Road Trip Romance 3

Killers of the Same Feathers

Tetsuya stares at him dubiously. Seijuurou just smiles at him. Tetsuya grips the bundled blankets that is covering his lower half.

“I’m technically on my vacation right now, for about a week, I think.” Seijuurou furrows a little, counting his vacation days on his head.

“Now that I think about it, I actually think I can make it a month. Best not though. Else some fool would’ve took the company down.” He says, ignoring Tetsuya’s lack of reaction and smiling grimly.

“And?” Tetsuya demanded.

“Well, I’m not saying that my father is an idiot, but yes, he is that idiot.” Seijuurou just chuckles.

“What do you want Akashi-san?” Seijuurou would’ve been scared at Tetsuya’s quiet icy voice, had he not some experience handling it beforehand.

“Two things.” Seijuurou simply answers, holding up two fingers.

“First, I want you to call me Seijuurou.” His lips twitching upwards at Tetsuya’s outraged face.

“Second, I want you to go in a road trip with me.” Seijuurou continued, the blue-haired man’s mouth gaping at him openly now.

Seijuurou walked towards Tetsuya, holds his chin, and kisses him. He deepened the kiss to distract Tetsuya enough to let him untie the ropes before just pecking Tetsuya in the nose.

“Go wash up, Tetsuya, breakfast’s ready and we can talk in the table.” He chuckles and strides to the door as if Tetsuya is not out of breath and gasping a little at how intense the kiss was.

“Oh, and,” he stops and leans at the door, looking back at Tetsuya, “I’m holding your stuff hostage. I saw 10,000 ¥ bricks in it too, just to remind you that I’m not in worry of money enough to steal it, and that you were asleep last night, so you probably didn’t know how extensive our security is around here.” He winks to Tetsuya, then departs.

Tetsuya sputters at this then throws the rumpled blanket to him which falls halfway through to the doorway.


Seijuurou lifts an eyebrow at Tetsuya who is idly picking at his food. It’s coffee, pancakes and fruits, and really no one could go wrong there, so he’s a little irritated that the beautiful man doesn’t eat that much.

“You should eat some more, Tetsuya, considering the energy the night before undoubtedly tired you out.”

Seijuurou is drinking his coffee too, sipping nonchalantly and ignoring the elephant in the room.

“No, thank you, I don’t eat that much anyway.” Tetsuya clucks his tongue, determinedly snubbing Seijuurou.

Seijuurou sighs, and just sits straight.

“Listen to me, Tetsuya, since it looks like you will bolt away the minute the chance represents itself,” Seijuurou impatiently explains.

“My name is Akashi Seijuurou, and if being an Akashi in itself doesn’t make a foe shiver, I am Akashi Seijuurou ; my own father fears me, and I have the military expense of Japan at my beck and call.” He glares at Tetsuya, and he can see it taking effect as his dichromatic eyes slitters a glint and the other man gulps audibly.

“I can try, Akashi-san.”

The notion that one can defy an Akashi - Akashi Seijuurou , no less makes Seijuurou chortle. He didn’t expect that though, and he does a one over at Tetsuya and observes him some more.

The rumpled white shirt that Seijuurou dressed him last night, the hand that was holding the spoon a little hard (Seijuurou would’ve laughed if he’s the kind to, at this situation), and the determined glint of his eyes. Like he would really try and defy someone like Seijuurou.

“What good would it do?” Seijuurou taunted.

“Will you at least tell me what you wish to accomplish in this road trip?” Tetsuya demanded.

And really, he didn’t expect that the beautiful man, who wore only a rumpled shirt and a boxer, the lithe man who was writhing and gasping at everything Seijuurou does last night, would not just come to him faithfully like some loyal dog. He looks like he’s ready and try hurl every problematic obstacle at Seijuurou just for trying to tie him down. He doesn’t have any idea that that’s far from what Seijuurou wants.

Really, that’s the opposite of what I want , he smiles to himself.

“Wouldn’t you want to know?” Seijuurou challenged and smiled at him.

“But–” Seijuurou eyes the digital clock on the kitchen island.

