• [When somebody tried a pick-up line on Akashi Seijuurou]
  • Person:On a scale of 1 to 10, you're a 9 and I'm the 1 you need.
  • Akashi, straight-faced:No. I'm a 10.
  • Kuroko:*appears behind Akashi* I can attest to that.
  • Akashi:Did it hurt?
  • Kuroko:Pardon?
  • Akashi:When you fell from heaven? ;)
  • Kuroko:...
  • Kuroko:How about you, Akashi-kun? Did it hurt?
  • Akashi:When I fell from heaven? Or when I fell for you?
  • Kuroko:When you fell from heaven and became Satan.
  • Akashi:
  • Akashi:I'm letting it slip just this once, because it made my heart stop for a second there, Tetsuya.
The Coven Formerly Known as Teikou - Chapter Fifteen: How Kuro-Chin Scared Away Aka-Chin (or Vice Versa) | Archive of Our Own
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Seijuro’s face contorted in a miserable struggle between lust and longing, but fear shone paramount, his mind forcing his body not to cave to its carnal urges as his hesitant tongue sensually glided along his bottom lip. Tetsuya watched it, mesmerized as well, before a piece of the roof crackled and caved, slamming into the end of the bar.

Tetsuya tore the collar of his shirt to expose his neck and lifted his chin, watching as Seijuro’s eyes dilated and his breathing hitched. “Do it, Sei-san, before it’s too late.”

Seijuro balled his fists, eyes flaming with a feverish glow now. “No,” he bit off.

Nigou let out a pained shriek; Imayoshi yelled something through the furious smoke. And whatever happened to Taiga and Shige, Daiki and the rest of Touou? If his brothers were still alive—if there was any hope for Seijuro and him to survive—

Tetsuya brushed his hand along Seijuro’s rigid face. “Sei…” he pleaded, unsure of what else to say.

Seijuro dove then, but instead of his mouth latching onto Tetsuya’s neck, it fused with Tetsuya’s lips. Seijuro’s cool body pressed Tetsuya flat against the bar, his hand coming up to cradle Tetsuya’s wounded cheek, and every part of Tetsuya tingled with anticipation, with desire, as he met Seijuro’s fervor with his own eager embrace.

Tetsuya shifted when the air began to dissipate, and it was then he noticed Seijuro knelt between his thighs, his knees thrown over Seijuro’s legs. His groin pressed against Seijuro’s, swelling embarrassingly fast as he tried to sit up, but Seijuro kept him firm, both hands cradling Tetsuya’s face, legs keeping Tetsuya’s bottom off of the floor and forcing Tetsuya to keep his own wrapped about Seijuro’s waist or risk falling.

It was a very intimate hold, one that flushed Tetsuya’s cheeks before Seijuro nibbled the bottom of Tetsuya’s lips, eliciting a vulnerable little whimper. As if that was payment for the sensual act, Seijuro released his lips but refused to release Tetsuya’s cheeks, instead gliding his sinful tongue up Tetsuya’s wound, cleaning it of blood and dirt but in such an arousing fashion that Tetsuya felt as if Seijuro was trying to devour his soul.

  • Kagami:I heard Aomine is writing.
  • Kuroko:What do you mean? This is Aomine-kun we're talking about.
  • Kise:So, Kurokocchi haven't heard the news?
  • Kuroko:About what?
  • Midorima:We heard from Momoi that Aomine is writing stories. To put it bluntly, Aomine is typing fanfiction.
  • Kuroko:Ah... So, what's a fanfiction?
  • Others:...
  • Takao:You don't know? Despite your relationship with these homos, you don't know fanfiction?! HAHA.
  • Midorima:Who are you calling homo?!
  • Takao:You know, Kuroko-kun, fanfiction is where the rainbow was set!
  • Kuroko:???
  • Kagami:Basically writing stories.
  • Kuroko:I write stories too.
  • Others:!!!
  • Takao:Wait, you write fanfiction?!
  • Kuroko:I don't really know that term, though. Normally, we call it authors instead of that word.
  • Kise:No, no, Kurokocchi. Fanfiction is where rainbows are set... Rainbow ... Gays ... Fiction...
  • Kuroko:I don't really get what you guys are saying.
  • Midorima:Search the term instead of asking us.
  • Takao:No, no. If Kuroko search it, there's a high possibility he'll see those impure stories!
  • Others:...
  • Kuroko:I searched the term.
  • Others:Already?!
  • Kuroko:Ah, a fiction that is written by a fan... I sort of get it. But why did Takao-kun and Kise-kun said rainbows?
  • Takao:Usually, all fanfiction are about homos. If you search some of it, you'll get a huge amount of results. It's best to start from fluff to angst then to smut.
  • Others:...
  • Midorima:How come you knew this too well?
  • Takao:Huh? Because I read them.
  • Others:!!!
  • Takao:My favorites are the one made by the username emperor_pegasus!
  • Others:...
  • Takao:All of his fanfiction are about two guys who fell in love in middle school, and they got separated because of their different interests in high school!
  • Midorima:How cliche.
  • Takao:It actually reminds me of Kuroko, the uke in the story.
  • Kuroko:Uke?
  • Takao:The one who takes the key.
  • Kuroko:???
  • Kagami:Don't explain furthermore!
  • Takao:Anyway, this guy mentioned in his blog that his stories are based on his real life!
  • Kise:Oh! Really?!
  • Takao:Ah! He uploaded a new chapter. Hold on, let me read it.
  • Kagami:... So, Takao reads them. Midorima?
  • Midorima:I don't read them. Akashi is fond of those cliche stories so he usually bought up that kind of conversation.
  • Kise:Now that you mention it. Akashicchi usually on his laptop whenever he is free. He types a lot.
  • Kuroko:Maybe he's doing what captains are supposed to do.
  • Midorima:It doesn't matter. Aomine's case were really a shock.
  • Kise:Hey, hey. Do you know what kind of fanfiction Aominecchi is writing?
  • Kuroko:Probably himself and some girls.
  • Midorima:My thoughts exactly.
  • Kagami:He might be writing about basketball as well.
  • Kise:Wouldn't it be funny if he wrote about his love about basketball?
  • Others:....
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  • Kuroko:Akashi-kun, please go to sleep. It’s close to midnight.
  • Akashi:I’m almost at a 100%. Just finishing this last chat and then I’ll be on Day 7.
  • Kuroko:Why are you even playing?
  • Akashi:I’m doing this for the plot.
  • Kuroko:I think you have a problem.
  • Akashi:Shh! I’m getting a phone call from 707.
  • Kuroko:But he’s not even ――
  • Akashi:Tetsuya, please, if he’s calling me at this particular hour it must be important.
  • [Kuroko trying on Akashi's bithday gift to him which is a red scarf]
  • Kuroko:How do I look?
  • Akashi:The usual, I guess? Okay, actually, you look a lot like my next boyfriend.

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wow owow~~~ hold up, it's chii-chan's birthday? o(≧∇≦o) happy birthday to you, happy birthday TO Y O U~ happy birthday lovely chII, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ and many mooore *jazz lands* i hope you had a blast today. lots of cake, lots of good fun and lots of akakuro

Ahh, thank you, Lola//// You’re always so kind to me, sobs. ;////; No cake for me this year, but my parents did give me a lot of chocolate. xD I hope you’re doing well there and are having a nice day, as well!!