I’ve been secretly gender fluid for a very long time now, and always wanted to go public about it. Well, earlier I felt very discouraged about this, because for some reason, I’ve always been ashamed of being gender fluid. So I drew this as a little ‘good luck, cheer up’ thing.

Maybe someone else will 'connect’ with this. I don’t know.
I don’t even care how anatomically incorrect this is, I like it. It’s cute. Okay bye.

We have come such a long way, Syn started this blog November 23rd 2012. We’ve now reached the great number of nine artist, some new and some old. But we are more then just a group of artists, working together on a pony art blog. We are friends. Together we keep this amazing blog up and running. We all have such different art styles, which is what keeps this blog so interesting. Every single artist here is very skilled and always improving! Together we made it this far.

Cassette, Tracymod, Tim, ThiefOfCookies, Akara, Syn, Anjeval, NamiAne and Nerdypup.

A big, warm thank you to both the artists and the followers. We wouldn’t have made it without you.