anônimo perguntou:

Courting insecure omega!Kuroo with rare pairings.

Akaashi: quietly reassuring kuroo when he feels bad, scenting him constantly

Bokuto: compliments Kuroo constantly, always talking about what an amazing omega Kuroo is 

Kenma: cuddles Kuroo a lot, making sure to get his feelings across without saying too much

Iwaizumi: sits with Kuroo and tells the omega everything he loves about him. Iwa spends a bit of time each night doing this 

Oikawa: can always tell when Kuroo is feeling down. Will buy him a small gift before wrapping his arms around Kuroo’s waist and whispering praises in his ear 

Ushijima: likes to groom Kuroo when he’s upset, holding him close and snuffling through his hair, kissing his neck and collar bones

friends : *talks about smut fic and how they accidentally read one* 

 friends : *turns to me* how about you, have you read any smut?

 me : *laughs awkwardly* yeah… i did… one time… 

in reality

 me : yes, yes i do. in fact, i’ve read so many sinful smut already that i’m pretty sure i’m going to hell

My Life
  • Me:*Logging in for the first time in Tumblr.*
  • Me:This place is so much fun, I can't wait to reblog several posts of fun, games, anime, cartoons, animals...
  • *A few months later*
  • Blog:*Filled with several moments of my OTPs*
  • Me:...
  • Me:What happened?