okay, just one second.” He kissed your forehead before pulling his phone out. With a few strokes, you heard it ringing. “Ah Hitomi-cchi! Quick question. What store has stylish women’s swimsuits that provide more support up top?” You blushed brightly and hugged him while he smiled cheerfully, listening to the woman on the other end of the phone. “Perfect. You’re a life saver! Thanks! You too…bye!” His phone clicked off before he pulled you back to look up at him. “Let’s go ____cchi! I found the holy grail of swimwear!” Giving your hand a tug he led you deeper into the mall. A small smile played on your lips that he would go to such lengths for you.



 It had been a quiet day at the Kuroko household, lounging on the couch together while you browsed your phone and Tetsu read a new novel he recently bought. His arm draped over your shoulders and his fingers lightly grazed your arm in comfort. Even Nigou was passed out in a patch of sunlight at the other end of the sofa. After a while however, your shoulders started to feel the burden of not only Tetsu’s arm, but your rather generous sized chest. You didn’t want to shrug Kuroko off, you adored cuddling with him, but a sharp pinch started to pester you between your shoulder blades. Tetsu noticed your poor attempt at hiding the pain and sat his book down in his lap; eyes watching your discomfort as you tried to discreetly crack your back by arching.

 “___-chan, are you okay?” His eyes searched your own, making sure you wouldn’t play off any pain you were experiencing.

 “Mm, my shoulders are sore. It…it happens a lot.” You try to smile, but a pained frown comes forth as your shoulders tighten, unwilling to give you the satisfying ‘pop’ you need.

 “Why, have you been over-exerting yourself?” His concern melted your heart and you couldn’t help but smile at how genuine he was.

 “No Tetsu-kun, I just…I am a bit ‘top heavy’.” You nodded down toward your chest and his eyes widened a bit as though the proverbial light bulb went off. “Sometimes the weight makes my back hurt.”

 “Turn around ____-chan.” Despite the rather odd command, you couldn’t say no to the little smile that he gave. As soon as you turn away, nimble fingers start to work on the many knots that caused you such pain.

 “T-Tetsu-kun. You don’t have to massage me if it’s too much trouble.” Your cheeks heat up as an involuntary moan escapes you.

 “While your body is perfect, I refuse to see my love in pain. Ask anytime, and I will make the pain disappear.” His breath ghosts past your ear and all you can manage is a weak nod before losing yourself in the rare moment of pain relief.



 “___, where is your lucky item I gave you?” Midorima pushed his glasses up as he questioned you, shouldering his backpack as well.

 “The necklace is right here Shin-kun.” You pulled it out of your pocket, showing the delicate chain and pendant.

 “Yes, but why are you not wearing it?” You groaned a bit at his question and battled answering him internally. Finally deciding to appease him you went to put the necklace on. However just like you knew it would the pendant became lost in a sea of cleavage. Clicking your tongue in annoyance you glared down at the mounds that seemed to consume all.

 “This is why I don’t wear it.” You looked up at your blushing boyfriend who seemed to be looking everywhere but you, though the bobbing of his Adam’s Apple didn’t go unnoticed.

 “H-Here, nanodayo.” Without another word, he turned you around and pushed your hair aside, giving him access to the chain. You felt him pull it up from its current boob prison, getting the pendant to rest comfortably at collarbone length. The small but familiar sound of medical tape was heard and his dexterous fingers carefully taped the chain together, holding it temporarily in its new position. “This will work for now, but I will get you a shorter chain.”

“Thank you Shin-kun. But isn’t this only my lucky item for today?” You brushed your fingers along the pendant, enjoying the rare feeling of wearing a necklace.

 “Y-yes…but I like when you wear it.” You shook your head a bit, not wanting to press him too much further as his face already resembled a tomato. You supposed you also enjoyed wearing the pendant he had gotten you.



 The wind whipped through your hair and the sun kissed your skin as you surveyed the beach for a potential spot to plop down. You looked up at your giant boyfriend, who drew attention simply from his size. Shaking your head, you grabbed his hand and headed down to lay down your towel.

