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If you're still taking prompts, how about a fluffy akakuro tickle fight

Okay, sorry if I use you, but I want to clarify this: I have no limits for the prompts for now. It means you can send me prompts, just a couple, an AU, whatever, and as long as it is not offensive or something I honestly have no knowledge of, I’ll write it. So, as long as I don’t post a huge “Ask Box’s Closed”, you can send me all you want ^^”

That said, beautiful Anon, here’s yours:

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Kuroko Tetsuya was a good boyfriend. 

He listened to his lover’s talks about work and sometimes was his try-out audience for his speeches; he cooked and made sure to prepare his lover’s favorite dish in important occasion; he cleaned the house, made the groceries and kept up the interactions with the neighbors since his lover was rarely home and definitely too scary and cranky to do it. Yes, he was probably the best boyfriend around, now that he thought about it. There was just one single thing that he couldn’t stand and his lover was doing it right then.

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The Bridges Between Us: Part 3 of 3 (KnB Fic)

[Part 1 can be found here, Part 2 is here. Or read Part 3 on Ao3!]

Rating: PG-13 (purely for Aomine’s language in the previous chapter; this is G)

Characters: Generation of Miracles (No romantic pairings, but intense bonds of the friendship variety, especially AkaKuro)

Word Count: 8,700

Warnings: None, really! AkaKuro fluff/angst. Can be read as platonic, or something more. Loads of sappy friendship.

Summary: Sometimes you need to say “I’m sorry,” but you have no idea where to start. After the Winter Cup finals, Kuroko meets with the Generation of Miracles. But old wounds and a year of separation have damaged their former friendships. The distance between them may be too far to bridge—and at least one of them has other plans.

A/N: For the full notes on this fic, see Part One. This is the last part, with ALL THE AKAKURO. (Seriously. All of it. Remember how I gushed about these two in Episode 75? Yeah. Buckle up.) As before, this story is dedicated to akashiseijuro4, and the Kuroko to her Akashi, ignite-pass-tetsuya. (Hopefully after this chapter, they’ll both see why!)

This one also goes out to all fans of Kuroko and Akashi, whether you ship them or see them as friends. I hope I did their amazing connection justice. I certainly tried my best. Also, I apologize for the delay on this part… As you can see, it turned out longer than I thought. (I should have known. Oh, these two.) Enjoy!

Kuroko climbed the stairs that led to the traffic bridge. He took each step slowly, keeping his hands in his pockets, to shield them from the biting cold. At last he reached the top. It was eerily quiet on the bridge, with no sound except the wind, and the faint murmur of passing cars.

Akashi stood halfway across the bridge. He leaned upon the railing, gazing at the cars below as they drove by. His scarlet hair rippled in the breeze, along with his scarf and the hem of his gray coat. The look on his face was familiar. Calm, thoughtful—but controlled as well. It reminded Kuroko of conversations they’d had at Teikou. How so much always seemed to be going through Akashi’s mind, so many things he would never know.

And how he always wanted to know more, but never knew how to ask.

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It’s finally Heeeereeee!!😭😭💘💘 This book i have been waiting for so long😣✨ I can’t believe my own eye’s!! I read the hole book!😍😍 and it’s VERY exciting! and i love it so damme much! Thank you so much houdidesu and thank you guys who help her for making this amazing book!!💕💕💕 I can not wait for next one😐💔✋ am so exciting✨✨✨✨