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Please reblog if you’re a witch of one year, five years, 10 years or even just considering making the transition into a magickal life. I’d like to make more witch friends that I can chat with here on tumblr, impart knowledge with, send gifts to, receive gifts, meet in person, learn with, laugh with, and genuinely have good conversations with. This is not about gaining popularity, so please scroll on if that is your motive.

Only reblog if you truly want friends in the witch community to do these things with. 

When You Reblog:

Be sure to look through the notes and add those who you find interest in or any random user and start up a conversation! Or even send them an ask about their blog, about them, ask questions, get to know one another

This community needs to strengthen itself through companionship, we’re all brothers and sisters of the craft, whether it’s Wicca, Santeria, Shamanic magick, Angelic magick, Hoodoo, etc.. We all hold so much ancient knowledge imparted on us throughout the centuries and our past lives, whether your guides come from Lemuria or Atlantis, whether you’ve learned Shamanic magick through family, Santeria from your mother, whether you’re a Wise One, an Indigo; we all hold the key to our Akashic Records, and we should develop friendships with those who also know these things because how magnificent is it to share such a bond with someone we’ve only just met?! At least, in this lifetime anyway. 

So please, let’s strengthen our bond. I don’t care if you’re 15 or 65. I’d like more friends who share a common interest/lifestyle that is such an important part of my life. 

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Because I've watch so many YouTube pranks, How would Aomine+Midorima+Himuro+Kagami+Kasamatsu react if their s/o pulled a cheating prank on them. Nothing too risky though, like a prank they can laugh off in the end.

tbh though, pranks like these can be damaging

Kuroko: Trying his best to wipe away the tears that had been shedding, he nearly rubs them a raw red. Kuroko pouts angrily at you for a while, but eventually he’s able to gently chuckle at how well you had fooled him.

Kagami: His heart still hurts even after you’ve revealed it was all a big, elaborate prank. Kagami is eventually able to scoff at your horrible joke, flicking your forehead every time you bring it up, but a sense of insecurity still lingers.

Kise: He’s practically on the verge of tears by the time you decide to let him know it’s a prank. When you finally tell the truth, giggling a bit nervously, he lets his tears fall, but this time they’re of joy. Kise’s just glad he still has your heart.

Kasamatsu: He already thought he wasn’t the best for you, but this stunt seemed to run that thought home. Even though it was a prank, Kasamatsu never forgot about it, forcing himself to laugh when it came up in conversation.

Aomine: There are no words coming from him as you tell him you’ve cheated on him. He’s so speechless, he doesn’t even react when you finally tell him it was a joke. You’d expect Aomine to scream and yell, but his silence is scarier.

Midorima: This wasn’t funny to him at all; not before, not during, and definitely not after you’d revealed it was a prank. It takes Midorima a while to get over it, but he never really is able to look at the situation with a joking light.

Murasakibara: For a moment, you thought he’d start throwing a tantrum, but instead he starts crying, wiping furiously at his eyes. Murasakibara didn’t like this prank at all; he didn’t like the thought of you slipping through his fingers.

Himuro: It was a little out of character for him to be crying, but what could you expect? Himuro had seriously thought he was losing you to someone else. The bright side? He knew now you were a pretty good actor.

Akashi: Ironically, the silence that he’s answering you with is still just as deafening as if he’d been yelling. When you tell Akashi it’s a joke, he shakes his head, a relieved smile crossing his lips. You could be so silly sometimes.

Hanamiya: You hadn’t expected Hanamiya to throw the nearest thing to him, a book, at the wall, so you immediately tell him its a joke. He doesn’t find it funny in the least, forgiving you, but never wanting to speak of the moment again.

Can we just appreciate everything going on in this gif.

Arnav: Hahahha dumbass.

Akash: What did you really expect man?



gmb akash

I’m not the one for reportings stuff in photography, I really love art works and portraiture.. but.. he’s one of the best young-generation reporters I’ve seen around. I’ve the pleasure to know him in person. we are good friends now.. like brothers..he’s a great person… or as i love to say.. a great human being. there’s a difference. anyway.. take a tour.. stumble upon these great pics.. and feel the art touch on reporting… it’s not so obvious.

$35 for the Sky

By Gangeyyo Bhattacharjee

The newest addition to the list of engineering wonders at least in terms of price and value for money is the 35$ tablet called “Aakash”(hindi for the sky) which has been developed by Datawind, a UK based developer of web access products. The 7-inch tablet is loaded with features like resistive touch screen with 800x480 resolution and weighs 350 gm, 256 MB RAM and internal storage of 2GB flash memory. The tablet also supports flexible memory of 32 GB, USB port. The pre-loaded software comprises internet browsers, PDF reader, video conferencing facilities, open office, sci-lab, media player, remote device management capability, multimedia input-output interface option, and multiple content viewers and many more. The device also features telephony to make and receive calls over GSM band. The product has specially been designed to suit the needs of students in Indian colleges. The government will buy the tablets at 50$ each and will offer it to universities at 35$ after subsidizing the rates. It will later be released for retail sale at a price of 45$ only for Indian markets. The software runs on android 2.2 Operating System and if 25000 colleges across 400 universities are linked through it, as planned, India will also become the largest android market in the world.

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