 “Eh, ____-chin, it’s too hot. My treats are melting.” Looking up from fixing your towel, you noticed his hands covered in sugar and syrup. Violet eyes looked sullen, casting down at the sand as if the Gods themselves have wronged him in some way.

 “Aww, I’m sorry Atsu-kun! Go clean up and I’ll run and get us some chips. Those can survive the heat.” You gave him a reassuring smile and the giant nodded before lumbering off to clean his hands. Figuring no one would bother stealing two old towels, you walked to one of the small convenience stands that lined the beach resort. Making your way down the aisles you piled your arms high with heat resistant treats.

 “Hello, is that all today?” The clerk was friendly and helped you bag everything. However, as you turned, your well-endowed chest knocked over a few products on the counter. Face flushing red you went to fix everything but froze when you heard a few sharp snickers from behind.

 “Maybe you shouldn’t have told the doctor to give you such large implants.” A snobby girl jokes, earning another harsh snort from her friend. Your body felt warm from the rising embarrassment and words failed to come forth in your own defense.

 “Leave _____-chin alone or I will crush you.” The familiar drawl of your boyfriend earned everyone’s attention. His height towered over everyone, but the aura he gave off felt like a tidal wave of ice cold anger. Without another word, you ran to grab his hand, smiling at how it enclosed around your own. “Come on ____-chin. Let’s go enjoy the beach. Did you get my favorite chips?” You couldn’t help it, you just started laughing.

 “Yes Atsu-kun, I got your chips. Let’s go big hero.” You patted his lower back, which was the easiest to reach, and headed back to your spot. You doubt Murasakibara knew why the girls were laughing at you, but that was his charm. He didn’t care why. As long as people treated you nicely, he was happy. Simple as that.



 It had been a few hours and you could already feel your feet slowly dying in the heels you had chosen to wear. Yet, what hurt even more than your death trap shoes, was the horrible pain your bra was causing. Every movement almost brought up a hiss to your lips as the underwire bit into your skin and the weight of your well-endowed chest pressed down on the raw skin more than necessary. 

 “Babe, what are you doing over here in the corner? Come party!” Shogo smirked with a drink in his hand while the music blared around you both, blocking out the murmur of the club’s patrons.

 “But I’m sore, how much longer do we have to stay?” You pouted, knowing he wanted to party a bit longer most likely.

 “Seriously? We haven’t even been here that long…” He pulled you in close as the next song started, causing you both to dance sensually with each other. His arm draped around you, hand pressing unknowingly against your sore skin. This time a hiss managed to bubble up, catching Haizaki off guard. His usual scowl was replaced with the smallest hint of worry, though part of you thought it was your imagination. 

 “Sorry, Shogo…it’s this stupid bra. It’s the only strapless one I could find in my size on short notice but it pinches so bad. Maybe I should have gone commando…” You looked down in annoyance, wishing the stupid bra would stop ruining your night. However, sneaky fingers found their way to the back of your dress, skillfully unlocking your bra through the dress. In one fluid movement, you felt two conflicting emotions. On one hand, you were terrified someone would see your large breasts pressing dangerously against your small dress, but on the other hand you felt instant relief from the pain. The strapless monstrosity slowly fell to floor, only to be lost in the crowd much to your horror. He leaned forward, his breath skimming your ear in hot pants.

 “Guess we have to take the party home. Never liked you hiding these gems anyways.”


 The gym was quiet, only yourself and Nebuya finishing up your respective workouts That often consumed your free time. For the final part, you both met on one of the large floor mats so you could get in some stretching and ab workouts to polish your routine off.

 “Alright, time for push-ups. Want to do them with me?” He looked over at you with a cheeky smile, as you finished your last stretch. You knew that look…it was a challenge. The two of you were very fit and found the gym to be the perfect arena for your flirtatious and competitive natures. Without thinking it through you gave a small smile of your own and joined him on the floor.

 “You’re on muscles!” You laughed while taking the correct stance for a standard push up. You waited for the ‘go’ and the second he voiced it, you kept in time with his counting. However, you noticed a problem…for every push-up you found that you couldn’t go all the way down. Your over-sized chest prevented you from doing the push-up correctly, even with your absurdly expensive sports bra.

