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Michael is everything I've ever wished for and more physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. He told me he loved me first, about 5 months in. I realized I loved him when my mom was in the hospital for a week in July, and he came to visit everyday that week when he got off of work and would stay all night just to make sure we were both ok. And while I was focused on helping my mom, he was focused on helping me. And he has always been there for me, since day one. I love him <3

aw that’s just so sweet!

i just….

Michael sounds like a keeper! we find out who really loves us, not when things are easy but when things are hard, sometimes seemingly impossibly hard. he was there by your side, helping to be your rock while you tried to be there for your mom.

someone so kind and generous and tender is definitely a blessing.

thank you for sharing!!!! i’m so so happy for you and your love

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Hey Nissi, I'm a cashier at Kroger, and lately we've been selling a ton of kale. I know it's a type of lettuce, but is it the kind you put in like a salad, or the kind you cook? Just wondering, I'm curious.

there are soooooo many uses for kale!

i use it in my smoothies in the morning. kale plus lots of fruits and fruit juice = a drink jam packed with nutrients. and you can’t even taste the kale!

i put kale in my pasta dishes, like my lasagna or my casseroles. it’s a great way to sneak in some veggies with foods that i already love

some people eat kale in a salad. you can do that too. for me, kale is too grassy and bitter to eat on it’s own, but i know some people that just love it

use kale anywhere you’d use spinach. the options are endless :)