“It’s 9:24 now, you prepare what you can and we depart at 11, sharp.”

He stands up and goes to his room - the room where he fucked Tetsuya, gathers his travel bag he brought with him to this trip, eying all the dangerous instruments laid out on his nightstand. He ties it up cleanly and places them on his bag. The gun - which he brought from the room they slept last night, tucked securely on his ankle. He packs Tetsuya’s bag as well, placing the dangerous and pointed things or just anything that Tetsuya can use against him to his bag, and the rest he packs to Tetsuya’s bag.

Seijuurou places Tetsuya’s bag on the back seat of his sedan and his own on the trunk. With all the dangerous components inside, he don’t want to risk Tetsuya getting to it while he’s driving. He walks back inside, patiently waiting for Tetsuya in his room’s sitting room, watching Tetsuya’s outline in the shower, smirking at himself.


“I still don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish by this, Akashi-san.” His eyes glances as Seijuurou drives, while looking something on his phone.

It was three hours into the road.

“And please, pay attention to the road, I don’t want to die with your reckless driving.”

He startles at Seijuurou’s dark grin.

“No? You wanna die at something else, Tetsuya?”

“No, I don’t.” Seijuurou sees Tetsuya hide a shiver, even as he answers calmly.

“Hm, unfortunate.” Seijuurou thinks, a little disappointed but at the same time giddy , as though that presents a challenge.

“And call me Seijuurou, Tetsuya, unless you want a stop over at a police box.”

Tetsuya only looks out at the window, ignoring him.


About two hours after that very short conversation, Seijuurou chuckles at the rumble of Tetsuya’s stomach. He looks at Tetsuya, who is hugging his stomach and face turning red.

“I, sorry.” He mutters.

“I told you, you should’ve eaten at least all of your breakfast.”

“It’s not my fault that it’s already deep in the afternoon, and we haven’t eaten anything since breakfast.” Tetsuya sniffed.

“True. I’m getting famished as well. Tell me if you see a family restaurant or at least a diner or a convenience store around.”

Tetsuya’s eyes wanders back outside the car, eyeing the provincial atmosphere they surround. He sighs audibly.

“Something wrong?”

“No, I, it’s nothing.” He mutters.

He’s really not about to tell Seijuurou that he’s hopeless in directions. Especially when it looks like Seijuurou just turns left or right at a second notice. He tried counting the lefts from the rights but he’s at loss.

Seijuurou smiles at Tetsuya’s expression, good that he memorized the map before they depart then.

If Seijuurou’s right, they will pass at a diner about 10 minutes from now. Also good that his Tetsuya’s distracted, they just passed at a family restaurant and it wouldn’t do to leave Tetsuya in a big space. A diner would do. Seijuurou specifically chose this road because the diner would only be visible from Tetsuya’s side. If he doesn’t notice it, they’ll have to deal with convenient store food. No matter how gross that is.

Seijuurou will always pick the better choice of not letting Tetsuya interact with other people, and just lock him in his car while Seijuurou goes and buys food for the both of them inside the store.

Seijuurou counts down from 60 in his head when he knows they’re near the diner.

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and we passed the diner while Tetsuya’s brooding . How fortunate.

“Oh look, a convenient store.” Seijuurou says after it came to view.

He parks the car perfectly before turning the engine off.

“You wait here, love, I’ll go and buy something for us.”

“I can’t come with?”

“Who are you kidding love?” Seijuurou chortles and sees Tetsuya pale as his ankle clunked loud on the car door frame when he went out. It was metal hitting on a metal after all.

Seijuurou smiles from outside the window, shows Tetsuya his key fob from it, and locks Tetsuya on the inside.

“I’ll be back soon, so behave, Tetsuya.”


He smiles at the employee widely when she croons at him, and walked back outside with a plastic of pet bottled drinks and snacks, and a smile plastered to his face.

He saw Tetsuya fumbling about his car and deflating immediately when he saw Seijuurou walking towards him. Seijuurou unlocks his car with his keys manually ensuring that only his door would unlock before getting in.