 “Oi, go parallel to the floor, no cheating Missy!” Nebuya’s laugh boomed next to you. Your cheeks became flush at his teasing but you shot him an irritated pout.

 “But I can’t…” Your whine came out more childish than intended and your arms pushed you up fully as he wandered over to you.

 “Yeah you can babe, this is nothing compared to what you have been benching lately.” His grin made you realize that he didn’t quite understand your problem. With a small huff, you drew his attention back to yourself.

 “Eikichi-baka…watch.” Without another word, you went down for a push-up and as usual, your chest hit the floor, long before you could lower to the correct position. A second passed before a booming laugh made your red cheeks flare even more.

 “Well, I guess push-ups aren’t for you babe.” He leaned down and grabbed you around the waist, hoisting you up into a firm hug against his rumbling chest. “We will stick to the bench press from now on babe. Promise.” His giant grin made your heart flutter as you realized he didn’t care whether or not you were limited to certain workouts because of your large ‘girls’. As long as you hit the gym together, he would be all smiles.

iv-b. i knew i loved you then

but you’d never know

ft. midorima shintarou

This is the thing that made me want to rip my hair off my head because of my PC randomly blue-screening me. To those who responded to the rant, thank you for your understanding!

@ourneverendingpossibilities​ it’s nice that you have such a positive outlook in life!! I was so mad when it happened, but since it’s complete now I guess everything’s okay ヽ(*>∇<)ノ 

@squirrelsass13​ thanks for the encouragement! I rarely ever write on Word (it transfers weirdly when I copy and paste the text on tumblr) so I was typing straightaway on my Drafts… I click on “Save Draft” every paragraph now lol

Faint connections to the previous installation of Cantabile

Fem!Reader. Semi-NSFW. Long (2728 words).

I’m sorry if this sucks but… yeah.

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Why do you play?

Isn’t being a doctor busy enough for you?

I’d ask you to tutor my son if you weren’t so busy!

Wow, you’re very ambitious. 

Those are words spoken by housewives, small medium enterprise owners, and white-collar workers. Midorima doesn’t think that they’re somehow lower than him in any aspect—sure, they earnings are technically lesser than his, but how does that define someone as a person? He meets these people everywhere, the people that make up his community, his society: at the clinic, in parties, at the grocery store… It’s no secret that he’s seen as an outstanding person by these people. 

Twenty-seven, has the letters “M.D.” behind his name, helps people get over all sorts of sicknesses from light ones like a common cold to not-so-light ones like diabetes, plays piano as a hobby.

It’s not really surprising to the people who ask him “what do you do in your free time?” because, you know, doctors. They’re classy and smart and all. Sure they can play the piano—he can probably play the violin, too.

But you can see their eyes significantly widen when they know he has a diploma in piano, certified by the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music. Where is that name from? The United Kingdom. Why did you take it?

He always tells them it was just for fun, but a small voice inside him knows the truth: somewhere deep in his heart, he wanted to be a pianist.

His first words to you are: “It’s a common cold.”

“That much I can see, Doctor,” you deadpan, holding a tissue against your runny nose. He sighs. 

Midorima is used to handling all sorts of patients: naggy, rude, stubborn people… he’s seen them all in the past four years of his practice. Today, however, it’s only after lunchtime and he already wants to go home already. Maybe attending Akashi’s party last night isn’t really a great idea. Sure, it’s not a DJ-inviting or dance floor grinding kind of party, so he’s not physically tired—he’s tired from all the socializing with fake people. “Meet new people,” was Akashi’s reasoning for inviting the doctor, and of course Midorima did, but none of them were enjoyable.

To be precise, he can’t tell if they’re really enjoyable or not through layers of faux talk. Akashi texted him earlier, expressing his regrets that it was somewhat an unpleasant experience for Midorima. He also wrote “but I won’t stop inviting you to these social events—I understand how you think they’re superficial, but I can guarantee you that they genuinely enjoyed your piano very much.”

Well, if there’s one thing Midorima likes about those parties, it’s that he’s presented the opportunity to play.

