Overseas fans.

So I’m here at the other side of the world, and I know that maybe I could not ever go to a concert of any Johnny’s groups. You know what I mean? I’ll have to spend a fortune only on plane tickets plus the concert tickets.

I have to deal with delayed information, concerts reports, information about their dramas just because information doesn’t travel as fast as I’d like it to.

Also, if I want to get merchandise I need to pay twice or three times the price that Japanese fans pay plus a super expensive shipping fee.

So please don’t say that overseas fans are less than Japanese fans (I’ve been told this like 3-5 times, believe me it’s frustrating and disrespectful).

So don’t you think that we are so faithful with our favourite groups? We do crazy things just to help them to rank #1 in Japanese charts. (Like buy official merchandise with a second party).

Thank you.

*nakamaru birthday post*


This scene actually really stuck at my head, it gives me the impression that this is how nakamaru is! humble, ordinary and loyal friend type.

we love you nakamaruuuu~

- KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates Live Concert -「un-」

cartoon kat-tun

Okay guys,

so, I literally spend years collecting Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes with english subtitles and I finally managed to get the full Season 1 and Season 2. 
I still have half the episodes (if not more) to go with Season 3, so please, if anyone know where I can find any episode of Season 3 with english subtitles, please share it with me. 
Also, I will start uploading all of the episodes soon so we can all enjoy them together.

fans-ing never die

a lot has happen in KATTUN, and it affects me so i dont know what to do with this tumblr and stop posting, but recently just because all of my love, i cameback hungry as a empty glass. and i think im going to start posting again as my expression of love to KATTUN.

i dont know how many stone we need to step up again. but the fans love cannot die! it just came again and hit you in the heart and head!

i hope every hypens out there still support my page! thank you for every letter and comment and anything!

in the end.. its only about love.. i fall in love with kattun and there is no way back! its a one way trip without tickets to go back!

lets sail in this ship call KATTUN again!

im going to share bit by bit and hopefully can active moree! yeay!

all my love to all hypens! we are the strongest fan!