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Yoshida Akari 7th August 2017 Blog Translation

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Title: The end of the 2-day LIVE…

Hello everyone!

This is Yoshida Akari, also known as Akarin!

Now that the 2-day live has come to an end…

There are really just so many things I’ve wanted to talk about, so I decided to write it all on this blog.

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So Momoka and Maokyun be leading the MC discussing Sayamilky, and Sayamilky be looking from the sidelines after changing.

Oh no the camera caught me smiling at all this Sayamilky happenings

*looks the other way*

(air: I had to put this bec this cap was too cute)

Sayanee be like wut while Milky be clapping. 

bonus: Nagisa in the background grinning her face off.

Maokyun be apologising and bowing so Milky shoots her an OK sign telling her dw while Sayanee keeps defending herself MCing

*keeps talking*

yall know what eff this and this is a quote

“I’ll leave our (Sayamilky) relationship to everybody’s imagination”

RIOT (exhibit 1: Akarin)

Milky’s cheeky ooohhh~ (exhibit 2a: Fuuchan whaaat)

(air: also put this in because kawaii) (exhibit 2b: Fuuchan shockuu, and whoever is lmao-ing in the background)