“As a doctor, I have to announce the diagnosis to you, don’t I?” He replies, scribbling a pen on his prescription pad. “I’m prescribing you to these basic medications, but since your cold isn’t a serious one—yet—I highly recommend that you consume home remedies before resorting to these medicines.”


“Turmeric tea, ginger tea, a mixture of lemon, cinnamon, and honey.”

“Got it.”

“Control your diet; you don’t want to eat food that’s going to worsen your cough.”

A sound of ripping paper. He hands the slip to you.

“You don’t remember me do you?”

That takes Midorima by surprise.

“Have we met before?” He asks warily as you take the prescription paper from his hand and fold it, putting it inside your handbag. Your lips form a small smile, and Midorima eyebrows furrows.

“You sang last night, didn’t you.” It sounds like a question, but his tone makes it clear that it’s rhetorical. He knows for sure that it was you who was dragged by one of your acquaintances that claimed you to be the best singer in a ten-mile radius—the expression itself is a horrible exaggeration, but when Midorima hears you sing, he has to admit that you do have an exceptionally lovely voice.

His first words to you turns out to be “what key?” instead of an illness announcement because he was the pianist accompanying you.

“You look different, Ms. Fly Me To The Moon,” he says aloofly, writing something on a document. You chuckle at the nickname, not knowing that the stoic doctor-slash pianist has the capacity to be somewhat playful, and towards the opposite sex, nonetheless. Midorima can only admire how melodious your laugh is, even when your voice is nasally from the cold. 

“At least you remember what I sang.”

“Like I said, you look different,” he repeats. You were clad in an elegant evening gown for the party last night, and although Midorima doesn’t have the eye to identify expensive clothing brands and such, he is able to appreciate how attractive you looked in the attire. Your hair was done simply in a style that matches your dress, and among the slight make-up you applied, he notices the suppleness of your colored lips first. 

The person sitting in front of him doesn’t carry the glamour of the party—you’re slightly pale, dressed humbly in a sweater and jeans—but the lack of make-up, fancy hairdo and dress doesn’t affect how beautiful you look, in his opinion. Your eyes still glows the same captivating way as he witnessed last night.

“Yes, well,” you sigh with a smile as you stand up, “you better engrave how I look last night deep in your memory, doctor, because I’m never going to attend one of those high-end social events ever again.” The first part was sarcastically said, but Midorima finds himself doing as you told, picturing the details of your gown and hearing your singing voice echo in his mind. Being a quite introvert doesn’t mean he’s immune to any of your charms.

“Shame,” he finds himself saying. You smirk, pausing right before you walk out the door.

“What, not being able to see me all dressed up again?” Ten years ago, Midorima would’ve easily flushed red at the teasing remark. He’s way past that now, and instead of reacting like the teenage boy he was, he looks straight into your eyes when he says:

“I was talking about how it’s a shame that I won’t hear you sing again, but that too.”

Two months later what you said proves to be a blatant lie. You’re standing beside Midorima, arms hooked with his, a casual sign that the two of you are attending together, presumably as a romantic couple. This time it isn’t Akashi’s, but a business partner of his—he nevertheless invited Midorima along to provide him the audience for his piano, and regarding yourself… well, you’re accompanying the pianist. It’s not like you’re crashing this party or anything.

It’s only your third “date” with the man, so to have the opportunity to see him up-close in a formal setting that requires guests to dress up is exhilarating, to say the least. Midorima’s handsome enough in his casual attire—having to stand next to him wearing a nicely tailored, dark-colored suit while having to keep your hands to yourself is almost some sort of punishment. And the collar button of his shirt! He always buttons his shirt all the way up and wears a tie to complement the outfit, but for some unknown reason he’s left it open this time and disregarded the tie.

If you didn’t know any better, he’s trying to tease you. 

“It’s rare to find you with someone by your arm, Midorima-kun.”

“Akashi,” Midorima acknowledges the voice. You turn to meet the redhead face to face, smiling softly.

“Good evening, Akashi-san.”

“Hello, _________. Good to see you,” he replies smoothly, as you reply in a similar manner. “Even more surprising finding out that you’re with him tonight. Are you two…?”

