AkaKuro Week: Bringing Guests Home

Title: Bringing Guests Home
Pairing: AkaKuro
Summary: Another installation of crack Noragami!AU (http://basketballpoetsociety.tumblr.com/post/77577660487/challenge-no-59-noragami-akakuro), before Kuroko finds his Regalia, i.e. Murasakibara. In which Akashi comes home to chaos. 
A/N: This is for mosaku-k. I wasn’t too sure what to write for you since I don’t know your preference much (aside from coughmasakashicough), so I stuck with the Noragami!AU which you mentioned you were okay with. It’s still stupidly crack-ish; I really hope you don’t mind it. Happy AkaKuro Week!

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【腐向け】赤黒ちゃんによる赤黒ステルスマーケティング by オカメよーこ
Translation: fyenale
Typesetting: akashikuroko

* The comic title means, “AkaKuro Caused by AkaKuro Stealth Marketing.”

Including this bit of information for people who didn’t understand: 赤 (aka) is red, while 黒 (kuro) is black, which are obviously Akashi’s (赤司) and Kuroko’s (黒子) names.

Happy AkaKuro Week for 2014!!

Title:  Confidences
Rating:  T for Teen
Characters:  Akashi Seijuurou, Kuroko Tetsuya
Summary:  Move as if you were the Earth and all the other heavenly bodies orbiting around the sun.  Move as if you were effortlessly gliding across the ground.  Written for AkaKuro 2014 week, because I told akashikuroko I had something planned–and I did!  Titled after this song, which I was listening to while writing.
Warning(s):  None, just uhm…purple prose??? and dancing

Treat it as if one was flying.

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A Kuroko no Basket and Noragami Crossover Fanfiction for Akakuro week (*^▽^)/

Warnings: Mentions of Suicide

Pairings: Akashi and Kuroko (Akakuro)

Akashi groaned in pain. He and his shinki had just finished up a battle. Akashi’s arms had purple marks on them. “Tetsuya, are you okay?” There was a groan a few inches away. A pile of rubble moved a bit. A small moan was heard. The small pile stopped shaking. Akashi heard a small ‘help’, and let out an amused laugh. He approached the pile, got on his knees, and moved the rubble off of the smaller teen.

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