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do i even still remember knb

  • Favorite character: Akashi Seijuro
  • Second favorite character: Aomine Daiki, Kuroko Tetsuya
  • Least favorite character: Nash what’s his face and basically everyone in Extra Game
  • The character I’m most like: Kuroko Tetsuya
  • Favorite pairing: Akakuro, Aokuro
  • Least favorite pairing: Akafuri
  • Favorite moment: teiko arc bc i love to cry
  • Rating out of 10: 7.5/10

send me a series and I’ll tell you my…

  • <p> <b>Aomine:</b> So you're telling me that Akashi is really ticklish?<p/><b>Kuroko:</b> *inwardly smirking* yes, yes he is<p/><b>Aomine:</b> oh I have to try this! *runs over to Akashi*<p/><b>Midorima:</b> you do know that is suicidal, right?<p/><b>Kuroko:</b> Yep<p/><b>Midorima:</b> may I ask what brought this on?<p/><b>Kuroko:</b> if Aomine-kun wants to court Kagami-kun he has to learn that if he does something wrong, I'll set Akashi-kun on him.<p/><b>Midorima:</b> isn't that a bit harsh?<p/><b>Kuroko:</b> Not really, Akashi-kun was annoying me with his boredom. Two birds one stone.<p/></p>
Akashi needs help
  • <p> <b>Aomine:</b> Tetsu quick, I think there's something wrong with Akashi.<p/><b>Kuroko:</b> there's a lot wrong with Akashi-kun, Aomine-kun, you'll have to be specific.<p/><b>Akashi:</b> *glares at a doorway* bro I will fuck you up.<p/><b>Kuroko:</b> I don't see anything wrong<p/><b></b> (Akashi walked into the doorway and got pissed)<p/></p>

Finally!! Vorpal swords full team ^^

Took so much time to get’em all. This is my first full set of ichiban kuji Kyun chara. Maybe, this is a last set of KnB figures (It’s kinda sad TT__TT). So, that’s why it’s so hardddd to get them —Almost of them I got from YAJ and they’re so expensive !!! Especially Aomine- I got him 5980 yen! (not include other fees TTvTT thx to Japan proxy: Buyee and Zenmarket – I just found ZM after I use Buyee for multiple times, It’s *significantly*cheaper than Buyee but ZM service is kinda slower than Buyee).

//Maybe, I wil do a review about Buyee and ZenMarket later ^w^

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Interlude - This_is_your_Heichou_speaking - Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball [Archive of Our Own]
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Tetsuya had been here a pretty long time. It had been late evening when he came - almost night - dark and cold and starless, but also quiet and alone.

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akakuro; "i don't think you are allowed to die before i do, akashi-kun."

Hello, anon! Thank you for requesting!

This is actually somewhat of an Overwatch AU with some deviations from mechanics and proper gameplay. But Akakuro are heroes in OW, so…? If you know OW, you’ll know the heroes; if not, you can treat this as a normal fighting AU or ask me questions about anything in this fic! They also may be slightly OOC due to this…specific situation.

Anyway, more notes at the end. I just took off the read more so I hope you like this!!

Of a Hero

“Tetsuya, get out of there now!”

Seijuro’s tone is urgent, a hand unsheathing his sword to deflect against the enemy’s attack. He’s successful in deflecting a few, sending bullets through the enemy clean, but none of them look bothered as the healers behind them close up the wounds almost immediately.

He sheathes his sword seconds after that; there’s no point in using a worthless strategy after all. He’d rather take a few shots to run at his fastest, to dodge his best, and to be able to get as far away as he can from the enemy team. Each hit would hurt him – ouch, he thinks, getting struck by a bullet just moments after that – but a single glance to his side fills him with comfort as he feels his wound start to close up.

The enemies aren’t the only ones with a healer.

Tetsuya is there by his side in all of his battle-worn glory, clutching onto a familiar staff that feeds Seijuro a comforting aura. The healer’s white armor is scuffed and damaged beyond belief with its grey marks and dented metal, and Seijuro is no better with his own. He’s almost all robot compared to his other team members, but he’s just as prone to damage; his silver metal is laced with white scratches from close-ranged strikes or grazing bullets.

They look ragged, but it’s a sign of all the battles they’ve fought by each other’s side. And Seijuro wants to stay fighting by Tetsuya’s side.

He’s willing to do anything for it. It’s why Seijuro’s robotic limbs easily break past his human limits and force him to push himself past his new limits; the complete blurring of his surroundings lets him know he’s succeeding – but it’s not fast enough. He hazards another glance back, feeling relief sink into his joints as he sees Tetsuya’s familiar figure still following close by him; but he can tell the strain is getting to him as Seijuro watches easy shots hit a slowly tiring Tetsuya, breath labored as he forces himself to heal that wound.

Despite his infamously atrocious stamina, Tetsuya’s one of the fastest members of their entire organization, though it still couldn’t compare to the speeds of Seijuro’s or Aomine’s. With the occasional bursts of speed from the redhead and Kuroko’s equipment, the healer can leap up and glide towards Seijuro, giving him enough time to rest his legs and to catch up when he’s back on the ground. But the consequences of not being able to last rears it head when Tetsuya is forced to pool his energy meant for running into healing himself.

Tetsuya’s running patterns falters for a moment when he touches ground again, but it’s enough to be used as an opening, and Seijuro pray for his lover as he hears the healer cry out quietly again. The footsteps stop, and the redhead sighs in relief as he hears Tetsuya’s form gliding above him after a few seconds.

