It’s cold. Nobody had been around for awhile, not even the ‘protag’. It wondered where they could have gone, but part of it knew that they weren’t coming back any time soon. Apparently, it had scared them off? Maybe it was something like that, However there was a strange feeling. It was the same feeling it got when they entered this world- but less exciting. It was… boring, even. Someone it had never met before, someone it could care less about.

That person… was in the same room as it was currently. 

It was probably convenient it could change it’s form at will. Adorning a more humanoid form seemed more fitting at this moment anyways. But nonetheless it’s body was nearly invisible in the inky blackness of the car park that they stood in. Usually, “LETS PLAY TAG” would have been written in blood on one of the walls. It wasn’t right now, no, because it wasn’t expecting someone new to just come in so suddenly. 

Clawlike hands scraped against the floor, producing a very noticeable sound. It didn’t care right now. It wanted to find the person.


Hey everyone! It looks like NMB48’s Yoshida Akari aka Akarin has opened up an official YouTube channel! Her channel is linked here, so please subscribe to her channel and (if you’d like) watch her video to support her! She’s the second girl in all of the 48G to open her own personal YouTube channel (the first being SKE48′s Matsumura Kaori), so I’m really excited!

Akarin is part of NMB48′s 1st generation and Team N, has been in 10 of their 13 A-side senbatsu lineups, and has ranked in SSK for the past three years. Honestly I don’t know too much about her, but I’m super excited to see what she’ll do with her YouTube channel! <3 This first video looks like she’s teaching you how to curl your hair lol


Ameba Blog 2016-01-28

a little context for the last picture:

when the girls were taking pictures of their palms to be sent in for examining for the Lucky Girl ranking, Akarin sent in.. this one along with it.. 

the palm reader Shimada-san seemed to like it a lot, so he made it into a t-shirt and wore it under his suit the entire broadcast, though it didn’t get aired lol