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can you write an akakuro drabble with a possesive Akashi and /extremely/ dense Kuroko?

title: blind observation
summary: akashi just couldn’t understand how kuroko’s the most observant boy when it came to others but himself.
pairing: possessive!akashi x dense!kuroko
rating: t
note: this is an au that takes place at a university the characters all attend. hope this suits your tastes because i had fun writing this oneshot. it also gave me a break from my current wip. (can this be considered a crack fic? i tried to go for the more comedic… route… you know, to practice. because i’m absolute crap at comedic writing BAHHA) click read more for the rest!
warning: first, bad (?) decent (?) attempt at comedy lmao
links: ffn, ao3, wattpad

“The president of Kurokocchi’s fanclub is thinking about confessing his feelings this evening.”

The model’s just plain-spoken with bright eyes trailing behind Kuroko, who’s darting from bookshelf to bookshelf—how he does it, Akashi has no idea, with the dispersed crowd of male and female stalkers all around the library grounds noting his every movement, it’s amazing; hearing Kise confirm the rumor eating at his brain since forever, Akashi can only clear his throat, running his tongue over dry lips.

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Do you ever get this feeling when you’re suddenly hit by a wave of otp feels, and you’re suddenly dying and screaming inside because glbstkgfghjiu they are too perfect for each other ?


Forgot to make a post dfjejbkb

@ceallachs is a wonderful person and tempts me with the prettiest of akakuro items, including merchandise she made a month or so ago! I thought they were adorable from the images but oh my god the photos do not do them justice, they’re absolutely adorable and I cannot wait to display them properly in my itabag ;w;

Looking forward to re-merchandising a lot of my shrine *w*