@papa-liukin I’m very confused about this though. Is everyone skipping Russian Cup to go to Universiade instead? Because both are taking place around the same time unless they plan to postpone Russian Cup. Currently they are scheduled for the same week.

I don’t know but the source I saw said they are only doing 2 competitions before Worlds which are Russian Cup and Universiade. Which makes it sound like they’ll be doing both so they must be planning on rescheduling Russian Cup.

Speaking of Universiade, I wonder if USA will send anyone for MAG. It would be super awesome to throw in some of the great NCAA gymnasts, imagine if they send Yul! Or Akash or Allan. That would be awesome.


I star in this SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT regarding Akash: Path of the Five, a game by Truant Pixel that I’ll be voicing for.

Imagine your OTP - Haunted House
  • *Going to a Haunted House*
  • Person A: If you get scared, you can hold my hand
  • Person B: O-okay
  • *Enters House*
  • Person A: *Clings to B* D-don't w-worry, none of this is real.
  • Person B: ...
  • Person B: I'm not scared
  • Person A: I wasn't talking to you