Name: Arafel (Version 4.1)

Age: Mid 30s

Gender: Female

Race: Kemonomimi (Akale Teke)

Verse: Original


Arafel is a free spirit, wistful and insightful, if not a little bit gruesome. She accepts all facts of life and nature as they are, life and death. She’s a quiet, reserved sort– an observer, if you would. She likes to absorb what she sees, rather than comment or form opinions on it. Her motherly nature leads her to care about many, but she sometimes has difficulty reaching out to them.

You can most often find her out in the rain, or wandering the woods. She adores nature, and is rarely found outside of it. If she’s not out in the woods she’s at a local park, swinging in the midst of a storm.

She tries to allow nature to guide her, and relies heavily on dreams and inner meditation and a higher state of being and knowing.



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