Tetsuya’s bag was a mess in his own lap as he probably was searching for the pointed weapons in them.

“Where’s my things, Akashi-san?” He spat.

“No worries love, they’re all in the trunk. With my things, of course. Here, you can eat now while we drive.”


Two water bottles and a plastic bag of snacks later, they’re back on the asphalt road. Seijuurou looks at his phone and nods. They’re near. It’s almost 6 in the evening, but no matter.

As Holmes says, countryside presents an opportunity for crimes, while it looks like peaceful and serene, no one knows what’s happening behind closed doors as the screams of an unfortunate will go ignored because of how the houses are far to each other. They can do what they want with anyone as long as no one sees, for no one is close enough to hear.

Tetsuya sees a shime torii when they stopped which he burns through the back on back of his mind as a landmark. It’s an ancient thing, really. Unlike the polished red of torii s in the cities, this one was erected with a rotting - almost, wooden posts that looks like it can give you splinters with just a touch. Tying them above is a big shimekezari - almost as big as Tetsuya’s thighs, with shimenawa decorating them.

Seijuurou raises an eyebrow when he sees what Tetsuya was looking at.

“Thinking of repenting for your sins?” Tetsuya glares at him, and stays silent.

“Unfortunately love, I’ll be taking you to the Underworld with me. And please look ahead, to your left. That’s the house we came for.”

“What will we do in there?” Tetsuya eyes the house, a little proud and rusted bungalow, unsuspecting of them.

“You are the Phantom, are you not?”

“I will not kill for you. I will not kill for anyone !” Tetsuya hisses.

“No? But you do admit it then.” Seijuurou reaches for the gun in his ankle.

“What..” Tetsuya silences as he was face to face with the muzzle of Seijuurou’s gun.

“You will do as I say Tetsuya. Or there will be consequences.”

Tetsuya opened his mouth to speak but he promptly choked with Seijuurou shoving his gun to Tetsuya’s mouth.

“I really don’t want to do this, as I thought I already met the one I was fated to be with.” Seijuurou’s amber eye glints in the dark as the sun goes down and Tetsuya’s face dawns on a recognition.

“You ready to cooperate, love?” With Tetsuya’s nod, he slowly took his gun out, enjoying Tetsuya’s mouth in a perfect O, like he was doing that with Seijuurou’s cock.

“You.. you’re the Emperor.” Tetsuya whispers.

“Very good. And what led you to that conclusion?” Seijuurou almost coos at him.

“Hunch. And your actions last night.” And his distinctive eyes but he knows that Tetsuya knows.

“Figured it out just like that did you? I’m impressed, Tetsuya.” Seijuurou checks the magazine and pulls a silencer out of his pocket like it belonged there everyday. He attaches it to the muzzle and looks at Tetsuya gaping at him.

“Then you brought me here to?”

“A list.” Seijuurou opens his glove compartment.

He procures a piece of paper with tables. The first was numbers and the second one was places. Tetsuya looks it over.

“I was on vacation, you know. But I came across the very lovely Phantom, that couldn’t part me away from my hobbies.” Seijuurou shakes his head.

“You, you’re a hitman.”

“Some were in the business for money, not me. I’m in for the thrill.” Seijuurou smiles.

“Besides,” he continues, “I was taught from a very young age that when you have something you’re good at, never do it for free.”

“Then this road trip?” Tetsuya raises his head from looking down at the paper, giving up at what the numbers means.

“That’s what I mean when I said that you’re my fated one, love. I want you to join me.”

“I don’t kill for money, Seijuurou-kun.” Tetsuya says, but Seijuurou sees the sky blue eyes turn glassy, maybe from admiration.

“No, you don’t. How about you do that for me, instead?” Seijuurou holds Tetsuya’s chin and kisses him, gun at his other hand.