The two of you exchange looks as if telepathically deciding who should answer, and turns out you are. 

“Sort of,” you say, and the hint of mischief in your smile cannot be missed by even the most oblivious person in the room. Akashi surely isn’t one, but thankfully he doesn’t push you further.

“It’s a long story,” Midorima chips in, as if his relationship with you bloomed out of a blackmail kind of situation of some sorts. You chuckle, and so does Akashi —the latter is gracious enough to show the two of you to where the piano is.

“What are we?”

You are in his arms, as naked as he is, leaning your face against his chest and feeling the beat of his heart when you ask the question. It’s a summer night, and the sheets are loosely resting on your waist, the two of you too hot and sweaty from your previous activity to pull it all the way up to your neck. One of his hands is drawing soft circles with his thumb on your bare skin, while the other one that is untaped (very uncharacteristic of him, but it’s a sign of a good night) brush your hair in long, loving strokes.

He doesn’t respond. You snuggle closer into his chest, relishing the sensation of his nakedness against yours while you think of all the times you’ve spent with him. That one time you had lunch together, those meaningless parties you go to just so you can watch him play and he can hear you sing, the nights you stay together at his place. You’ve spent at least a hundred hours with him, though it doesn’t feel long or dragged—those hours are cherished and enjoyed to the fullest, arguments (petty or not) included.

But it’s his reserved nature that makes you feel insecure sometimes. Tonight is one of those nights.

You move up so that your face is right in front of his because you want to look at him in the eyes. He’s beautiful, the viridian undisturbed by the lenses of his glasses—the eyewear is carefully situated on the nightstand before all this began. You’re sure he can see you clearly from this proximity, your nose against his, your hand caressing his cheek. His hands drift down from the crown of your head to your chest, cupping your breast and playing with a nipple as his eyes grow half-lidded.

Midorima is the one to lean in first, engaging you in a chaste kiss, a perfect juxtaposition what with his hand groping your chest and the other slowly travelling down to your ass, stroking every inch of skin possible. You are the one to pull away, arms around his neck and eyes clouded with lust, thanks to the things he’s doing to your body.

“Do you love me?” The question comes out as a whisper.

“I’ll show you how much,” he answers in a heartbeat before he kisses you again, bringing your body under his. 

He never fails to convince you.

The afternoon sunrays shining through the high glass windows of the music hall are almost blinding, considering how dark it was just a few moments ago in the auditorium. You’re by Midorima’s side as per usual, looking around nervously with a bouquet of daisies and orchids in your arms. Your husband seems to be scanning the area like you are, and when you hear a shrill yell of a young child you know it’s who you’re looking for.

“Mama! Papa!”

The little girl, currently nine years old, runs towards the two of you with two or three large bouquets in her arms, the majority of her face covered by flowers. You laugh at the sight, crouching to hug her tightly once she reaches. Noises of plastic being scrunched can bother you less, as you feel your daughter burying her face against your chest. She pulls away to immediately look up at his father with bright eyes.

“Papa, how did I do?!”

“You did good, nanodayo,” he answers, a faint smile on his face as he fixes his glasses, “although there’s room for improvement in terms of arpeggiation—”

You gasp exaggeratedly, drowning the remaining of Midorima’s sentence. 

“Shiina! Papa says you did a good job! Do you know what that means??”

“No!” She replies, confused but ecstatic.

“I promised you we can go have dinner wherever you want if Papa praises you,” you reply, and the confused expression on her face melts into real unabashed excitement.

“Mama, are you serious!?” Shiina’s voice has become high-pitched from the bubbling enthusiasm that seems to have taken over her whole small body. “We can go anywhere I want!?”

“Yep,” you nod for further affirmation. “Papa has agreed on this, too,” this time you look over at Midorima, only to be amused to find the deadpan expression on his face. You give him a wink, and Midorima, witnessing his own daughter having such a great time just because you told her she can eat whatever she wants for dinner, can’t help but melt a little.

“Maji! I want Maji!”

“Sure, we’ll go to Maji tonight,” you say accommodatingly. Midorima can only smile down at the girl when she looks up at him, a face-splitting grin on her face. Even though her physical attributes are definitely inherited from him, she obviously takes after you in terms personality.

