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Aww you’re not a bother!

If you mean in the new scenes then no. The new scenes were mainly Kuroko and Kagami interaction (and Seirin) and Akashi is mainly with the GoM. 

PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE #0415: Take a picture of the most beautiful person you know.

The deadline is nearing and Kuroko Tetsuya still doesn’t have any photo to submit for the assignment. The problem does not lie with who the subject is but what picture should he submit. He’s debating to himself whether he should actually pass any of his pictures or not. Everything about Akashi Seijuro is perfect.

Akashi Seijuro has a secret.

No, it’s not the fact that he works as a part time model.
It’s also not the fact that he has been disowned for continuing his chosen path of career.

Akashi Seijuro’s secret is that he likes to watch a certain bluenette spy on him and take pictures during the times he’s a bit unobservant of his surroundings.

He would like to applaud Kuroko Tetsuya for managing to conceal his presence for an amount of time. It took him days before he noticed this quiet boy stealthily taking snaps.

He first thought of confronting him about it because it’s a breach of privacy. Even if he’s a model, it doesn’t mean he can tolerate this kind of treatment – most especially in school. Maybe he’s a paparazzi or something. But after some time of searching through net, he found no photos of him unrelated to his work being uploaded. He also asked around the campus if pictures of him are being sold, the students looked at him as if he just transformed himself as Kise Ryota.

Akashi thought maybe it’s just his hobby or maybe he’s got a crush on him. So, every time the bluenette thinks he could sneak a shot, Akashi smiles to himself because who’s watching who?

So… this is my super late White Day gift for @miruo-cchi ;;-;; sorry it took long and I made you wait. you could kill me i guess

I’m so noob at coloring so I only color the hair and eyes and it’s hard to draw using only the touch pad of my laptop! ;;u;;) I’mnomatchforyourdrawing

I did my best here so I really hope you like this, even just a bit!

  • Me: I have so much that needs to get done.
  • Me: *Spends the next five hours looking at my favorite tag*
  • Me: *looks at the clock*
  • Me: I regret nothing.

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Uhm halo! Dis is kinda dumb but I need to ask before I post something weird on the actual event. For April 11&15, does it need to be HS!AkaKuro(11) & Teiko!AkaKuro(15) asides from the prompt? I kno it's not mandatory but I'm kinda oc at times sry ToT

Considering that 4/11 and 4/15 are actual AkaKuro Day dates, we mostly encourage HS!Akakuro and Teiko!AkaKuro related fanworks on those respective days. However, yes, it is not mandatory to abide by them!


the newest series from Fujimaki Tadatoshi, author of “Kuroko no Basuke” which has sold over 30 million copies!!

what’s chibi akakuro saying at the bottom right it’s too small to be legible!!

robo laser promo found on a train!!

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Hello, I have a question about the AkaKuro week prompts? There are three prompts to each day, does a work need to consist of all three of them or can you just chose one or two?

All prompts are optional. You are free to use and interpret them however you wish to. They are provided because people need a little nudge on inspiration, but otherwise, you may do whatever you like!

However, if you want to have a shot at that special surprise as promised, we will be taking into account 1) how many prompts are used for that specific day 2) how creatively you interpret the said the prompts 3) maintaining in-character portrayals 4) the number of days you participate in, all while abiding by the rules.