What happens when Kise, Kuroko, Momoi and Murasakibara are in a weekend at Akashi’s house. ~

fanartomaniac  asked:

If you are releasing any Knb fanbook(especially Akakuro), lemme know!!! I'd take it off your hands XD Love your artworks! The key chains and Vorpal Sword Akashi artwork at AFA is especially beautiful 💗

Hehehe :3c i kinda want to make knb fanbook (maybe heavy with akkr and akashi instead of all the crew i mean if i draw all the charas in knb to the fanbook it will kill me lol)
no promise tho!

I kinda heard that someone will making a collaborative fanbook of knb which i’d like to join but ppl is busy with finals or so i guess idk if it will still hold xD

Maybe when akkr duet album exist then i could make it faster because the hype (╯⊙ ω ⊙╰ )

  • Kuroko: Stop being a tease.
  • Akashi: What could I possibly imply with my tongue poking the inside of my mouth?
  • Kuroko, getting angry: Fu-
  • Akashi, interrupting by putting his finger on Kuroko's lips and bending forward: Maybe later.

anonymous asked:

hey its your knbss again! I was wondering if my message went through? I know it's only been like a day since I sent it but I've had so much trouble with my own ask box eating so many messages;; ahh anyway lemme ask you again just in case? for a fic do you have ships you'd like to see akashi and/or kiyoshi in? or would you rather me write a self insertion type of thing where their s/o is "you"?? haha thanks~

ah, hi!! no it didn’t send in before! i don’t mind either way, i do think akakuro is cute, but self-insert works too! do whatever makes you most comfortable.~ :)

  • Midorima: Someone has to go to Akashi and confront him.
  • Aomine: I vote we all look at Tetsu at the same time.

zuvaati  asked:

For the fandom ask I'll go with Kuroko no Basuke, if you want ofc

send me a fandom and i’ll tell you…

  • the first character i ever fell in love with: Kise 
  • a character that i used to love/like, but now do not: Momoi
  • a ship that i used to love/like, but now do not: AkaKuro
  • my ultimate favorite character™: Akashi!
  • prettiest character: Akashi
  • my most hated character: Momoi
  • my OTP: AoKise
  • my NOTP: AoMomo
  • favorite episode: Akashi’s debut 
  • saddest death: no one died thankfully
  • favorite season: definitely not three
  • least favorite season: three
  • character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but i hate: Momoi
  • my ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: Hanamiya, Haizaki, Nash
  • my ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: Akashi
  • my ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but i still love it’ ship: HanaMido
  • my ‘they’re kind of cute, and i lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship: AkaKuro

Thank you so much for asking!

anonymous asked:

Is the shipping thing still open? Can you do Akakuro?

YES! It’s still going! And sorry for the late reply but I had to sneack into my father’s office and use his pc because my is dead (RIP Giangianni, my pc)

• who hogs the duvet no one, they are both pretty still and light sleepers
• who texts/rings to check how their day is going they both do! such caring bfs
• who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts Kuroko, not that Akashi isn’t but Kuroko may get more creative since he doesn’t have the same financial capability as Akashi
• who gets up first in the morning Akashi, but just by a minute, they are both early risers
• who suggests new things in bed both, they are some kinky bishes
• who cries at movies no one
• who gives unprompted massages no one
• who fusses over the other when they’re sick thye both do, but Kuroko is a little bit more attentive
• who gets jealous easiest aKASHI
• who has the most embarrassing taste in music no one, they both like classical and soft RnB
• who collects something unusual no one
• who takes the longest to get ready no one, Akashi is so tidy and Kuroko just doens0′t care that much about appearence
• who is the most tidy and organised Akashi, both they are both very tidy
• who gets most excited about the holidays no one
• who is the big spoon/little Akashi is the big spoon
• who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports Akashi is not chill but lemme say this, Kuroko is SO competitive it isn’t even funny
• who suggests that they buy a pet Kuroko U(and Akashi gives the money lol)
• what couple traditions they have none
• what tv shows they watch together Dr. House, Merlin, Falling Skies, X-FILES die hard fans
• what other couple they hang out with Kagami, Midorima
• how they spend time together as a couple Kuroko reads while Akashi plays viiolin or somethinf else
• who made the first move Kuroko
• who brings flowers home no one