A fanmade medley that shows Jin’s evolution as a performer/composer

(side-eyes “Ha ha” and the dark ages of autotune abuse)


Spot the Kame. Seriously, though, he and Jaejoong look identical in these photos…

HAHAHAHA ROFL I cannot get over how hilariously tan they all were back in 2005. Changmin and Yoochun are barely recognisable here. Again, very much a product of its time. Back then this look was all the rage - I even have the magazines to prove it. Hello Ranzuki and EGG. I loved EGG and was pretty surprised to find just now that they actually shut down in 2014 because the hitherto incredibly popular gyaru look was no more.

I kind of prefer the way they looked back then, back before they discovered whitening products and bleached their skin to high heaven.