“And then I want to have ice cream after dinner! Can I, Papa? Let’s go home so I can prepare for dinner!!”

“You may, Shiina,” he sighs amusedly—what does a nine-year old kid want to do to ‘prepare for dinner’? “But before we go home you must meet Uncle Akashi first. He came to see you perform, you know.”

“Uncle Akashi is here!?” 

You chuckle. It’s a wonder how said man is viewed as intimidating and merciless among most adults dabbling in business, but is the opposite in the eyes of children. Shiina is almost obsessed with Akashi, what with his gentlemanly behavior that reminds her of Prince Charming. Shiina once even told you that since she can’t marry Papa, maybe she’ll marry Uncle Akashi instead—you have yet to tell Akashi this, but you have a feeling he already knows.

Speak of the devil, the redhead can be seen from twenty feet away thanks to his hair color, maneuvering amongst the crowd to approach your family. Shiina’s acting very much like an excited puppy, and you wonder if it’s immoral to compare the behavior of your human child to an animal (despite said animal being unbelievably cute as well), but that doesn’t matter anymore because Shiina is already in Akashi’s arms as he lifts her up in the air, chuckling amusedly.

Midorima looks at the scene with mild jealousy in his eyes—not that his eyes aren’t green in the first place.


The usually animated voice of your daughter is now tired and soft as you tuck her in. She must’ve been exhausted after the performance.

“Yes, honey?”

“Can you tell me a bedtime story?” This piques your interest a little, because she’s stopped asking for stories before bed for almost a year now.

“Sure. What would you like to hear?” 

“The other day… Mai-chan and Reika-chan were talking about how their parents met and fell in love,” she says shyly, hiding her face behind a beloved doll. “Can you please tell me how you and Papa met, Mama? You’ve never told me that story before.”

You chuckle.

“You’re gonna have to ask Papa for that, honey. It’s a long story anyways, and you’re tired. Best go to sleep soon.”

“Okay…” Shiina says, and it’s not hard to pick up the disappointment in her voice.

“Goodnight honey,” you kiss her cheek before turning off the lights.

“’Night, Mama.”

Truth be told, there is no ‘long story’. Midorima just called you one day to ask you out for coffee with a tinge of nervousness in his voice that you can spot even from the other side of the line. You ended up scheduling a lunch instead, and if Shiina asks him to tell her how you fell in love with each other, he’ll have no explanation except of how breathtakingly beautiful you look with sunshine on your skin and a smile on your face as you talk about music and food and the stars. 

He will ask Shiina to keep it a secret from you, of course, because if you know he’s been in love with you for that long, he knows you’re never going to let it go.

youroldwiseowl  asked:

Akashi picks up the same sickness of his mother and has his days numbered. He has just proposed to his girlfriend and both couldn't wait to get married, but what would he do now? would he straightaway tell her, or getting her to leave him and find happiness elsewhere?

The pain was starting to become quite a hindrance to Akashi’s life. It was becoming harder and harder for him to hide it from his new fiance. Although she was still reeling with joy from the engagement, the sudden winces of pain in his face were starting to become more apparent and he knew that she might catch on sooner or later. The question for him though, was he ready for her to find out the complete truth?

“We’re sorry Akashi-san, the treatments aren’t working any more. We can’t subdue it any longer. We’re hopeful that you’ll have at least a year, but because of the harsh treatments you’ve been going through, it could be a lot less,” the doctors told Akashi the one news he didn’t want to hear.

“Thank you doctor, do you mind giving me a minute?” Akashi lightly smiled at his doctor. He knew it was hard for his doctor as well. This family doctor was there for his birth and was the one that went through this with Akashi’s own mother. It must’ve been hard to tell Akashi the same thing he had told Akashi’s mother years prior. He stared down at his hands and balled them into fists. He was getting weaker. He needed to make his decision.