Seijuro knows that he can easily outrun and outlast the entire enemy team, but Tetsuya can’t, and as both a selfish and selfless man, he can’t find it in himself to leave his lover behind. He doesn’t think he’d be able to force himself to genuinely defend something that had indirectly taken his lover away from him; all he cares about right now is Tetsuya, not the absent team or the now corrupted organization they all work under. But it’s because of that reason that Seijuro still runs towards the damn point, knowing Tetsuya is the only one that can currently fulfill the role of being the team’s healer and Seijuro’s anchor.

(It’s unfortunate, this situation.)

“Tetsuya, are you alright?” Seijuro risks asking.

“Fine. It’s just getting harder to – agh! – dodge them.” His voice is faint, but Seijuro can hear the pain and even the shortness of breath. “Please be careful. My current priority is you.”

“Of course, my dear,” Seijuro replies, but he knows it sounds strained too. He can see the end of the path that leads straight into the second point, and it’s only a matter of time until the two of them are going to be surrounded by the enemy. The area might be spacious enough for Seijuro to dodge and hide from them, but Tetsuya? He doesn’t have that capability.

Seijuro ignores the regret in his heart and starts to count.


The point is approaching.

Seijuro pushes himself more than he’s ever had before, and he’s running at his fastest speed. He’s glad to hear the gliding noises above him once more: it means Tetsuya’s not having to tire himself more for a few, precious seconds but is still keeping pace with Seijuro perfectly.

But the enemy team is catching up to them.


He can feel the change the moment he steps onto the point, pavement turning into snow as it crunches beneath his feet. The snow does nothing to hinder the redhead’s speed, his robotic limbs rendering it useless against him. But Tetsuya isn’t immune.

The moment his gliding ends and his feet hit the ground, he’s unstable.


The enemy is starting to converge on them when Tetsuya finally trips into the snow. He’s right by Seijuro in the middle of the point – luckily – but the suddenness of it sends the healer into a temporary shock.

Unfortunately, it only takes a few seconds to sentence them to their end.


But Seijuro is a stubborn creature, just as much as Tetsuya usually is.

He buys himself more of the precious seconds by unsheathing his sword again and deflecting the enemy’s bullets at them. A few lucky ones strike them directly, and it sends their team reeling from the quick pain as they received healing. But the ones that aren’t hit by the bullets move in almost immediately, circling around to surround Seijuro and Tetsuya.

The redhead dodges a few more attacks, taking Tetsuya with him, and shielding the healer’s body with his own robotic one. There’s no other choice besides that: his dash is ineffective if he can’t carry Tetsuya with him, his attack useless if the enemy can heal quicker, and his last resort isn’t ready to be used. There’s nothing left.

So, he just shuts his eyes takes all of the bullets meant for Tetsuya.

Life was a right they forfeited long ago, and now, time is a luxury that they can’t afford; moments like these only serve to remind them of their choice.


Everything flashes red before it turns to black; he hopes everyone reaches his lover.

(In the end, everything is about Tetsuya.)

But Tetsuya’s out of his shock now; he has been for a while now. He feels the warmth from the closeness of his lover’s body and the weight that barely hovers over him, but it does nothing to prepare him for the heavier and colder weight of guilt as he hears bullets piercing Seijuro’s body.

It’s too late to heal Seijuro by the time he gets his hands on his staff again, and he feels tears starting to prick at his eyes.

The enemies are starting to close in on him if the approaching footsteps are any indication. He knows he has a few seconds to spare until they tear off Seijuro’s limp body off of him to shoot him dead, and as much as he trusts his team already, he knows that he can’t blindly put it all to chance and time.

There are some things that you can only trust yourself to do.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he makes one last choice: he raises his arm slowly, murmurs words under his breath, and a sudden light fills the entire area surrounding him.


His vision is far too blurry to see the rest of what happens because of his tears, but he can recognize the familiar silhouette that’s now hovering – alive – above him at least. He tries to offer one last smile, but it’s a little too late at that point. A final shot rings out in the air, hitting Tetsuya right in his head; there’s red seeping into the snow, and he feels sorry for ruining such a beautiful thing.

At some point, between the slowed seconds of the gunshot and the end, he sees more blurry shapes come into view. They’re familiar, a myriad of bright colors that seem just as heartbroken as Seijuro was; he apologizes to them.

“I don’t think you are allowed to die before I do, Akashi-kun,” he murmurs softly, but it reaches no one.

So, he lets his last memory be of a murderous Akashi Seijuro, fighting to avenge his lover and shuts down.

(In the end, everything is about Seijuro.)

After all, heroes never die.

Thank you for giving me such a good request, and I might write more of it! (Though I might change the title.)

And if you’re wondering, I still do take requests from anyone (even if it’s from the same anon, lmao). I’ll write almost any request as long as I know the fandom; I’ll tell you if I don’t know it as I currently don’t have an accurate list.

Again, hope you enjoyed! - Seiju ♡ 

🏳️‍🌈One day to go! Pride is almost here. I’m super excited for Saturday. Going to be up very early to get myself ready and pumped up for going.
This’ll be a massive day for me. As well as a coming out party it’ll be challenging my introverted bubble. I’m coming out of my bubble (/pun totally intended/)🏳️‍🌈

Kise you are such an airhead. Can’t you tell that they are taking a selfie together?


I keep wanting to open commissions but I feel like no one would be interested. Nothing big and fancy unless people want that but maybe 5 or 10 dollar drawings, coloured. 5 for cheebs up to two character, 10 for maybe waist up up to two characters? 15 for more complex?

Would be keen on drawing pokemon, dragon gijinkas, akakuro ships/ocs, anthros.

Anyone maybe interested?