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Some pics of old Myu actresses going to see La Reconquista and Petite Etrangere :) both include Hisano Akamine (Mercury), Ayano Gunji (Chibi Moon) and Yuuka Asami (Neptune), and the first 2 have Emi Kuriyama (Jupiter) while the second 2 have Nao Inada (Venus).

@harshsaintcry here you go, the pictures of Ayano XD (oo that rhymed)


Former Mercury actress Akamine Hisano went to see Amour Eternal! She thought Yume-Mercury had a lovely voice and made a cute Mercury! Her daughter was a fan of Karin-Saturn after the last musical and wanted to meet her, but got shy and couldn’t say anything. She said on instagram that there were more kids in the audience this year and her daughter tells her that the musicals are popular in her kindergarden class! 

Akamine Hisano's Daughter Wants to be in Sailor Moon

This one was so cute I couldn’t resist stopping work for a quick minute >.>

Translation by ainomessage. Original source here.


“I’m gonna say ‘Watashi’ ”

After the day the Sera Myu members came to our house, 
my oldest daughter has started calling herself “Watashi.”

When I asked her why…

She said:

“All of the Sailor Moon big sisters say 'Watashi’! 
So if I say 'Watashi’ I’ll become a good singer☆
I [watashi] want to be in Sailor Moon.


So if you say "watashi” you’ll become a good singer. (-^艸^-) 
Let’s go with that. (lol)

Thank you for giving her a reason
to call herself “watashi.”  m(๑>◡<๑)m
She seems like she’s grown up a little. (lol)

☆Akamine Hisano☆

*Note: In Japanese, “watashi” means “I” and is generally a more feminine pronoun (as opposed to 'boku’ or 'ore’ for males). Many Japanese children refer to themselves in the third person, or don’t use pronouns at all, so that’s why Hisano says her daughter seems more grown up now.  



Kanbe Miyuki & Akamine Hisano

Last Dracul Jokyoku

More than once I’ve sung a crying baby to sleep with this song; it’s that lovely.

Akamine Hisano: Today was someone's birthday (lol)

Translation by ainomessage. Original text here.

“Today was someone’s birthday (lol)”

Not mine, but
of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. (lol)

I realized it after reading your comments☆

Even though she shares a birthday with my brother
I completely forgot about it. (-^艸^-)

Next year I won’t forget
and I’ll write about it on my blog. (lol)
☆Akamine Hisano☆