akame ga kiru


I’d fashioned my own cross,
Been crushed by its weight.

I’ve seen down the end of the road
I deal in a different story, oh
I will never let go again
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones, bones
I feel it in my bones, bones, bones, bones
I’ll do this on my own, own, own, own, bones, bones

Akame ga sexuality

First of all you need to know that this is not canon not serious and you are free to have another opinion.

But now here we go!

Leone: Probably had no trouble to get a man into her bed. Probably still has no trouble to get a man into her bed. So if she stay away after a mission and comes back in the morning with a hangover it was mating time for the lion. And don’t forget her grabbing the booty.  -> Bisexual

Akame: “Hey Akame.I heard you like eating a lot? Like to eat me out too?"  -> Lesbian thanks to Leone. Good job.

Tatsumi: “Please don’t touch me Esdeath I am still not over my dead boyfriend”. Secretly gay but he is denying it. Now forced to be hetero thanks to Mine. “Where is your dick?! What does it mean you don’t have a dick?! That’s just wrong!” Poor boy. -> At least bi.

Lubbock: Don’t we even have to talk about it? -> Hetero. Until he turns into a girl. Than lesbian.

Mine: I don’t like girls. Or boys. I don’t like anyone. But I think Tatsumi is okay. -> heterosexual but more asexual (her only true love is Pumpkin)

Chelsea: “Akame darling you look so nice, let me peek under your skirt.” -> Lesbian

Susanoo: “You can’t sleep? It’s okay. I am used to do it. Just lay down on the bed and I will help you to relax.” -> Asexual but if you are his master he has no problem to help you with YOUR little problem.

Sheele: “Uuuuuh… what is sex?” -> asexual, maybe a bit gay for her  chinese former girlfriend from the flashback.

Bulat: Same as Lubbock. I don’t need to explain it. He treats women like princesses but he would never fuck with them. A true gentelman to a lady but a real lover to the men. -> 100% Gay

Najenda: Still not over her ex. Najenda: “It’s been a while since the last time I had good sex.” Lubbock: “But we are having sex every day.” Najenda: “That doesn’t change the fact darling.” -> Bisexual (but more on the Lesbian side)

Esdeath: totally over her ex. “That bitch tried to leave me so I took her arm. And her eye. She deserved it.” Now denying her lesbian phase and focus on being hetero. -> Demisexual as fuck

Wave: In the navy… Okay nope. Let me not destroy that ship. -> Hetero and in love with Kurome.

I am sorry I don’t like the paring but hey that’s the cutest thing I ever saw

Kurome: Same as Wave. He is the only one who gets the taste of her sweets. -> Hetero

Bols: -> Hetero and happily married to his wife. (Nothing bad happened ever to them. They are alive and happy)

Run: -> Hetero even if I am sure that he would swing the way if he needs to. (Like for a mission or something.)

Dr. Stylish: -> Pansexual and still hopes that Run swings the way.

Seryu: 100% in love with Justice. -> Asexual