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Gom + takao + kagami walk in on their so crying over a Disney movie?

Guess who went out and watched Moana! This girl! (╥ ω ╥)

Kuroko: Light sniffling from your direction was the last thing Kuroko expected to hear. Looking up from his book, he glanced at the television to reassure himself that you were still watching the same movie you’d been watching an hour ago. So why was it that you were crying?

“Tetsuya,” you sniffled, wiping away a tear. “If we ever needed to, could we adopt 101 Dalmations just like Roger and Anita?”

Ah, so that was the reason. “That’s a bit much, ____…”

Kagami: He never thought he would find himself getting emotional over a dog, especially a dog in a movie, but something about seeing you beginning to tear up got to Kagami. The way your lip quivered and your breath came out in uneven puffs as you tried to finish the old movie.

“Why’d they kill Old Yeller?” Your whimpering practically broke his heart. “I mean, I know why, but still…”

Kagami couldn’t help but start tearing up as well.

Kise: The lullaby he had heard at the beginning of the movie had been so soothing, Kise was almost lulled to sleep.  A few minutes later though, when he heard you softly crying, he was full of attention and wondering what exactly had gone wrong.

“Eh? Did something happen? ____cchi, why are you crying?”

“Circus owners are so mean,” you explained, voice thick with tears. “They didn’t have to take Dumbo away from his mom…”

Aomine: When he first heard what movie you were watching, Aomine wanted to laugh at you. What grown teenager would watch The Tigger Movie in their right mind? The laughable, bouncy animal was just too childish for him to pay any real attention to the movie. Or so he thought.

“He deserves to have a family, too,” you cried, rubbing furiously at your eyes to rid yourself of tears while Aomine rubbed soothingly at your back.

Damn. Since when did kid’s movies get so deep?

Midorima: It was hard to believe that you were crying at this moment, especially since it was over something fictional. Midorima couldn’t help but shake his head over how emotional you were getting, chalking it up to how empathetic you could be at times.

“Nothing that bad even happened in the movie,” he muttered mainly to himself. “Why are you crying?”

“The Aristocats deserve all the happiness in the world, Shintarou!”

Takao: He could hear the sad music all the way from his position in the kitchen. From its melancholic tones, Takao knew exactly what movie you were watching. There was no way he would be caught viewing it again, especially during that scene. What kid’s movie put a scene like that in it anyway?

“Kazunari,” you called, your voice halfway between a sob and a hiccup. “Come in here! I need you to hug my sad away!”

“No way! I don’t want to go through The Fox and the Hound again this week!”

Murasakibara: The thought of a living, conscious car was a bit creepy to Murasakibara, so he wasn’t too keen on watching Herbie: Fully Loaded with you. Making excuses that he had other things to do, he didn’t walk into the room until well after the movie was close to its end.

“He won!” You were screaming, tears of joy sliding down your face as you jumped up and down on the couch. “Herbie won! He won!”

Murasakibara never knew these kinds of movies would get you so excited.

Akashi: Holes was a story Akashi remembered reading as a book long before he heard about the movie, so he already knew what to expect. The same couldn’t be said for you though. Luckily, he knew exactly when to walk in so he could comfort you when needed.

“All she wanted to do was love him,” you cried.

Akashi had the volume turned down and the television paused as you composed yourself. “Don’t worry,” he assured, “Everything will work out in the end.”

  • Kuroko: Stop being a tease.
  • Akashi: What could I possibly imply with my tongue poking the inside of my mouth?
  • Kuroko, getting angry: Fu-
  • Akashi, interrupting by putting his finger on Kuroko's lips and bending forward: Maybe later.
Probably me if I was transported into Attack on Titan
  • Commander Erwin: Why do you want to join the Survey Corps Cadet?!!

Here’s a comparison between their old and new character design.