You had prepared dinner waiting for Akashi to come back home. As you were finishing up setting the food down, you can hear Akashi’s light steps walking through the home. “Hey honey, welcome back,” you call out as your walk towards his steps. A loud thud sounds just as you were about to turn the corner and you see Akashi huffing quietly on the ground. You run towards him, “Seijuurou! What’s wrong, what happened?” from the strained expression on his face, you could tell he was in a considerable amount of pain.

“My body just couldn’t wait until I was in a decent place to fail me?” Akashi chuckled as you held him up. “We have to talk,” he looks up at you.


You waited in the too-clean waiting room of the hospital toying with your engagement ring. The days in here had only increased since you found out.

“I want you to be happy,” Akashi told you.

“What do you mean, Seijuurou? I am happy.”

“I want you to be happy in the future… without me.” It seemed like the world stopped as Akashi told you about his condition. A future… without him…?

“Marry someone you love in the future.”

“But I love you, now and forever, that’s why I want to marry you,” tears poured from your eyes.

“You always were so stubborn,” Akashi said as he wiped the tears from your cheeks.

Wedding plans were halted as Akashi’s condition worsened. Although he had initially insisted to keep going for your sake, you could tell that any significant amount of time he spent out, it hurt him incredibly. “He is stable, you may see him now,” the doctor informed you.

“Thank you doctor,” you said as you quickly entered Akashi’s hospital room. You had never seen Akashi look so weak before. As he laid in the bed, his eyes were closed and his breathing was even. You gently took his hand in yours and listened to his breathing, wishing it would never stop.


You had gone to that one spot every month for the past year. Akashi’s face on the thick slab of concrete stared back at you. As you knelt by Akashi’s grave, the engagement ring that he had given you a year ago glistened in the sun. You two never were able to go through with the wedding. He kept saying you should get married once to the love of your life. He wanted you to live your life even after his death. As much as it pained him not to marry you, it pained him even more to pin you down to someone that wouldn’t be able to give you the love he thought you deserved in life. Even after his death, he was still thinking about only you.

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How would Akashi's Teiko-scientist-creator-person, the one featured in You Could Never Wear My Crown, have reacted to finding out that Akashi called Masaomi 'father'? I'm sorry if you've already addressed this at some point, I looked but I couldn't find anything. (I love your stories and they bring joy to my life, particularly this latest arc you've started because it talks about Youji and his background, and Youji is an amazing person!!!)

0102 drifts in and out of consciousness, and he has lost too much of himself. He hears voices, but does not fully understand what is said.

“—sure that we should have done this. He was adopted by Akashi Masaomi, after all, and Akashi-san is not someone who we should anger—”

“Don’t be absurd. Akashi is a pragmatist, I doubt there is any emotional attachment we need to be concerned about.”


“And anyway, you give that businessman too much credit as an adversary. He is not a threat to us.”

0102 stirs, and he is not fully aware of where his own words are coming from when he says, “You should not underestimate my father.”

There is a long silence, followed by an incredulous exclamation of, “Your father? You don’t have a father. You were created in a lab; I designed you. Don’t be sentimental, 0102.”

In the eyes of the law I am not your guardian but your father. It’s a trite and antiquated title to express forced familial bonds we really should have moved past as a society by now, but it’s important to keep up appearances for the lesser folk.

“I am not being sentimental,” Seijuurou says, returning to himself just a little as he focuses on the man who created him. “In the eyes of the law, he is my father.”

The scientist looks almost dumbfounded. “You can’t expect me to believe you think he’s going to save you.”

“No,” Seijuurou says. I expect you to be able to handle yourself in any situation, Seijuurou. If you need me to bail you out then you wouldn’t be an Akashi. “I do not expect him to come for me. I only meant that you would be wiser not to make him your enemy.”

“Why, 0102, you continue to surprise me. Have you really formed some sort of familial attachment?”

“Don’t be absurd.” Let me tell you something about family, Seijuurou. Bonds created by blood ties or love will only ever let you down. In the end, the only bond worth forging is solidified by mutual respect. “He is not my family. But he does have something you will never have.”

“I can’t wait to find out what.”

“My respect.”

There is another long silence, and the man who created him just stares down, with cold calculation. “Clearly, 0102, today’s session has not worked properly. We will have to start all over again.”


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